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4 Stupid interview questions & best ways to Answer

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Oleg Vishnepolsky, who is the Global CTO at DailyMail Online and Metro.Co.Uk, inform about 4 Stupid interview questions and the best answers for them. Sad part is, still HR/Recruiters ask these questions. These questions are asked to the candidates with no clear intention in the mind.

Though, these are Stupid interview questions but someone must answer carefully as candidate can be rejected or selected based on the answer. Below are four questions with best answers that can be given to HR in an interview.

1) Why are you leaving your current company?

Professionals around the world believe that this is the stupid question to ask in an interview. Recruiters know that why candidates leaving their current company. But they expect some sugar coated answers.

Everyone perform their best in the company and try best to delivery best results. Many people get inactive or get stuck in their career or personal life due to either knowledge or responsibilities. There can be any reason behind leaving the current company and many companies still ask as a part of their hiring process.

Well, everyone knows that this is the stupid question. Because the reason can be a personal problem, salary issues, no skills growth in past company or can be anything else. But the candidates must deliver this answer carefully and must avoid bad-mouth your past colleagues, jobs, companies, bosses. The candidates must not give below answers in the interview. This answer can reject or select you.

  • The manager and few employees were stupid.
  • I was expecting overtime but company never provide. So, I have decided to leave my old company and find a new one, which can provide good overtime.
  • The company working environment was not productive. Most of the people discuss stupid shit that is not related to work or progress. (Though, this is the truth of some companies, But still you must avoid such answers. As it put negative impact on HR)
  • The company was about to terminate me due to some reasons.
  • Because I am frustrated and fed up with the company cheap policies for employees.
  • I was arrested in a criminal case.
  • I didn’t like the job as I expected. Also, I can not enjoy on my workplace.
  • The job was too difficult for me & company was expecting more results from me.

Here are few Best reasons to give to HR/Recruiter in respond to question, “Why are you leaving your current company.”

  • I would like to enhance my skills and learn new things.
  • Seeking new opportunities as I have delivered my best in my current organization.
  • Due to the organization restructuring, I am leaving my current company. (This answer is the same as many other employees and I were laid off due to the market slowdown.)
  • I would be happier with a job that offer me more responsibilities and give chance to learn and implement the same for the progress of the company.

More explanation:
Folks, It is very important that you read about the company on its website. You have many other options to do that. Like, if you have a LinkedIn account, you can connect with company employee as well. However, you can also visit company ‘About Us’ page, social media page and search for innovative things that company might be doing.

Actually no interviewer expects from the candidate that what EXACTLY they will be doing in 1,820 days. However, below five questions might help you to decide the best answer:

  • What are your long-term career goals?
  • What is your desired job at this stage in your career?
  • How do you define success?
  • What are you looking for?
  • What’s most important to you in you career?

Please collect your thoughts based upon above difficult questions in well advance. Write down the answer on a paper and keep it with you. Make sure to practice it well before the interview. One more suggestion, Please don’t think that you will collect your thoughts during the interview.

Best reading: Why you are not getting selected in the Interview

It will be difficult for you to collect thoughts and give best answer in interview itself. So, write down the answer on the paper, prepare it and perform well during the interview.

Experts say that interviewers looking for any red flag as an excuse not to hire someone. So you should be well prepared and eliminate the rejection chances. There is no doubt that interviewer wants to hire someone who is really excited about the job & can work tirelessly to perform outstandingly.

2nd Stupid interview questions: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Many recruitment managers have given their opinion on this question. They have mentioned that they would like to know that what the candidate wants to achieve and what kind of plan we need to set together to achieve that goal.
But the reality is hiring managers expect us to lie just to get the job. Few other questions including this also started with no clear intent.

Things to keep in mind while answering this stupid question: Don’t be overconfident and speak the negative rather give some relevant and practical answers.
Experts suggested that never ever give below answers in reply to this question.

  • I will learn from this company and would like to join another MNC in next 5 years.
  • This is a great place to work and I will surely become the General Manager of the company in next 5 years.
  • I would like to achieve high goals and become the Manager.
  • I will be sitting in your seat in next 5 years.

However, The best advice is that, please don’t give any straight forward answer to this question. But try to give answer in such a way that how you would like to add value & contribute in company success within next 5 years. Also, this answer depends upon your job role as well.Below are few best answers:

I would like to contribute to the success of the company and would like to see myself in a better position than today.

3) Why should we hire you?

How can you compare yourself to anyone else? Then how come an interview ask you, Why should we hire you over the other applicants? Please don’t give below answers:

  • Truly saying, the pay is good and I need a job.
  • I need a job and You need an employee, So hire me!
  • Because you posted a job and I come for an interview. So, hire me.

Well, you can give your strengths and your talent. You can explain in a positive way that how you can add value and contribute to organization progress.

Possible Answer 1, for fresher students

  • I am a quick learner and have good knowledge of skills mentioned in the job description. (Guys, Please make sure that you read the Job description carefully and you have good knowledge of those skills. When you will speak the first line of this answer, HR will surely ask you about the skills for this job. So, please be prepare in well advance according to job description).
  • I can perform as an individual as well in the team. I have lead my team in many successful technical events(if you have not attended any technical event, then please don’t speak this line).
  • If you have worked on any technical project(s). You can also give little gist of that technical project(s) as well. But, Please make sure that your project is somewhere related to the skills required by the job.

Dear Students, Guide4info team has published & will publish many articles on interview tips. Please keep checking these latest career advice and tips

Possible Answer 2

I have gained valuable experience over the years, which I will bring to your organization. However, I have also gained excellent communication skills and teamwork skills, which I will definitely use in my future career. Same skill-set and experience, I will use in your company if selected. Which will surely brings fruitful results for the success of the company.

Possible Answer 3

Honestly, I retain all the skills and experience that are required by this job. I am confident that I am the best candidate for this job. I would like to add that I am a self-motivated person, and I fulfill my superior expectations with high-quality work. Also, I work well as an individual and in a team. Being a quick learner, I will quickly grasp up the business knowledge and add value to company growth.

Possible Answer 4

Once, my general manager told me that I had excellent knowledge of advanced Microsoft Office. But I have to reveal that I gained all those skills from my past experience. When those skills will be implemented at your company, it will surely bring value and growth.

4th Stupid interview questions: What are your weaknesses?

There are many thoughts on this question. Many professionals state that they can not reveal their weakness in front of a stranger (HR).
However, the truth is they wanted to check if he/she is good at lying to you? Why any one tell his or her weakness in the interview. Everybody lie about his weakness and give sugar coated answers to impress the HR only. This question makes no sense.

Here are few best answers to the question, What are your weaknesses?

  • I do my work with passion and focus and many times I give priority to my work over health. That is my biggest weakness.

Its advised that you should never lie in the interview but it doesn’t mean that you should give negative answers and increase your rejection chances!

If you guys have noticed, good people hate these Stupid interview questions.

If we want to hire smart people, we will stop asking stupid questions. We should stop grilling, and start selling.

You must make sure that you are ready for any type of question in the interview. Though, you must read these Common interview questions and Answers to learn and prepare yourself to crack an interview.

Also make sure that you don’t have Interview Anxiety during an interview otherwise it can lead you to rejection even after preparations!

Wish you all the best for your interview

For more Stupid interview questions, career updates and jobs help, Stay in touch and keep checking Guideinfo.

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