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Billion Dollar CEO, Greg Jackson Secrets: No HR department in My Company

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Greg Jackson is the founder and CEO of a UK based startup, Octopus Energy. This startup valued more than £1.4bn ($2bn).

He is having more than 1,200 employees in his organization. But he no interest in traditional things like information technology (IT) and human resources (HR) departments.

“There is a proclivity for large companies to hire creative people and drown them in the process and bureaucracy,” say Jackson.

Greg Jackson also informs that in his opinion HR and IT departments don’t make employees happier or more productive.

So, there is no HR & IT department in his billion dollar company.

About Octopus Energy

This is a UK based retail electricity and gas supplier having expertise in sustainable energy. This company was established in 2015 as a subsidiary of Octopus Group. Octopus Energy grows rapidly and as of May 2020 this company had more than 1.5 million domestic and business customers. Also, this company providing software services to other energy suppliers in the region. Octopus Energy has operations in the Germany, UK and in the USA.

Greg Jackson is the serial entrepreneur, previously running a small manufacturing company. Also an online property management agency and a coffee shop too.

He mentions that running a small company of around five to six people, he would learn to solve HR & IT issue himself.

However, a single personal incident had changed his life and management philosophy.

“When Greg was 27, he was operating a manufacturing business in north London. And there was a 40 years old lady, who ran the reception along with customer services.

One day Greg heard her speaking with a customer on the phone and he thought he could help her with some wise words.

“She finished the customer call like an expert professional and told me that she brings up two boys and a husband to this company. If I can do that, you can be pretty sure that I can do anything this company wants from me. And by the way Greg, I am working in this company before you joined and I will be here after you have gone. I love this company more than you do, So, you never need to instruct me what to do here.”

Greg Jackson was shocked and silent for a while because she replied in a rude way and she was angry too.

“I realized that she was right. And Greg remembers that he gave her a hug. He also mention that it was one of the greatest learning experience of my life. And it forms the foundation of my management theory today.”

This incident taught him a lesson that lets individuals and team sort their own issues as much as possible without interference from others.

Jackson says that he expects his team and manager to take personal responsibilities. And to solve issues rather than giving responsibilities to a third party. He thinks that companies can grow faster with this approach. And this approach makes employees more confident to solve issues.

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