Job Hunters Guide to Pass ATS and land your Resume into HR Hands

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When you submit your impressive resume online, its like throwing a stone in the ocean. You don’t know where to aim or where your resume will land. This Job Hunters Guide will help you with the practical guidelines how you can easily pass the ATS (application tracking system) scan and your resume to HR/recruiter hands. So your chances of selection will increase.

When you click on, submit your resume. All you get in return is an automated email that your resume has been received. After that no response! The main problem is that majority of resumes never even land in the HR/recruiter hands. Because your resume screened by ATS application.

ATS (Applicant tracking system) is a software application used by SME and large companies, used to search relevant resume based on job specific keywords through thousands of resumes. ATS application is also used to determine which resume is best fit for a job position based on the keywords.

Yes, you read it right, your carefully and handwritten resume getting reviewed by bots.

Most of the companies also adopted application tracking system(ATS), to increase their efficiency. If HR/Recruiter will read every resume individually, then they might have to read hundreds of resume per position. An ATS can scan the entire database of resumes from keywords, criteria at once and pick best match quickly. In this way, recruiter can focus more on the top ranking candidates.

ATS might be efficient but its not always 100% accurate. That means it can miss a highly qualified & perfect fit candidate for the job because they include the “right” keywords in their resume.

Here is everything you must know about Resume optimization using keywords and passing the bots.

1. An ATS look for a Specific Match

Guys, keeping reading this Job Hunters Guide, we will explain you how ATS application works. 100’s of different Application tracking system exist, but most of them perform the same functionality. They compare the resume content with the keyword searches initiated by the recruiter.

When a candidate submits his/her resume, the ATS divide the information and stores it in the database. Then recruitment team can search resumes submitted for the specific job. The system will match the resumes with most matched keywords. There might be chances that your resume match to some other job based on the ats resume keywords.

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2. Hence, ATS Want Specific Keywords

If you want your resume to rank high for the position, you want, then you must include right keywords in it. So, you must update your resume according to the job description. You must take care of few points mentioned below:

  • Abbreviations.
  • Plural words.
  • Three years of experience or 3 years of experience.
  • Whether the company spells it nonprofit or non-profit.

We all know that adjusting your resume for every job application takes time and efforts then sending a normal resume. But its worth if you selected for that job with your modified resume.

Well, ATS is not instinctive as human being, so you need to pay attention to below four points:

First, include the phrasing from the job description on your resume. If the job is for “ERP Coordinator,” These exact keywords must be present in your resume. If you will include “Oracle ERP Cloud, SAP S/4 HANA, SAGE, NetERP from NetSuite”, then ATS will not recognize your resume as a match for that job.

Second, please don’t search online for ATS keywords for your job. However, you must take a look at the job description for the keywords. And include that in your resume.

Third, Please include both abbreviations and spelled out version. Because ATS doesn’t always understand abbreviations. For example B.Tech won’t surely known as Bachelor of Technology. BBA may be unrecognized as Bachelor of Business Administration. And this is the main pain to balance between Human HR/recruiter and ATS. So, you can use Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Fourth, this is the easiest point. Always write the entire year. For example 2020, not 20.

3. Concentrate on Hard Skills

ATS application mainly searches hard skills when it scans your resume. We would like informing you that soft skills accessed during your interview. If you will prioritize them on your resume, that will hardly make much impact.

For example, there are some commonly used keywords like “dynamic,” “Team-player,” “self-starter,” are not having significant impact. So recruiters hardly use these keywords to search candidates. Instead, you must focus on your technical skills, software, position and relevant tools to job. Because recruiters will use those keywords to search candidates by ATS.

4. Use Resume Keyword Tools

You can use any of online resume screening tool or cv analyzer. That will help you with constructive suggestion that which relevant keywords your resume is missing.

In other words, choosing right keywords for your resume can be tricky. So, please double check that you carefully choose the right ones.

The main point to wisely keep in your mind that if you update your resume as per above tips then your resume will surely land in Human hands (HR). Which means that your possible chances of extensive selection will be high.

So, please make sure that your impressive resume have all the right keywords but it must be readable.

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