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Are you looking for your dream job? In today’s job market field full of competition, first you must create a great resume to apply for any job. It helps you to grab the attention of employers and recruiters by showing them your strongest skills, experience, or accomplishments.

Here are some special Resume Writing Tips for you to create a perfect killing resume that will help you to get into an Interview.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Format or Design.

You’ve approximately 6 seconds to catch the attention of the employers and recruiters.

So, you’ve to choose the Best Resume Format which helps you to show important details at the top of your resume like your skills, accomplishments, or experience. Though, right resume format will help you a lot to land job. That’s why we keep this point at the top in Resume Writing Tips.

Tip 2: Understand the expectations of an employer.

The very first step to writing a good resume is to understand what the employer or manager expects from you. Read the job description carefully. You must think like an employer and understand the work culture of the company that helps you to write a great resume and improve your chance to get this job.

Tip 3: Review some resume examples related to your industry.

Search some Resumes related to your industry to get some best ideas to write your resume beautifully. Though, you must Keep it simple. However, your resume should not cover all the works you did in your life. Just add the most important information, skills, and experiences related to the job. Also, try to add numbers this is the normal psychology of humans that we understand better with the number metrics like 99% satisfied customers, 95% accuracy, etc. Further, read Job Hunting tips for Students.

Tip 4: Show your Skills.

Your skills are one of the most eye-catching points for the employer. It should be always on the top of your resume. And as we already discuss that you’ve to read the job position carefully then review your skills. Only put those skills in your resume which is relevant for the employer and show them that you’re the perfect employee for this job. 

Tip 5: Outline your education.

Your education can be one of the most important things in your resume especially if the job is related to education, health, or science. And your job is related to the IT industry like BlockChain developer, Digital marketer, or software developer then your skills or previous projects is more important than your education.

Add all information related to your qualifications like your Degrees, Certificates, Internships, and the best projects you did recently.

This will help you to grab the attention of the employer or manager and increase your chances to get the job. Further, read Best Job seeking tips for International Students

Tip 6: Build & Include a variety of experiences.

You need to have a good experience to get your dream job. And you need a job to get the experience. However, Internships is one of the best ways to get the experience. You can join Free and Paid both internships related to your field, attend seminars.

And if your job is related to the IT industry you can practice on your own as well. Then show all the good experiences in your resume concisely which is related to your job.

Showing skills or certificates is not enough for your resume you need to always show the recent projects you’ve done or the previous job experiences.

Tip 7: Add Your Contact Information.

If you write a great resume and forgot to add your correct contact information, then how can someone contact you?

Always add the relevant correct information in your resume so, anyone can contact your easily. Be sure all contact information is up-to-date, accurate. And details presented correctly in the header of your resume.

  • Your email address should be professional. Ideally your first and last name is the best option. However, your email id should be simple and professional, so anyone can contact you.
  • Good email address example: [email protected]. Bad email address example: [email protected]
  • Use standard formatting for your phone number, such as (123) 456-7890 or 123-456-7890.
  • Good Example: +91 900 000 0010.

Tip 8: Use a professional and clear font size.

Always use a clear and professional font size. Because employers have only a short time to review your resume. It should be as clear and as easy to read as possible. Select the font size between 10 to 12 points.

Always make sure that your resume doesn’t have too many blank white spaces. That will also create a problem for the recruiter or employer to read your resume.

Remember the 4C’s for best Resume Writing Tips:

Concise – The HR or Recruiter have to read a large number of Resumes to choose the best employees.

So, your resume should be short, concise and on the point. You must remove the unnecessary information. You must do your resume optimization before sending to the recruiter.

If you are a fresher then, your resume should be as much as 1 page long.

If you are 3 to 10 years of experience and have already done a lot of projects, then the resume can be of 2-3 pages.

From 10 to 15 years, you are resume can be 3-4 pages long with all the important pieces of information.

Correct – Make sure that all the information in your resume should be correct without grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. And never lie that can create confusion between you and the company and you can probably lose this opportunity.

Creativity – You don’t have to work in a creative field to be creative at work. Always try to show your creativity through your resume because it is the first conversation between you and the employer so show your intelligence wisely. Further, read How to Write an ATS Resume

Communication – No one can underestimate the power of communication no matter in which industry you are communication is necessary to explain what you’re thinking and who you’re. Write all your achievements or previous projects with brilliant communication skills.

Now let’s discuss some of the mistakes to avoid while writing the Resume:

You should never include irrelevant work experience or skills which didn’t match the job you applied for. Your contact information should always be updated that help the employer to reach you easily. And always provide all the important information in your resume.

Conclusion of the Best Resume Writing Tips:

First, you need to choose the Best Resume Format which includes the sections to your skills or experience. Then read the Job Position carefully understand the need and expectations of the employer.

Read some example resumes related to your industry to get some good ideas for your resume. Show your Skills, Outline your education, and include some variety of experiences you have related to the particular job. Add correct contact information and use the simple and professional font size. Remember the 4C’s Concise, Correct, Creativity and Communication while writing your resume.

Best of luck. We wish you get your dream job soon.

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