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Yashasvi Jaiswal’s story will leave you speechless: From a Slumdog to a Millionaire

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NEW DELHI: ‘Chase your dreams. They come true’ – the golden words came from Sachin Tendulkar after hanging up his cricket boots in 2013. The words seem fit for the young man from Mumbai Yashasvi Jaiswal When we talk about your trip. The quintessence of Yashasvi’s plot to wealth has been an inspiration to many.

One time pani puri seller, Yashasvi is now an IPL millionaire. It was a favorite in the recently concluded 2020 Indian Premier League (IPL) Player auction, held in Kolkata. Yashasvi, 17, who is currently in South Africa for the U-19 World Cup campaign in India, was chosen by Rajasthan Royals for a considerable sum of Rs. Rs 2.40 million for the 2020 IPL season.

I’m very happy. It is a great opportunity for me. I will do my best, Yashasvi told Timesofindia in an exclusive interview.

Yashasvi earned this deserved treatment from the IPL champions of the inaugural edition due to his determination and attacks on the field with the willow.

In the Vijay Hazare Trophy, held in September-October 2019, Yashasvi shattered 203 blisters of 154 balls, including 12 six and 17 limits. With this feat, he became the youngest hitter to score a double century in List A cricket. He scored a total of 564 runs in 6 games (6 innings) at an average of 112.80, with three centuries and fifty in the season. He also connected 49 four and 25 six in his tournament.


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Yashasvi Jaiswal life Struggle

The youngster from Suriya village in Uttar Pradesh once sold pani puri. And he lives in the tents in Mumbai to make ends meet. But those hurdles didn’t stop this wonder kid from chasing his cricketing dreams.

I was 11 when I came to Mumbai. My father runs a paint shop. The money was not enough to make me a cricket player, Yashasvi said.

I used to see cricket players play in Azad Maidan. I sale panipuri every day and then go to play cricket. One day I met Pappu sir there. I asked him for many days to give me the opportunity to play. A good day, he came and said ‘tu aaj khelega’ (You will play today). He said… if you perform well today, I will give you a shop for you to stay. I was fighting for everything, and it was a great opportunity to start my trip, said the 17-year-old.

Thank God, I performed well in that game and got Pappu’s tent, sir, he said.

All I wanted to do was play cricket. I just wanted to spend my life in the 22 yards. Cricket is my life, said the young man.

My family is very happy now. They are happy to see me grow. I always wanted to make them proud, and I always will, Yashavi said proudly at timesofindia.com.



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Yashasvi Jaiswal Career Updates


Before the next U19 World Cup, Yashasvi had the opportunity to learn about the game under the batting legend of India Rahul Dravid The guardianship of the NCA in Bangalore. The young man had a bag full of Dravid’s advice before leaving for South Africa for the mega event.

I learned a lot of lessons from Rahul, sir. He always says to treat each ball as important. Every time I visit NCA, I meet him and tell him where I am missing and what problem I am facing. He has solutions for everything. He is a great mentor. Honestly, my game has improved a lot thanks to your guide, Yashasvi said.

He congratulated me and hugged me after my call, he said.


Basically, Yashasvi is a left hander batsman but takes inspiration from batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar. Watching Sachin Tendulkar batting videos closely has helped Yashasvi take his game to a different level. However, he wants to excel in the art of playing cover and straight drives. Yashasvi wants to make his career in the same way as Tendulkar do in his career.

I admire the god of cricket (Tendulkar). I’ve seen it several times. His presence is enough to motivate you. It is an inspiration to me. I’ve learned a lot from him, said Yashasvi.


I asked him once: ‘Sir… how should I prepare for a great match?’ He said ‘I should live in the present. Whatever happens in the last game, just leave it behind. You’ve already scored a ton or a duck, just forget and move on. The more you live in the present, your game will improve. These words will always be engraved in my mind. This always motivates me a lot, he said.

I watch your batting videos, your balance and your shooting selections. I look very closely. This also helps me a lot. After practice, I take the time to watch his batting videos. He has played in all kinds of wicket. Whether Australia, the West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan or New Zealand, has dominated all oppositions. I try to learn how to bat in different conditions and tracks, he added.

Overall, I saw his blow against Australia in the Sydney Test in 2004, when he won a double century without playing a single cover play. If I have to learn something from Sachin, sir, I would love to learn the art of playing covertly and directly driving from him, Yashasvi said.

Tendulkar’s lively talk changed Yashasvi’s approach to sports.

I enjoy my batting. I love to score as many races as I can for my team. My ultimate goal is to hit as long as possible, Yashavi told timesofindia.

I love being in the present. If I haven’t performed well in my last game, I don’t think about that at all. I just concentrate on the games ahead. In short, one game at a time’. It is the mantra that drives me forward, Yashasvi signed.


The Cheerful moments of batting sensation Yashasvi Jaiswal

In a recent conversation with BBC podcast “Test Match Special”, Yashasvi speak about his life and dreams of meeting a

Hollywood actress and cricketers.
I am a romantic guy.

What’s your favorite Bollywood movie?
MS Dhoni

Which is your all time favorite movie?
1998 Oscar-winning movie Titanic is my favorite.

Favorite Hollywood actress?
Kate Winslet. I love her too much, and I wanted to meet her on day in my life.

Did you face any issues during your trainings?
Yes, I was kicked out of the shop due to my trainings timings.

Extreme hard time of your life?
I was not able to give time to the shop where I was working. And shop owner throw my bag on the road. I was requesting him that Please let me be here for a night as I don’t know where to go and stay. I was alone in the night time. That moment was extreme hard for me.

How and why you score good runs?
Next day, I called to Pappu sir, and he invites me to his home. Pappu sir told me that if you want to live in a tent then you need to score good runs.

Yashasvi jaiswal net worth in Indian rupees
Yashasvi was sold to Rajasthan Royal’s for 2.40 crore in IPL 2020. So his net worth is around 2 to 3 Crore rupees.

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