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Best Resume Format for 2023 (with Examples)

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When it comes to working, the year 2023 is likely to bring a great deal of competitiveness with it. So, this is no surprise that individuals are seeking alternative ways to enhance their resumes. And that many of them are turning to the Information superhighway. Which might or might not give the most accurate information on how this entire process works.

Here we will be sharing the best resume formats. Which will help the job seekers to turn things in their favor professionally.

One thing that employers despise is having to start at the beginning of a Word document with a wall of text. It is important for them to present overview resumes that are displayed in a professional manner. When they are reviewing resumes for a position. A resume template may allow you to stand out from the crowd. And impress prospective employers, regardless of whether you have creative abilities.

Creating a resume that is concise and contains all your pertinent information on one or two pages is challenging. Bad formatting, which can be difficult when printing, might result because of this. With the help of a good resume template, you can guarantee that everything is properly planned out and optimized for printing.

Here are the best resume formats you can choose from to make a good impression. However, you can use these templates when applying for the relevant job positions. And these are ATS compliant resume formats

1. Chronological Resume Format

This resume format which is also called reverse chronological resume is one of the best resume formats and is very common among professionals.

The chronological resume draws attention to your work history section. Here you present information on the current and previous positions in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent job.

Getting the most out of this format requires concentrating on one or two specific, detailed job accomplishments that demonstrate you’ve made steady, meaningful development in your career.

You should also mention vital talents that are relevant to the position being advertised.

Companies prefer chronological resumes since they make it simple for them to see how an employee has done previously at a go.

It is a terrific alternative for those who have spent their whole careers in the same field and haven’t moved around much. It allows you to demonstrate your development to a potential employer swiftly and effortlessly.

Professionals, for instance, who have progressed steadily through the ranks would benefit from a chronological CV. A chronological resume is also a good choice for persons who are just beginning out in their jobs. Or who are in the middle of their careers. Please refer to google if you want to get Free Resume Templates. There are many websites who can help you with Professionally Designed CV.

Read the Chronological Resume Example

2. Functional Resume Format

An objective-oriented resume, as opposed to a chronological resume, is tailored to the position you’re seeking and ensures that the skills and qualities you possess are highlighted.

This format, rather than mentioning several activities that may or may not be relevant to the position you’re seeking.

A functional resume, in contrast to a chronological resume, which may appear cold and indifferent. Almost like a shopping list of abilities, promotions, upwards. And mobility enables you to inject a little of “who” you are into the dialogue, rather than just “what” you do.

When you create a functional resume, your talents are divided into relevant subcategories (for example, “Technical Skills” or “Soft Skills”) for easy reference.

Make sure that the skills portions of your resume correspond to the skills requirements of the position for which you are seeking employment. This is the Best CV Format For Freshers.

In addition, any specific coursework or training that you have received that is relevant to the job you desire should be included in your education section. You can take help of paid resume making service for Professional Resume Format or Professionally Designed CV.

Read the Functional Resume Examples

3. Combination Resume Template

A combination resume, often known as a hybrid resume, is a resume structure that combines the chronological and functional resume forms.

This style places equal attention on both your talents and your experience. The talents section, on the other hand, gains more significance because it remains at the top of the list. The Combination Resume Format is a resume format that combines several different elements. However Resume template free download options are available in many websites.

In accordance with its name, the combination (or hybrid) resume style incorporates features of both chronological & functional resume forms, marrying a rich skills section with specifics on professional accomplishments. This flow of information makes it the best resume format.

Combination resumes may be effective in a wide range of settings. If you have a few years of work experience in a certain industry. And are seeking a higher-level position, this format might include information on your career growth and important talents, among other things.

When changing occupations, it might also be an excellent alternative. If you have “transferable” achievements and talents from past positions that you can highlight.

Check the Combination Resume example

4. Infographic Resume Template

It is possible to demonstrate your graphic design abilities with an infographic resume. This resume style makes use of a variety of design features. However, with an emphasis on the overall appearance of the document.

You can use this format when you are looking for a position in which design abilities require.

Nevertheless, no matter what your career is, you may utilize this resume style to attract the attention of your connections. While face-to-face networking helps you stand out from the crowd.

How To Choose The Right Resume Format For You?

Take into consideration how your talents and experience relate to the position for which you are applying with best resume format. Each format, whether chronological, functional or hybrid/combination, has a particular emphasis.

Anyone with a long and steady job history, for example, might consider a chronological resume as a viable option.

If you worked in the same business for the previous five years. Or if you’ve worked your way up the corporate ladder, a chronological resume structure is appropriate for you.

Do you have employment gaps or looking for a new workforce? Then a functional resume may be the best option. You can use Experienced Resume Templates to Impress Any Employer.

Even if you have only a few years of work experience. You may still prove that you really are suitable for the position depending on your talents and most relevant achievements.

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