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List of Important Technical Skills with Examples

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In this advance era, technical skills are very important. However, you must include some important technical skills in your resume.

Many companies are there to hire employees with technical skills. Earlier, people had to be present in the classroom to learn those skills but thanks to the new online world where people can learn technical skills in their flexible hours.

All you need is a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection to learn the best important technical skills.


The following list of important technical skills to learn and add in your resume.

1) Programming languages: 

A programming language is one of the important technical skills as it is required in the companies for various works.

Most Popular Programming Languages are.


1.1)  Python:

Currently, Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language.

What is the main use of Python?

Answer: It is used in data science, web development, creating software prototypes, for build control and management, builbot and apache gump for automated continuous compilation and testing. Also used for project management and bug tracking.

When was Python created?

The programming language Python was conceived in the late 1980s by Guido van Rossum at CWI in the Netherlands.


7 Popular Software Programs Written in Python
  • YouTube: Python is used for the different purposes and its due to its speed. it helps in the development of maintainable features in record time. You will be surprised to know that every time you watch a video on YouTube, indirectly you are executing Python code.
  • Google: Python is used in Google in many systems administration tools and lots of Google App Engines apps.
  • Instagram: Instagram application servers are built using iterations of Python with Django as the web framework.
  • Reddit: This was originally written in Lisp but rewritten in Python in 2005.
  • Spotify: Spotify is the worldwide popular music streaming service. They are using the python in their back-end services and in data analysis. The worldwide used python module, Luigi is used to discover features and power the radio. It also helps people to recommend to follow Spotify.
  • Dropbox: you will be surprised to know that desktop client software and drop box server were primarily written in Python. Now Dropbox server is running on the cloud. The co-founder of Dropbox, Drew Houston thinks that due to its simplicity, flexibility, Python is the best language.
  • Quora: This is partially written in Python.


1.2) PHP:

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor, which is also known as an “open-source scripting language.” The PHP processor can easily be assessable by downloading at zero cost. PHP was developed in the fall of 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf.

What is PHP most used for?

PHP is used to build entire e-commerce sites, manage databases, session tracking, dynamic content.

Top Advantages of PHP Over Other Programming Languages

  • Open source and free from cost
  • Easy and Simple to Learn
  • Extremely Flexible
  • cost efficient
  • Efficient Performance
  • Give Web Developer More Control
  • platform independent
  • Having powerful library support

Disadvantages of PHP

  • Not that secure due to its open source
  • Not a good option for the jumbo content-based web applications
  • PHP lacks debugging tools.

Top 10 Popular PHP projects

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Wikipedia
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • MailChimp
  • Digg
  • Flickr
  • iStockPhoto
  • Baidu


1.3) Java programming language:

Java programming language work on the WORA technique. Which means Write code Once and Run Anywhere. The term WORA means to act by Java code and provide access to work on all channels.

Why Java is so popular for developers and programmers?

Java programming language has below advantages:

  • Secured
  • High Performance
  • Simple
  • Object-oriented
  • Portable
  • Platform independent
  • Dynamic
  • Robust
  • Architecture neutral
  • Interpreted
  • Distributed
  • Multithreaded

What are the disadvantages of java programming language?

  • Java programming language is slower than C++ or C, memory-consuming and has a poor performance.
    • Java provides no feels of GUI (Graphical user interface)
    • No backup facility available.
    • Verbose and Complex codes

What is the future of java in 2030?

As per the experts advise, Java will also be high in demand in 2025 and 2030. Due to its high-level security and robust nature companies prefer working in Java environment.

What’s next after Java?

For the web development using Java you should learn java EE (Enterprise Edition)

Top Mobile & Web Applications of Java in Real World

  • Twitter (Social Media App)
  • Spotify
  • Opera Mini (Web Browser)
  • Murex (Trading System)
  • Nimbuzz Messenger (Instant Messaging App)
  • NASA WorldWind (virtual Globe)
  • CashApp (Mobile Payment Service)
  • ThinkFree Office (Desktop-based App)
  • Signal (Encrypted Messaging Services)


1.4) C# programming language:

The C# programming language is used for general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language. Windows is the most common software where C# is used.

