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Gust for Startups is the worlds most comprehensive startup platform having more than 800,000 founders and 85,000 investment professionals. Gust is the world’s largest online platform having investors, professionals and community for early stage finance, from pitch to exit. This platform was started in 2004 by David S. Rose.

Gust support you to connect with whole startup ecosystem. Gust team retain an excellent knowledge that what investors want to see & expect from a startup.
You can follow up Gust Twitter official page at @gustly and get more details on official website at
However, you can also read startup platform, gust reviews & gust founders details at “gust launch blog.”


We will support you in your funding search for your idea/business. At this place, you will get tips on:
1) What to include in your startup profile.
2) How to consider appropriate investors for your venture.
3) How to manage your relationship with investors throughout the funding process.
4) What is the best profile on Gust for Startups

GUST Tips-1: Before you begin

It is significant to keep in mind that investors not only fund brilliant idea/startup. Preferably, they seek for good idea with powering by solid execution and experience. If your startup is not at that point where you can introduce some basic transactions through sales, customers or other points. Then its wise to go for alternate form of funding first. However, there are many other options which include competitions, business plan, incubators, or accelerators. And the good news is, you can find most of them on Gust.

GUST Tips-2: Completing your profile

You must complete your profile after signup. After completing you will obtain option to make your public profile visible on a wide range of public places, directories, and search results. Exceptional opportunities are waiting for you like angel organizations, 1,000 venture funds, business plan competitions, media groups, entrepreneurship support programs.

There are many participants who utilize Gust platform to write about, invite you to exclusive programs. If you Gust Profile is incomplete then, you will be unknowingly excluded from these opportunities. Also, if you will get in touch with Gust for Startups and fundraising. At that moment, indirectly you are growing your network.

GUST Tips-3: Finding the appropriate investor

After completing your private & public profiles, you can reach out directly to any investor or potential investor you may until now know. Underneath mark the steps to Finding the right investor on Gust.

  • Foremost, it will lead to your dashboard.
  • Use share button to embark on the process of reaching out to investors. This share button is your dashboard under Share and Manage.
  • At that moment you will be prompted to fill the email address and name of the investor and write the custom cover letter.
  • When you will send email invitation along with one page summary of the material, the investor. This will grant them access to view your private profile/site.
  • You can also investigate investors using the Investor Search Tool on Gust.
  • Many other ways to perform search are by name, association, industry, location and type of investor, and then sort them by distance or alphabetically.
  • Its all up to you to decide, which investor see what information.
  • Once you find one or more groups or fund with whom you would like to distribute your materials. You can simply click on “Share Now” button. System will check your Gust profile to include all the required information and prompt you to submit an application.
  • If your venture is not a good match for that investor or fund. Then you will be encouraged to search for other appropriate funding source on Gust for Startups.

Gust Contact details:

Gust Email address : [email protected]
Contact number : 877-342-7222
Gust Facebook page:
Twitter page:
Gust LinkedIn Page:

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