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Google Stadia cloud based 31 games for $10 per month

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Google Stadia is the most exciting thing to happen in the gaming industry for game lovers around the world. There will be high-quality gaming service available for users using Google’s technology. Google tested Stadia in March month. There is a new functionality added, with the help of which game will play in your computer, TV or smartphone without the need for expensive hardware.

Until today very little information was available about this new gaming feature. But finally Google has announced more details, which include pricing, a game lineup and launch date for Stadia as well.

What will be Google Stadia Launch Date & Pricing?

This high-quality gaming service will be available in November, this year. It will cost $9.99(693 Inr or €8.86) per month for 4K 60fps HDR with 5.1 sound gaming. Google name this as Stadia pro.

There will be two service tiers available. One is Stadia Base and another is Stadia Pro.

So what is the difference between Stadia Base and Stadia Pro? Stadia Pro is paid service and is available this year in November and Stadia Base is a free service which will be available by next year. Well, if you want to use Stadia Base service, then you have to wait till next year and will have to buy games separately too. The basic 1,080p gaming(called Stadia Base) will be available next year.

Google Stadia will launch in following countries:

Currently, Pro service will be launched in 14 countries around the world. However, with time, other countries users will get this service. In November, this service will be launching in below countries:
The Netherlands,
United Kingdom,
United States of America.

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How I can order Google Stadia?

To avail pro service you will have to buy a $129 bundle, called Stadia Founder’s Edition, there is no way of getting it independently. Currently, you can pre-order Google Stadia Pro on Google stores.

You can also get a Buddy Pass, and you can help a friend three months of Stadia Pro too.
If you pay for the subscription service for Stadia Pro, the set of games will be given to you for free, Stadia Pro works in similar way, how the Xbox Game.

Which games I will get in Google Stadia subscription?
As of now, Destiny 2 is the only game included with the subscription. It also consists of a limited edition of a Chromecast Ultra, Night Blue Stadia controller, a three-month subscription to Stadia Pro.

They will include more games to Stadia Pro as time goes on. Games which will not be included in the subscription, for those users will have to pay retail cost.

However, 31 titles will be available at the game lineup as mentioned below:

1) Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2,
2) Doom Eternal,
3) Doom (2016),
4) Rage 2,
5) The Elder Scrolls Online,
Wolfenstein: 6) Youngblood,
7) Destiny 2,
8) Get Packed.
9) Grid,
10) Metro Exodus,
11) Thumper,
12) Farming Simulator 19,
13) Baldur’s Gate III,
Power Rangers: 14) Battle for the Grid,
15) Football Manager,
16) Samurai Shodown,
17) Final Fantasy XV,
Tomb Raider: 18) Definitive Edition,
19) Rise of the Tomb Raider,
20) Shadow of the Tomb Raider,
21) NBA 2K,
22) Borderlands 3,
23) Gylt,
24) Mortal Kombat 11,
25) Darksiders Genesis,
26) Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey,
27) Just Dance,
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: 28) Breakpoint,
29) Tom Clancy’s The Division 2,
30) Trials Rising, and
31) The Crew.

What Internet Speed required for Google Stadia?
If you want Stadia work for you, Then you need a minimum of 10mbps download and 1mbps upload internet speed. 10mbps download help you to get 720p gaming with surround sound.

However, you will need around 35mbps internet speed, for an optimal 4K 60FPS with HDR and 5.1 surround sound gaming experience.

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Which devices I need to play Google Stadia?
You will need a device with Google Chrome or a Chromecast Ultra to play. Also, you need Stadia controller or any controller that can be connected to your devices.

google Stadia devices

Though, there is a good news that old keyboard and mouse will be supported. Which means that here is opportunity for everyone around the world to play high-quality games. Stadia Controller will have separate cost, which is $70 and available in Clearly White, Just Black and Wasabi colors.

More information is expected to come duration of E3. So keep an eye out on the #Guide4info Portal for any more information about Stadia.

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