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If you are planning a vacation right now and are brainstorming places to visit, then you need to stop what you are doing right now and keep reading! These hidden gems of places to visit in Sikkim would leave you speechless and make you crave a holiday as soon as possible, I am certain.

Daily life is tough. From the pollution in the streets to the stressful drudgery of housework and fast-paced work-life, you may hardly root out some minutes to breathe and spend on yourself.

The best way to recharge your system, in my opinion, and I am sure you will agree, is to go for a vacation. The change of air, the conversations with local people, the excitement would charge you like nothing ever did.

Sikkim, situated in the North-Eastern part of India is graced with stunning snow-capped mountains with colorful prayer flags dotting the surface, refreshing greenery and lakes and small villages inducing a sense of peaceful tranquility in your mind.

It is literal heaven on Earth.

Imagine waking up and sliding the curtains to welcome a flood of warm sunshine on a cold morning with a view of sprawling mountains with clouds spilt on them.

However, you may not want the same old places to visit in Sikkim that everyone does. You may want someplace offbeat, different, and hidden, someplace that still retains the natural charm and is not as touched by humanity as others.

I have the perfect list of places for you! Following are some hidden places to visit in Sikkim, the places that are ripe with beauty and nature and are waiting for exploration. Let’s dive in then!

1. Barsey

Barsey is the perfect blend of nature and adventure. Cutting across a dense forest is the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary hosting several wild animals such as a red panda and a spray of vivid and fascinating rhododendron.

The trek through the mist and serene coolness of the sanctuary to Guras Kunj Trekker’s Hut is like no other.

Mount Kanchenjunga scintillates with the warm rays of the sun, as you reach the top. If you love eating like me, don’t forget to try special momos and Gundruk soup in West Sikkim.

Where can you visit in Barsey? The perfect time to visit Barsey would be at the time of February to min-June. Since, at that time, the flowers would be in full bloom. The weather in Barsey is cool and comfortable with sunshine pouring in from all sides, making it one of the best places to visit in Sikkim in your vacation.

Where can you stay in Barsey? You can stay at Guras Kunj Trekker’s Hut or you can stay at Okhrey, a small town near Barsey. Alternatively, you can also stay at Pelling and travel to Barsey but then you would have to return by evening because it takes around 2 hours from Barsey to Pelling.

How can you reach Barsey? If you decide to travel by road, you can reach Siliguri from neighboring areas in West Bengal and other states. You can reserve a taxi (INR 3000-6000) or share one (INR 150-500). The rates will differ according to the size of the vehicle and destination.

2. Ravangla

The central attraction of Ravangla is the 130-foot statue of Buddha in the Buddha Park.

This is also known as Tathagata Tsal located in Rabong (Ravangla). The Park, tucked in the middle of the mountains and adorned with colorful prayer flags and prayer wheels, instils a sense of calm.

The Ralong Monastery also has its home in Ravangla. Apart from them, the Temi Tea Gardens is a must for tea enthusiasts to soak in the real-time experience of processing tea leaves.

When can you visit Ravangla? The months of September, October and November are best to visit Ravangla.

Where can you stay in Ravangla? – You can stay at Ravangla. There are many hotels and home-stays available. Alternatively, you can visit Ravangla from Pelling as well but then, you will have to return fast. The average hotel staying cost is in between 700 to 1500 Inr.

How can you reach Ravangla? – Like Barsey, you can reserve a taxi (INR 3000- 7000) or can share a car (INR 300-1000).

3. Yumthang Valley of Flowers

If the phrase “valley of flowers” is not attractive enough, let me describe the enthralling charm of this place.

This valley is situated at an altitude of 11,800 feet. This is Yumthang, a sanctuary with flowers, hot springs, clean air, and peace. Around twenty-four types of rhododendrons bloom at the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary between April and May. Along with that, wildflowers embellish the green meadows like colorful pearls.

When can you visit Yumthang? The best time to visit Yumthang would be March to mid-June when the flowers would be in full bloom.

Where can you stay Yumthang? Yumthang is nearest to Lachung, a small inhabited town, so you can stay there. However, the average cost of hotels is in between 1200 to 2000 Inr.

How can you reach Yumthang? If you travel by car, from New Jalpaiguri to Yumthang Valley would cost around INR 7000- 12,000. If you travel from Pelling or other areas, the cost will reduce.

4. Pelling

Pelling is a small town in West Sikkim situated at 7200 feet. It is a bustling small town which is delightful to stay in for two or three days.

There is plenty to see here, but you can always ditch those and take a walk through the serene mountain roads, breathing in the mountain air. And feeling your soul connect with Mother Earth.

The Rabdentse ruins, shadowing a once stunning complex devastated by a Nepalese invasion is a prime attraction. It is reached through a short trek through a cobbled mountain road.

The Pemayangtse Monastery is another tourist attraction. A three-storied structure, Lama Lhatsun Chempo had founded in 1705. If you plan to visit, keep a check for the monk festival on the 28th and 29th of the 12th month of the Tibetan calendar.

When can you visit Pelling? February to mid-May are the months you can target but really, you can visit anytime.

Where can you stay Pelling? Staying at Pelling is a good idea.

How can you reach Pelling? There are taxi services available but you would have to change taxis at Jorethang. You can reserve a car too (INR 3000-6000)

5. Aritar

Lush forests packed with greenery and picturesque lakes and mountains characterize Aritar, a small settlement in Eastern Sikkim.

You can go trekking, boating in the Lampokhri Lake or take a stroll through the mountain roads, that i, Aritar is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

Perhaps the best thing about Aritar is its weather, which remains cool, comfortable and windy at times.

There is enough sunshine illuminating the mountains.

When can you visit Aritar? The best time to visit Aritar would be from March to May or December to February.

Where can you stay Aritar? Aritar has small resorts and home-stays which can be one of the nicest places to visit in Sikkim.

How can you reach Aritar? You can reach Aritar from Siliguri (INR 3000-5000) Gangtok (INR 2000-4000) or Pelling (INR 2000-4000)

6. Kaluk

Abundant with beauty and characterized with serene qualities of Sikkim, Kaluk is a small hamlet in the Western Part of the State.

You can visit Rinchenpong from there, hiking through clouds and mist and looking at the Singshore Bridge.

The place is popular for photography, natural sightseeing and just for retreat and relaxation. The looming Kanchenjunga provides a blanket of cool serenity.

Kaluk is a place you just cannot leave out!

When can you visit Kaluk? You can visit any time of the year. However, you will only be able to witness the blooming flowers around April-May.

Where can you stay Kaluk? You can stay in Kaluk. Don’t forget to try the Thukpa and bamboo shoot curry.

How can you reach Kaluk? Siliguri to Kaluk would take around 4 and half hours and cost INR 5000- 6000.

Last note from Sikkim Diary

Sikkim is splendid. With nature, adventure, monasteries. However, popular Sikkimese food in these six wonderful places to visit in Sikkim, this can be a perfect retreat for travel and trekking enthusiasts.

Take a break from deadlines and clocks, breathe in the fresh mountain air and relish the fact that you are alive and existing amidst such wonders of the world.

These offbeat places are calling your name as you are reading.

What are you waiting for then? Pack your bags right now!

We will post more Tour and travel details of Sikkim visit on Guide4info. Stay connected, stay smiling and keep travelling.

Enjoy below articles with a cup of Tea/Coffee and bring smile on your face.


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