WhatsApp Trading Scam

WhatsApp Trading Scam: Noida businessman loses 9 Crore Rupees

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WhatsApp Trading scam becomes very common now a day.

In the recent incident, WhatsApp group trading scam A Noida businessman lost Rs 9 crores.

The businessman informs that This trading scam started on the WhatsApp.

The name of the businessman is Rajat Bothra, and he is the resident of the sector 40 in Noida, Utter Pradesh, India.

Online trading scam victim Rajat Bothra file a complain immediately after the scam in the city’s Cyber Crime police station.

However, the city’s Cyber Crime police freeze Rs 1.62 crores in his bank account.

How did the WhatsApp Trading scam start?

Online scammers approached Rajat Bothra, the resident of sector 40 in Noida, on 1st May.

Rajat was added to a WhatsApp group about stock market trading and free tips.

Scammers assure Rajat Bothra that he can get assured and big return in the stock market. WhatsApp scammers inform Rajat that stock market is good option to get big returns and become the billionaire with less effort.

Rajat was very impressed and then he decided to invest in the stock market through the scammers.

Surprisingly, by May 27, he ended up investing RS 9.09 crore in the share trading. Can you imagine that someone can transfer 9.09 Crore rupees to known of little known person? Well, this is strange, but this happened in this cyber scam.

Rajat Bothra Trading account freeze

The Assistant Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crime police station, Noida) Vivek Ranjan Rai inform press trust of India that the victim Rajat Bothra invested 9.09 Crore stock market share trading.

However, after we receive complain from Rajat, his trading account was freezed. ACP Vivek Ranjan Rai inform that investigation was started immediately after
we get the complain. And Rajat bank account frozen with 1.62 Crore rupees.

The authorities discovered throughout their investigation that the stolen money was transported to many locations across numerous Indian states. These states are Assam, Bhubaneswar, Rajasthan, Chennai and Haryana.

However, the ACP Vivek Ranjan Rai inform that a special team is in place to investigate the case and arrest the cyber thugs as soon as possible.

Tips to stay safe from Cyber Criminals.

The police have requested the public multiple times to be careful while transpire online crimes.

A central helpline number 1930 or emergency number 112 is available in case of any cyber crime take place. Victims are advised to call to these numbers as soon as possible if any incident take place.

However, making online investment is highly risky and someone must be careful while doing it.

Various other tips to stay safe from Cyber thugs.

Always check for the official website and the contact details from the official website of the trading platform.

HTTPS protocol is the best for the security. The public must ensure that trading platform use HTTPs and has a secure network connection.

Its always good to check for the reviews of the trading platform online. Someone must research about the trading platform.

Please be careful about the fake promises. It sounds good at the beginning but actually it is not good at the end.

A strong password is always helpful to protect your trading platform from the online cyber thugs. Always use the strong password for your trading account.
Weak password: SterlingGmail2015
Strong password: St@rling@%Gmail20.15

2 FA (two-factor authentication) is an added layer of security in your trading account. In 2 FA, you receive SMS, code, OTP or biometrics to login to your account. It always mitigates the risks of data breaches and protects you from the online fraudster.

If someone asks you for the payment or bank details at the beginning of the conversation then it is a red flag. Always stay alert, take actions immediately and protect yourself from online WhatsApp scammers.

WhatsApp Trading scam Recap

The nation is seeing an increase in the amount of cybercrimes. The most recent online cyber crime include a businessman from Noida who lost Rupees 9 crore to the online scammers. That was a trading fraud that originated on WhatsApp.

The city’s Cyber Crime police station received a complaint from the victim name Rajat.

According to news agency press trust of India, The Cyber Crime police reportedly succeeded in freezing Rupees 1.62 crore from his bank account.

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