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Resume Formats: Which Type of Resume is Best for You?

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There are various Resume Formats available in the market. Are you wondering which type of resume is right for you? No matter what type of job you want or how much experience you have? There is a resume to fit your need and expectations.

Do you have questions related to resume types and formats in your mind like this?

  • What type of resume is best for a college student?
  • How do you list skills on a resume?
  • What is a good resume format?
  • How to make a resume for the first job
  • Which type of resume is best?
  • What type of resume are employers looking for?
  • Best Resume Format For a Fresher?
  • What is the best resume format?
  • What are the five types of resumes?

Then, read on to find which Resume Formats you should use to get your dream job for your dream company.

Here are various Resume types used worldwide.
  1. Chronological Resume.
  2. Functional Resume.
  3. Combination Resume.
  4. Targeted Resume
  5. Infographic Resume
  6. CV (curriculum vitae)
  7. Federal Resume
  8. Nontraditional Resume
  9. Mini Resume

Below is the outline of each resume formats to illustrate, so that you can choose the best one for your job application.

1. Chronological Resume

In a Chronological Resume, you list your job experience chronologically. Which means that you start with your most recent (current) work experience and then write old work experience. The official name of this type of resume is reverse chronological.

Advantages of Chronological Resume?

  • Most employers and hiring managers are familiar & like this type of format.
  • This is easy to write and help hiring managers to see how you have progressed in your career.
  • However, your most recent work experience is visible at the TOP. So that it can be seen first by the hiring Managers.
Chronological Resume format looks like:

–Work Experience section–
Dec 2018 till now
Organization: Zety, USA
Designation: Technical Consultant
• Communicating client’s business requirements by constructing easy to understand data and process models.
• Expert of requirement gathering and entailing implementations across APAC and European regions
• Automate several content delivery modules to engage clients using machine learning algorithms.
• Liaise between business and tech team to ensure mutual understanding of the process and application.

May 2015 to Oct 2018
Company: Novoresume, Denmark
Profile: Senior IT engineer
• ERP (Enterprise resource Planning): Take care of POS (point of sale) machines of clients, Inventory and Accounts Modules for Organization.
• Involved in the meetings with software company for the budget finalize, project completion time, features.
• ERP software package installation in user’s computer.
• Perform testing of software and reporting bug/errors to software Engineers to fix/resolve.

May 2012 to Mar 2015
Company: Kickresume, Portugal
Designation: Assistant IT Engineer
• Trained staff and colleague on new implementations in POS time to time
• Regular Monitor servers of 6 Regions of Gulf Countries in Navision for smooth workflow of business.
• Responsible for checkup of database size by maintaining records, Optimize/Expand when required & database creation, restore, server, client’s installation.

Who should use Chronological Resume?

A Chronological Resume is good for you if you don’t have major gaps in your previous jobs. Also, if you have long records of accomplishments & Skills in your career.

Disadvantage of Chronological Resume?
However, your skills can be difficult to identify if they are not mentioned in the most recent job. Which means that you must mention your TOP skills in your recent job.

Must read: ATS Keyword guide for Computer Science professionals

2. Functional Resume

Functional Resume is designed to focus on your TOP skills and strengths for the job rather than experience. This resume format is also called skills based resume.
In this format, you should omit specific dates, place names. However, it allows you to showcase your top skills and strengths to the employers.

Here is what a Functional Resume format looks like

–Skills section–
Project Management
• Awarded ’employee of the month’ for consistently achieving 15% target sales.
• Stream line processes for the company. Enhance & revise existing company process.
• Arrange skills development training which increase staff productivity by 4%.

• Experience with 5 types of POS(point of sale) machines, 3 types of ERP(enterprise resource planning) software’s.
• Familiar with servers, networking devices, Java core, Oracle database, 4 types of ticket based tools.

• Trained customer support staff and company scored 90% satisfaction rating on customer feedback surveys.
• Can easily handle angry customers with a smile.

Work experience
Organization name: Zety, USA; Designation: Technical Consultant
Company: Novoresume, Denmark; Profile: Senior IT engineer
Organization: Kickresume, Portugal; Designation: Assistant IT Engineer

Who should use Functional Resume?

Functional Resume will suit you if.

  • You are new to the work place or have limited work experience. This is the Best Resume option for Freshers
  • If you are changing one industry to another.
  • You have career gap in your work history.