Largest application that has been built upon C#

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Google Applications
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Illustrator
  • Bloodshed Dev-C
  • MySQL Server
  • Bloomberg RDBMS
  • The Snake game.
  • Windows Installer XML
  • Paint.NET: This is a freeware graphics editor program for Microsoft Windows.
  • Open Dental: This is a dental practice management software
  • Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • MonoDevelop: This is an open-source integrated development environment.
  • Low Orbit Ion Cannon: This is an open-source network stress testing. Also used for denial-of-service attack application.
  • Chocolatey: This is an open-source package manager for Windows.
  • Banshee: This is a cross-platform open-source media player.
TOP Operating systems written in C#
  • Apple OS X
  • UNIX
  • Microsoft
  • Linux
  • Mobile Kernel’s
  • Symbian

Benefits of Using C#

  • Faster development time
  • High scalability
  • Object-oriented programming language
  • Big community.
  • Gentle learning curve
  • Better Integrity and Interoperability
  • Automatic Garbage Collection

Disadvantages of Using C#

  • Poor x-platform GUI.
  • C# is an internal part of the .NET framework. So, the server running the application must be windows based.
  • C# is not very flexible as it mostly depends on the .Net framework.


1.5) HTML:

The word HTML stands for “HyperText Markup Language,” which is used in creating Websites or webpages. The tags command the browser to show the content by using HTML tags.

What is the latest version of HTML?


Features of HTML:

  • Easily understood and can be modified.
  • Presentations can be made effectively with the HTML tags.
  • Easy to design web pages.
  • Graphics, videos, and sounds can easily add to the web pages

Why was HTML originally introduced?

HTML language was created in 1990 as a language mainly for the distribution of relatively simple structured documents.

Is HTML language case sensitive?

Answer: No

Is HTML considered a programming language?

Answer: No. The main reason why this is not a programming language is you can’t use variables or conditions.

HTML is what type of language

This is the basic scripting language.

What’s new in HTML?

Audio and Video tags are the two major additions to HTML5.

What can CSS do that HTML Cannot?

  • Graphic Rollovers (without JavaScript)
  • Contextual Layout.
  • Highlighted Tabs.
  • Rounded Corners
  • Curved Text Wrap.
  • Drop Shadows.
  • Transparent Backgrounds.

Does JavaScript replace HTML and CSS?

No, because they don’t do the same thing.

Will HTML ever be replaced?

As per exerts, HTML won’t be replaced as a standard any time soon.


2) Software proficiency: 

Software proficiency is another technical skill that students can learn after their graduation program. The thing is you must have the capability to make use of computer programs and their tools. Gaining knowledge in the subject matter of software programs is important. Otherwise, you can’t have computer skills.

Examples of Software Proficiency are

2.1) Social Media:

social media helps people to enhance their technical skills. While studying college courses, you can also opt for social media courses. It is a communication tool through which we can connect with many people. Currently, Social Media Marketing course is trendy.

Social media courses

  • Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Social media management
  • SEO (search engine optimization) 
  • Internet Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • LinkedIn Marketing

Top 7 social media platforms that pay content creators

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

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2.2) Database management:

Database management will be great fit for you if you are writing queries, create backup, transfer data and many more.

