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There are various examples of entertainment industry. We will present best 10 examples in front of you.
Film: This industry, which produce and distribute features films and animations. However, you can also find latest movies reviews at Guide4info.
Music: The industry which takes care of music production and other media such as audio, video
Media: This includes films, television, music, social media and radio. We would like to inform our users that not all media is related to entertainment.
Sports: This includes all types of games (indoor & outdoor) and also related media.
Attractions: This includes zoos, water parks, theme parks, etc.
Museums: All types of historical & cultural attractions such as history, science & art museums.
Cultural Events: This includes wide rang for parades, festivals and other events.
Performance Art: This industry includes stage shows, concerts, dance performance. Also include magic shows, theater, etc.

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