Resume Tips for Freshers

Resume Tips for Freshers (with Examples)

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If fresher candidates looking for job? Then our platform is the best place for you. Well, your job search starts with a professional resume writing. In this article, we will write about tips to prepare resume for freshers.

Do you know that you have only 10 seconds to impress the recruiter?

This is because hiring managers don’t give more than few seconds time to screen your resume. Therefore, its challenging for them to use perfect resume template & perfect resume headline to get the job.

TOP 10 Resume tips for Freshers


Tip-1: Select the Best Resume Format.

Choosing the right resume type is the first step towards building the best resume.

Do you know that there are 9 resume format for the job available in the market?
Now, you will have a question in your mind that which will be the perfect resume format for freshers?
3 main resume formats are below:

  • Chronological Resume.
  • Functional Resume.
  • Combination Resume.

Read more in detail about Best Resume Formats and update your resume.

Tip-2: Write a splendid headline.
The headline of your resume is very important. It gives a picture of your CV to the recruiter. As per career experts, it should be 2 to 3 lines of the summary about your career objective, skills, projects and and academics.

A professional and to the point heading helps you to stand out of the crowed. Its better if you can add some keywords from the Job description to make it more impressive. Recruiters always prefer job applications relevant to job description.

Resume Headline Examples for Freshers:
I am Bachelor of Technology Engineer in Computer Science. Having 6 months industrial training & Good working knowledge of Python, SQL, PHP, WordPress. Excellent communication skills and technical for smooth operations in the company.

Tip-3: Don’t Lie

Even if you are shortlisted for the interview. An interviewer can easily detect your lies easily. Please don’t lie in your interview, So that you are not in the trouble later on.

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Tip-4: Two page resume format
Let the content of your resume decide the length of your resume. Usually, it’s advisable to use best resume template for freshers and make resume in one page.
If you have the long list of Certifications, trainings then you can add those details in the resume. And don’t worry about the resume length for freshers.


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Tip-5: Make it easy to Read

How to make a resume for freshers? The standard font size is 12 point. You can use larger font sizes to highlight the headings and your name. If you want to use more details in less space then you can try sans-serif font at 10 points. But that is the minimum font size that you should use in your resume. Do not use more than two fonts in your resume. This is one of the main Resume Tips for Freshers.

Best resume fonts are below
1) Calibri: As a default font, it looks good when hiring managers open your resume.
Cons: As a default font, which means that other candidates might use the same font. Which means that your resume might not stand out from others.

2) Cambria: This makes easy for the readers to quickly decrypt smaller size fonts.
Cons: this font is considered as ‘Traditional’ font which makes it less popular for the modern jobs.

3) Helvetica: Most of the job seekers use this font and one of the more beautiful sans-serif fonts.
Cons: This font available in Apple products only. If you want to use this in other than Apple products.

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Tip-6: Start Online Blog

If you are interested for writer job. Then better to start an online blog, write some good articles and provide a link with some details in your resume. It will help you to stand out of the crowd.

Tip-7: Share Code on GITHUB
Have you worked on any software Project? However, its better to publish the code on GitHub and share the link in your resume. Though, it will help recruiters to check the work done by you quickly.


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Tip-8: Add relevant Keywords.

Do you know what is Resume keyword optimization? It means to add relevant keywords in your resume as given in the Job description.
Are you aware of Applicant tracking system? And how to beat ATS software?
When you add relevant keywords from Job description in your resume then there are more chances that ATS will select resume. Else it will be rejected by ATS, and it will never go in HR or recruiter hands.
So, you should read the job description carefully and pick the appropriate keywords and insert in your resume. However, the best advice is to insert the keywords everywhere in your resume rather making a list or paragraph.

Tip-9: Highlight key projects and achievements
When you are looking for the first job and writing resume for the fresher then highlighting you achievements play an important role. As you don’t have any work experience you can highlight your internship, projects, awards, extra curriculum activities. This will add value in your resume and it will also help you to get right job quickly.

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Tip-10: Proof-read your resume.
What is proofread means? It means that you read your resume and find any grammatical and spelling errors. This is the last step that you must perform before sending your resume to the employer.

We hope that these Resume Tips for Freshers will help you. And your Probability of getting a job will increase.

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