List of the Top Database Management Software

Below is the list of Best Database Management Software’s

  1. SQLite
  2. IBM DB2
  3. DbVisualizer
  4. SAP Sybase ASE
  5. ManageEngine Applications Manager
  6. Oracle RDBMS
  7. Neo4j
  8. Microsoft Access
  10. MySQL
  11. FileMaker
  12. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer
  13. Informix
  14. Microsoft SQL Server
  15. PostgresSQL
  16. AmazonRDS
  17. MongoDB
  18. Redis
  19. SQL Developer
  20. CouchDB
  21. Teradata
  22. Cloudera
  23. Couchbase
  24. Toad
  25. Seqel PRO
  26. Robomongo
  27. Hadoop HDFS
  28. phpMyAdmin
  29. MariaDB
  30. 4D (4th Dimension)
  31. Altibase
  32. Informix Dynamic Server
  33. OrientDB


Types of Database Jobs

  1. SQL Developer
  2. Database Tester
  3. SQL Database Administrator
  4. Data analyst
  5. Information security analyst
  6. Data scientist
  7. SQL Data Analyst
  8. Business/Financial Data Analyst
  9. Data Modeler
  10. Database manager

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Are database jobs in demand?

Answer is Yes!

By one research, jobs for database architects and administrators is projected to grow 8 percent from 2020 to 2030.


Which course is best for database?

  • Introduction to Database Development
  • Database Management Essentials
  • AWS Database Training
  • Introduction to Database Queries
  • Learning Relational Databases.
  • Intro to Relational Databases
  • Complete SQL and Databases Bootcamp


What is an average DBA salary in India?

Answer: Average salary of DBA in India is around ₹ 5 Lakh Per Annum. Usually, the salary starts from 3 Lakh rupees Per Annum and goes up to 15 Lakh rupees Per Annum.

What is the highest salary of DBA in India?

Answer: The highest salary that a Database Administrator DBA can get is ₹21.0 Lakhs per year which is equal to 1.8L rupees per month.

Top 30 Companies Hiring for Database Jobs

  1. Tata Consultancy Services
  2. IBM
  3. Wipro
  4. Cognizant Technology Solutions
  5. Capgemini
  6. HCL Technologies
  7. Infosys
  8. Accenture
  9. Oracle
  10. Tech Mahindra
  11. DXC Technology
  12. NTT Data
  13. Mphasis
  14. Clover Infotech
  15. Cerner
  16. Rackspace Technology
  17. Amdocs
  18. Mindtree
  19. Birlasoft
  20. Atos
  21. Dell Technologies
  22. Fidelity Investments
  23. Amazon
  24. Deloitte
  25. Datavail
  26. Teradata
  27. SAP HANA
  28. AT&T
  29. Humana
  30. Bank Of America


2.3) Graphic Design:

If you are interested in thinking something creative, then Graphic designing will be the best option for you.

What are the 8 types of graphic design?

The 8 types of graphic design are following:

  • Visual identity graphic design
  • Marketing & advertising graphic design
  • Environmental graphic design
  • Art and illustration for graphic design
  • User interface graphic design
  • Publication graphic design
  • Packaging graphic design
  • Motion graphic design

Is graphic Designing a good career?

If you are creative thinkers and enjoy technology, art and communication, then yes graphic Designing a good career for you.

Which course is best for graphic design?

  • Graphic Design Certification by Calarts
  • Canva Design School
  • Instagram Illustration from Skillshare
  • CreativeLive
  • Udemy’s Logo Design Fundamentals
  • Will Paterson Graphic Design Tutorials
  • Graphic Design Course from the University of Colorado on Coursera
What jobs can a graphic design get?

10 Popular jobs opportunities for graphic designers

  1. Graphic designer.
  2. Production artist
  3. Art director
  4. Marketing specialist.
  5. Creative director
  6. User experience (UX) designer
  7. User interface (UI) designer
  8. Advertising and promotions
  9. public relations
  10. Photoshop designer

Does graphic design have a future?

However, the graphic design will achieve new highest with the help of augmented reality and eventually, 3D printing. In future also, companies will need graphics designers to create designs for them.

How do I become a freelance graphic designer?

Before jumping into freelancing, you should gain some market experience. Below are the points to help you to become a freelance graphic designer.

