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Due to the WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021 update, many people has uninstalled WhatsApp from their smart phones. And on the right time, Sandes Messaging App launched by the Indian Government.
Before WhatsApp had deadline up to February 2021 to update privacy policy. But later they extend it to May 2021.

Sandes Messaging App

Sandesh app is an instant messaging service that is the competitor of WhatsApp. This Indian Messaging App is currently being tested by the Indian government. This app has been developed under the government’s Digital India venture, by the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

This instant messaging app falls under the Government Instant Messaging System (GIMS). Sandesh app can be used by the public and any government official as an alternate to WhatsApp.

As of now, Sandesh app is currently in beta testing. Currently this app accepting registrations only with mobile numbers or a valid government email address. When this app will be released in public, then all users can sign up by their email id and mobile numbers.


Why Sandesh Messaging App Launched?
  1. The lockdown in India was imposed in March 2020. The Indian Government felt the need to launch Indian messaging platform for its employees as they had been working from home.
  2. For the security concerns, The Ministry of Home Affairs issued an advisory in 2020 to avoid platforms like Zoom for the official communication purposes.
  3. The Computer Emergency Response Team issue an advisory to all the government employees to avoid Zoom for all sort of communication.

Sandes App Features

  • Audio and video calls: You can make calls similar to WhatsApp.
  • End-to-end encryption: Messages sent to each other will be confidential.
  • Contact sharing: You can share your contacts with your friends.
  • Multimedia and file sharing: Sandesh App allow you to share videos or photos upto 500MB, which is more than WhatsApp. Allow you to send video of 16MB & normal file up to 100MB.
  • Chat backup: Along with Google drive, You can save your chat to email as well.
  • Message styling: You can use emoji, gif files as well.
  • Tagging

Warnings: The users will not allow to change their phone number or email address once they are registered. If you lost your mobile number then you need to create a new Sandesh account.


How to login in Sandes App?

  1. Open Sandes app (The name is GIMS). The welcome message will appear. You have two options to login. One is with the help of Mobile number other with the email address.
  2. Enter your phone number.
  3. Enter the OTP. You will receive the OTP on your phone.
  4. Write your Full Name.
  5. Select Gender: Male, Female, Transgender.
  6. Upload your Profile Photo. This is optional mean you can skip uploading your picture also.
  7. Allow Location.
  8. Now Sync your Contact List.
  9. You are Done.


Sandesh messaging app questions and answers


Is Sandesh better than WhatsApp in terms of features? What is different?
  • Indian Messaging App Sandes app is free to use. When you download it, the App name displayed as GIMS (Government Instant Messaging System). But the government named it as Sandes. Which means message in Hindi.
  • It has one additional feature than WhatsApp is, it allows you to login with the help of email. But as of now this feature is only available for Government officials.
  • Other features like the broadcast message, forward messages, delete messages, status, disappearing messages, archive chats and more options are available on Sandes app. Similar to WhatsApp You can create a group and add at least 50 members in it. Sandes also provide an option to sync contacts and add new contacts who are using the same app.
Can you use Sandesh app on a laptop or tablet or desktop ?
  • As of now, the Sandes app is only available for Android and iOS users. It is not compatible with tablets. But don’t worry, you can use the web version of this app and enjoy.
  • Currently, it is also not available on Play Store, and you will get the app on the government’s site. iOS users can easily download the Sandes app from App Store.
Can’t find Sandesh on Play Store? How to download Sandes Messaging App?

Here are few steps which will help you to download Sandes app in your smart phone.

  • Step-1: Visit government website and click on the download button. Here you can download latest sandesh app.
  • Step-2: Open the app in your gadget and create your account using your phone number or email. You will receive OTP, which you need to enter to create your account.
  • Step-3: Fill your name, gender and upload your profile.
  • Step-4: Give location permission to the app, If you want you can skip this. The next popup will ask if you want to sync your contacts or not. And then you are all done. You can start using Sandes Messaging App.

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