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4-day work week? Good or Bad?

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New initiative of 4-day work week may lead to a day’s work converting into two shifts instead of three. Analysts says, there can be a risk that this will reduce employment opportunities.

This new solution will be the part of the labor code. And once this new rule is implemented, there will be no government permission required to shift to a four or five day working week if their employer approve the agreement.

The Union government will soon offer 4-day work week option to the companies with longer shifts.

Labor secretary Apurva Chandra told reporters on Monday that companies will get some choices. Employers will be able to employee people in four days, 12-hour working days per week. Or five days for10-hour per day. Or six days for eight-hour days.

Apurva inform that, “We are not forcing employers or employees.” It will give flexibility to both parties. This is an enabling provision in sync with the changing work culture. And this will lead more productivity and happiness on the work places.

Apurva also said that employers will have to ensure that if they enabling the four-day workweek then there will be a three day break. However, if this is a 5-day workweek then two days of break. Apurva also added that the draft for Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh will be ready by this week.

As soon as this new labor code will be implemented employers will have the freedom to select 8 to 12 hours workdays. This will depend upon the work demand, industry type and location.

As per the people reactions on the twitter, both companies and employees may get benefit from lower office rental costs and more energized and productive staff.

As per Gurdayal Singh, Project Manager works in an giant IT organization in Chandigarh (India) says that industries like IT, Banking and financial services can surely get benefit from such a practice. Other countries apart from India are also taking such initiatives.

The Spanish government is planning for 32 hours work week over three years.

Brian Mc Glinchey, the sales Manager UK & Ireland at Dublin city spirits Co. said that 4-day work week would definitely increase the productivity. It would be great for working parents of young children’s during lockdown. And parents having kids can spend more time with them.

However, some experts says that there is huge risk of unemployment in 4-day work week. As this will reduce three working shifts into two. Hence employment opportunities may reduce.
Also, it may impact the work life balance as well. Up to 12 hours of working along with commute time of four to five days, will be taxing on workers.

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