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Journey From Sheep boy to Billionaire: Mohed Altrad

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You usually have heard about the Billionaires, but have you ever heard of Mohed Altrad, who was extreme poor once upon a time and become Billionaire later on. There are a lot of people, who dream to become the millionaire. But never tried to go out and start working for their dreams. Hence, they are always there, where they were!

Mohed Altrad is born in March 1948 in the abandoned desert of Syria. When Altrad was born, his mother was very young. And his Bedouin father gave him for care to his grandparents at age four after his mother’s death. He was destined to be a shepherd. Ernst & Young names him World Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015.

Mohed Altrad Childhood days

His father bought him a bicycle, when he was 7. It was like a rare treasure for him in the desert. “In my childhood days, I had no special dream but only the ambition not to accept my initial destiny.” He spent part of his youth in Raqqa, Syria.

Some rare facts of Mr. Mohed Altrad:

  • He don’t remember his birthday date.
  • Altrad Group provides construction and maintenance services, and net sales is $4 billion. However, his net worth is $2.6 Billion.
  • He was raised by his grandmother and attended school against her wishes. Mohed Altrad had very hard days during his childhood. He began his life as an orphaned Bedouin in the Syrian Desert.
  • Due to his learning spirit and dedications towards education, he won a scholarship to study in France. He received an undergraduate degree in math, physics and a Ph.D. degree in computer science as well.
  • Currently he is living in Montpellier, France, and have French nationality, and 5 children as well.
  • When Mohed Altrad migrated to France, he doesn’t even know a single word of French language.

Badawi: A Novel

Mohed Altrad wrote a heart touching novel on his own real-life story, the novel name is Badawi. This novel is narrative from Bedouin orphan to engineer and finally billionaire businessman. Altrad saw his mother dies. She was abondend by his father. Bedouin tribes have stopped their centuries long travels across the dunes.

Now they spend much around rather walking to new places. Maïouf’s grandmother wants him to continue their tradition as a shepherd. But the first time he prowls to school to watch other children while studying. Maïouf imagine a different future for him.

This is the story of an extraordinary child fight for education, life. He never supposed to have life from desert village to city of Raqqa. From Montpellier City to Abu Dhabi Oil company. There is a question that, a boy whose name means “the abandoned one”, can ever be able to make a home for himself?

This novel is currently available on Amazon in Kindle in two price ranges. For kindle it is $3.64 & for Paperback $10.84.

Other Novels wrote for Mohed Altrad
L’hypothèse de Dieu (Actes Sud), 2006.
La Promesse d’Annah (Actes Sud), 2012.

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You can read more about him on his official website.

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