  1. Self-teaching and get experience.
  2. To create Your own Brand and logo
  3. Build Your Portfolio and share it on all the freelancing websites.
  4. Reach Out to Potential Clients by various social media platforms.
  5. Provide fast service to your clients.
  6. take customer satisfaction survey time to time.
  7. show your online presence by various events. (optional)
How much do freelance graphic designers charge?

Graphic designer’s hourly rates are $25 – 150 per hour. Which is equal to 1,940 rupees to 11,650 rupees per hour.

Top 21 Freelance Graphic Design Websites: You can find Graphic Design Freelance work here.

  1. Fiverr
  3. Upwork
  4. 99designs
  5. Toptal
  6. PeoplePerHour
  7. Dribbble
  8. Guru
  9. Jooble
  10. Flexjobs
  11. SimplyHired
  12. LinkedIn
  13. Dribbble
  14. Authentic Jobs
  15. ServiceScape
  16. DesignHill
  17. TaskRabbit
  18. AIGA Design Jobs
  19. Coroflot Freelance Design Hotline
  20. Freelancing Females
  21. Working Not Working

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3) Technical Writing: 

If you have a passion for writing something or have loved writing since school, technical writing is best for you. By learning technical writing, you can help any type of company with the blogs or content for them. 

Examples of technical writing are.

3.1) Press Releases:

A press release is a type of technical writing. You can opt for this course if you have a love for writing. The company announces or promotes its product or services in a press release.

5 Different Types of Press Releases?

  • Event launch press release
  • Expert hire press release
  • Business launch press release
  • Product announcements press release
  • New hire press release

What are the 7 parts of a press release?

  • Headline
  • Dateline
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Boilerplate
  • Call To Action
  • Media Contact Details

What does ### mean in a press release?

This indicates to media that there is no further copy to come.

3.2) Annual Reports:

Annual reports are legal documents. Technical writers need to draft annual reports. The annual report is a summary of information and achievement of the company where mission, vision, and history are drafted.

How To Write an Annual Report?

  • Start writing with the shareholder’s letter.
  • Add a general detail of the industry.
  • Involve audited statements of income.
  • Mention your financial position.
  • Also include the details about cash flow.
  • Submit your notes to the statements for each line item

What are the 5 annual reports?

  • income statement
  • statement of financial position
  • Cash flow statement
  • statement of change in equity
  • the Noted (disclosure) to financial statements.


3.3) API Documents:

The documentation for your API is the main source for clarifying what is feasible with your API and how to get begin. It also allows programmers to revert to syntax or functionality questions. These answers can be found in the best API documentation, which is why you must report your API.

Types of API Document

  • RPC (remote Procedure Call)
  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • REST (Representational State Transfer


3.4) Company documents:

Documents are very important for the business. Documents indicates the story of the company, its ambition, and others. Company documents are of various types.

Most widely encountered business documents:

  • Compliance and regulatory documents
  • Contracts
  • Business plan
  • Documentation of bylaws
  • Transactional documents
  • Financial documents

3.5) Technical Documentation:

Technical Documentation is important for the businesses, be it large or small. The documents serve essential details related to the product or services of the organization.

What are examples of technical document?

  1. memos
  2. newsletters
  3. reports
  4. catalogs
  5. press releases
  6. presentations
  7. web pages
  8. fliers
  9. policies and procedures
  10. User reviews
  11. business plans

4) Data Science:

Data science is study that deals with the high volume of data using advance technics and technology. And make business decisions.

Link(top companies hiring for Data Scientist)

Branches of Data science are.

4.1) Data Mining:

Through data mining, you can learn how to analyze many details along with datasets. It will benefit the company in solving issues, reducing risk, and assuming current trends, including choosing fresh opportunities.