3. Combination Resume

A Combination Resume blends the useful elements of the chronological and functional resume formats.
It shows your strong employment records & focus on your transferable skills. Basically, it focuses on your skills as functional resume. And provide you enough space to write your work history as Chronological Resume.

Who should use Combination Resume?

If you compare with other resume formats, Combination Resume is the best option for you, if you have any of the following to showcase:

  • To show your technical skills that you have developed over a long, specialized career.
  • All transferrable skills, with full details of your work history.
  • Compare to other resume formats, Combination Resume format contains resume introduction, contact details as well. You can easily get Resume examples of Combination Resume from google.
Here is what a Functional Resume format looks like

–Resume Introduction–
Project Execution: Implemented new business strategies, increasing our company business by 10% on average.
Management: Assisted in the training program of new staff. And help them to understand the business methodology and practice.
Award & Recognition: Frequently praised for the excellent service of POS (point of sale) and the company online rating system.

–Skills section–
• ERP software package installation in user’s computer.
• Testing software and reporting bug/errors to software Engineers to fix/resolve.
• Trained staff and colleague on new implementations in POS time to time
• Regular Monitor servers of 6 Regions of Gulf Countries in Navision for smooth workflow of business.

–Work experience–

Organization: Zety, USA; Nov 2018 till now
Designation: Technical Consultant
• Client’s business requirements gathering by constructing easy data and process models.
• Requirement gathering and entailing implementations across APAC and European regions

Company: Novoresume, Denmark; Apr 2015 to Oct 2018
Designation: Senior IT engineer
• Take care of POS (point of sale) machines of clients, Inventory and Accounts Modules for Organization.
• Meetings with software company for the budget finalize, project completion time, features.

Company: Kickresume, Portugal; May 2012 to Mar 2015
Designation: Assistant IT Engineer
• Interact with staff and colleague and give training on new implementations in POS time to time
• Checkup of database size by maintaining records, Optimize/Expand when required & database creation, restore, server, client’s installation

Disadvantage of Combination Resume?
  • Work history appears down of first page or on the second page and employers may not read that far.
  • Though, you should not use this resume format if your experience is limited or there is a wider gap in your career.

4. Targeted Resume

When you tailor your resume to each company, you apply to, called Targeted Resume. This is also called resume optimization.

However, if you want to write an effective Targeted Resume, then you must read the company job description effectively. Therefore, it will contain job duties, skills and requirements, which you should use as Keywords on your resume.

Writing a Targeted Resume takes more time as compared to other Resume Formats. You need to do a lot of research for each company. And then write the Resume Formats to meet the company job requirements.

Who should use Targeted Resume?

  • If you wanted to get maximum interview calls from the companies, then you must should use Targeted Resume.

In case, if you need Free Resume Templates, then you can search in google, ‘Free Resume Templates for Targeted Resume’ and you will got unlimited options.

5. Infographic Resume

An Infographic Resume is different from other standard resume styles as it uses graphical design elements. Infographic Resume uses icons, color, layouts and stylish fonts to present your personal details.

Who should use Infographic Resume?
If you are a graphics designer, then you must use this type of resume. Because you can easily demonstrate your skills, designs by various graphics.

What are the advantages to a infographic resume?

  • Your resume stand out of the crowd.
  • As your details are present in graphical format and graphics are more interesting than the document full of texts.
  • It clearly showcases your information.

What are the three main parts of an infographic Resume?
The three parts of the infographics are the visual, the content, and the knowledge. Basically, the visual part consists of graphics and colors.

Where is the infographic Resume used?

Candidates represent their information in a visually engaging way. The best infographic designers use icons, fonts, various layouts to attract company HR. You can search in google for various resume format in word.

However, you must be careful while using Infographic Resume format.

Around 70% companies use or planning to use resume reading software called Applicant Tracking system (ATS). ATS software scans your resume and decides if your resume contain enough Resume Keywords or not?

If your resume contain relevant resume keywords, then it will be selected and sent to Hiring managers else it will be rejected. And you will never get an interview call from the company.

On the other hand, many graphics, icons used in this type of resume are unreadable by ATS software. Career advisors advice that you should use infographic Resume if you are applying for a graphics designer job. Or you have full information that company doesn’t use ATS software. Otherwise plan text resume will work fine.

Tip: Read the List of ATS keyword guide for Mechanical Engineers. Make sure to add these keywords in your resume, So that your resume pass by the ATS software.

6. CV (curriculum vitae)

What is CV?
CV is a short form for the Latin phrase curriculum vitae, which means “course of life.”

Who uses cv?
A CV is similar to a resume but not completely the same. CV typically include information like your work experience, achievements, awards, scholarships, research projects, publication and coursework.

When you will apply for the jobs in the academic or jobs outside India, then you may be asked to submit a CV.

How to write a CV?

Most CVs include the following information. You can also make you CV with the help of below info.

  • Contact details
  • Academic details
  • Professional experience
  • Qualifications and skills
  • Awards and honors
  • Publications (if any)
  • Grants and fellowships (if any)
  • Professional associations
  • Licenses and certificates (in case you have any)
  • Volunteer work (if any)
  • Personal information (optional)
  • Hobbies and interests.

Who Should use a CV?
If you are applying for following jobs then you must submit a CV.

  • Professor
  • Research associate
  • Instructor
  • Lecturer
  • Master/Ph.D. student
  • Teaching assistant
Does Canada use CV or resume?

A resume is the preferred applicant document in the USA and Canada. CV is used mostly, when applying for a job as an academic or research-oriented position. In the Ireland, UK, Middle east and New Zealand a CV is used for all the context, resume is not used at all.

What is Visa CV?
When you are applying for the study abroad in a College or University. Then you need to submit your CV with your academic details, that is called Visa CV.

7. Federal Resume

Do you want to apply the job in US federal government?
If yes, Then you must use a federal resume template.

Federal resumes are different in many ways from traditional Resume Formats. Usually, they are two to six page long and longer than normal resume. And it contains experience section in much detail.

If you don’t know how to write the best federal job resume, then you don’t need to worry at all. You can search in google for “best federal resume writing service in USA” and you will get a lot of options.

Are you looking for federal resume writers, then you can have a look at fiverr website. You will get a lot of affordable federal resume writers there.

Federal resumes carry a lot of information related to job in the public sector such as citizenship information, security clearance and GS grades.

Aerielle Ludwig, a Professional Federal Resume Writer inform that she once applied for one federal job and landed one federal job. She informs that for many of my clients 4-6 pages resume is effective.

Wondering, how federal job resume look like?

Here is a federal resume example.

This resume contains other information also. But we present only single page to you. However, a single pager resume is a no-go in the federal realm.

James Bond
1020 Aspen Court
Lowell, MA
01852, United States.
Mobile: +10955511007
Email address: [email protected]

Citizenship: US
Highest Grade: GS-0324-3
Veterans’ Preference: None
Security Clearance: N/A
Availability: Permanent, Full Time

Resume Objective
Write your best Federal Resume objective here.


Add your professional experience here.


Write your education here. Try to add your recent education at the Top.

Tip: Save your federal resume as a PDF. Federal resume PDFs remain organized from one machine to another. And modern PDF’s are machine readable also.

MS word resume work too, but word file settings can be deformed. Now, if you are confused, PDFs are in violation? Check the job announcement. If it says, “no PDFs”, then feel free to use MS Word.

8. Nontraditional Resume

Nontraditional Resume means a type of resume that require more than a general list of skills, work experience, education, etc. Icons, pictures, videos, personalized website or a blog can be included.
There are various resume types that can be classified as nontraditional.

Apart from infographic resumes, there are other types also. Traditional resume is called dash resume.

  • Online portfolios
  • Video resumes
  • Personal websites

All of these resumes use modern technology to showcase your skills and experience.

Who can use Nontraditional Resume?
However, if you have good personal connection with the HR, then you feel more confident and motivated. Resume reading software called ATS (applicant tracking system) have some limitations. So, you should use Nontraditional Resume only if company specially ask you for this.

9) Mini Resume

What is Mini Resume?
A mini resume represents your accomplishments rather than presenting your wok history, education. It can be your business card. In case if you meet a recruiter or CEO then you can handover your mini resume to them.

Do you want to read more details, then do search in google for Mini Resume Template and Examples.

Who should use Mini Resume?
Also, if you are attending any technology event then take a mini resume with you. You don’t carry your full resume as you are not officially looking for a job in these types of events.

Tip: However, you must use good quality paper while printing your resume to make good impression.


Though, now you are aware of various Resume Formats, its time to build your own. Make sure that you read the job description of the company. You can pick ATS Keywords from the job description itself and use in your resume.

Wish you all the best from Guide4info team and Good luck on your job hunt!

Please bookmark our website in your computer system and keep checking new career articles time to time.

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