Top 25 data mining software’s

  1. Sisense
  2. Neural Designer,
  3. Sisense for Cloud Data Teams,
  4. Rapid Insight Veera
  5. Salford system SPM
  6. Alteryx Analytics
  7. SAS Enterprise Miner
  8. Teradata warehouse miner
  9. RapidMiner Studio,
  10. Dataiku DSS,
  11. pSeven
  12. Analytic Solver
  13. PolyAnalyst
  14. Viscovery Software suit
  15. Altair
  16. TIBCO Spotfire
  17. HP Vertica Advanced analytics
  18. Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
  19. Timi Suit
  20. KNIME Analytics Platform
  21. Oracle Data Mining ODM
  22. LIONoso
  23. Civis Plaftform
  24. AdvancedMiner
  25. Genedata Analyst


Is data mining a good career?

Yes, data mining is an excellent career. There is a growing demand of data mining experts around the world.

Is Excel a data mining tool?


Data Mining Courses
  1. Statistics & Probability Courses.
  2. Data Visualization Courses.
  3. Machine Learning Courses.
  4. Python Courses.
  5. Business Analysis Courses.
  6. Data Analysis Courses.
  7. R Programming Courses.
  8. Business Intelligence Courses.

Top Data Mining Certifications

  1. Practical Approach to Data Mining and Analytics offered by TCS ION
  2. Data Mining with Python by DataMites
  3. Informatica Training and Certification provided by Edureka.
  4. Data Mining with R Training by DataMites
  5. Applied Data Mining with Business Applications by IIM Ranchi
  6. Certified Data Mining and Warehousing Professional by Vskills.
  7. Information Retrieval and Mining Massive Data Sets by Udemy
  8. SQL Server Analysis Services – SSAS, Data Mining & Analytics by Udemy
  9. R Data Pre-processing & Data Management – Shape your Data! Udemy
  10. Learn Data Mining and Machine Learning with Python Udemy


4.2)Database Design:

A database design is the organization of data according to a database model.

Best Database Design Courses for the students

  1. Database Design Courses (Coursera)
  2. Learn the basics of Entity Relationship Diagram
  3. Best Database Design Courses (Udemy)
  4. Database Design in SQL (Datacamp)
  5. FREE Course – Database Systems Concepts & Design (Udacity)
  6. Database Design for Everyone (Udemy)
  7. AWS Certified Database – Specialty (DBS-C01)
  8. Using Databases with Python
  9. The Complete Database Design and Modelling Beginners Tutorials

What is a database design tool?

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • SQLite


4.3) Statistical Analysis:

Statistical analysis is very important if you go for data analysis. As you will learn and learn how to make use of exact technology to gather the information and finally make a report of it.

Types of statistical analysis?

  • Associational statistical analysis.
  • Descriptive statistical analysis.
  • Inferential statistical analysis.
  • Exploratory data analysis.
  • Predictive analysis.
  • Causal analysis.
  • Data collection.
  • Prescriptive analysis.

What are the 5 basic methods of statistical analysis?

  • Mean
  • Standard deviation
  • Regression
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Sample size determination
Top 7 Statistical Tools You Need to Make Your Data Shine
  • SPSS (IBM)
  • R (R Foundation for Statistical Computing)
  • Minitab
  • MATLAB (The Mathworks)
  • SAS (Statistical Analysis Software)
  • GraphPad Prism
  • Microsoft Excel

Top Statistical Analysis Online Courses

  • Statistical Analysis using Python Numpy
  • Inferential Statistical Analysis with Python
  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
  • Statistical Analysis with R
  • Visualization for Statistical Analysis
  • Introduction to Statistical Analysis: Hypothesis Testing


5)Digital marketing: 

We recommend you to go for this course. It has covered almost the world. Currently, all the companies are converting and making themselves more enhanced in the digital world. Employers get impressed when they notice in a skills section written “ Social Media Manager”, “SEO expert”, or Digital Marketer. It will create a positive impact in the eyes of the interviewer.

Types of Digital Marketing courses:

5.1) SEO:

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, and this is one of the best digital marketing courses. And this course is going very trendy nowadays.

is seo hard to learn?

Answer is: NO!

How To Teach Yourself SEO?

You can learn below topics to become SEO master.

  • Search engine optimization tools
    • Search engine optimization programs
    • techniques of seo
    • google search engine optimization tools
    • search engine optimization popular keywords
    • techniques of search engine optimization
    • how seo helps to increase the website ranking
    • techniques to improve seo
    • how seo works for business
    • how seo and adwords work together

5.2) Content Management system(CMS):

 This is all about to write for the business or their products or services. While doing CMS, a few things you keep in mind is that your content must be creative, unique, and plagiarism free.

Where can I get SEO freelancer project?

  • Toptal.
  • Upwork.
  • Guru.
  • Craigslist.
  • Freelancer.
  • Aquent.

Where can I post my articles for free?

  • Guide4info
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest Search
  • quora

5.3) Social Media Marketing:

Social Media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. In these platforms, you can promote, run campaign, and highlights the company’s products and services.

Which tools are used in social media marketing?

  • Biteable
  • Missinglttr
  • Buzzsumo
  • Mention
  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Sumo

What is the future of social media marketing?

Answer: Many companies are using social media marketing as an effective marketing and sales generation tool. So, the future scope is bright and there are many scopes of jobs.


Which platform is best to learn technical skills? 

  • Udemy: Udemy is known as the most popular e-learning platform. Here students can gain a huge amount of knowledge and skills. A huge number of courses are there from which students can choose them. And they are segregated into different categories and subcategories so that you don’t have to go anywhere.

One of the main categories on Udemy includes business, IT and Software, Office Productivity, Personal Development, Finance and Accounting, Digital Marketing and others.

  • Coursera: Taking a step ahead towards another technical skill learning application is Coursera. The Coursera platform consists of the best universities and companies that provide degrees, certificates, and recommendations after completing the course. The top companies like IBM, Google, and Michigan University partner with the Coursera platform. The best thing about this platform is that they provide quizzes and projects to solve and give additional knowledge related to your course.
Coursera consists of various courses that include Big Data, Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine learning, and others.
  • Job Ready Programmer: Job Ready Programmer is also a learning platform from which students can learn whatever they want and can choose from a wide range of courses. The teachers are well trained and experienced, and they teach their students like a pro. This platform also conducts practical examination and provides practical assignments with a solution through video explaining every problem step by step.

Job Ready Programmer offers courses like Oracle SQL, OOP, Python, Tableau, Data Structure + algorithms, and others.

  • Cloud Computing: Cloud Computing is another learning platform from which students can grab some knowledge and skills related to cloud computing. The students also benefit from knowing the process of identifying the solution to the company’s problems. This learning platform covers a broad range of topics and courses, and the courses keep on updating as per the trend every month.

Cloud Computing covers plenty of courses such as AWS and Microsoft Azure with certification. A 7-day free trial is also available where you can try your free courses.

Why are technical skills so relevant? 

Everlasting career: By learning important technical skills, the student will learn about the industry and its role, which is very important while working with them. By learning technical skills, you will stay updated and can adapt to the current environment. And at the same time be ready for future challenges.

Confidence: Gaining additional technical skills will add value to your resume and creates confidence in yourself.

  • Work efficiently: By gaining a huge amount of knowledge, you will work efficiently as you don’t need anybody to explain how to work and what we call that, etc. As you already know, everything with certification. You will feel more confident in your job role and find yourself getting smarter day by day.
  • Stay important: If you are happy with gaining additional technical knowledge, don’t stop learning. Learn as much as you can because there is no full stop to learning. A huge number, of courses, are available on various platforms.

Encourage yourself: Encouraging yourself is good but encouraging yourself with learning important technical skills is better.


There are various benefits of learning important technical skills. By adding additional skills in your career, you can receive an extra increment from the company. Be productive and stay motivated with additional knowledge and keep reading informative articles on Guide4info.

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