Common Resume Mistakes

Common Resume Mistakes that everyone is Doing

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10 common resume mistakes that everyone is doing and I see on almost every Resume. You might have seen that you are applying for several jobs but not getting any response from recruiters. Below are the list of common resume mistakes, if you rectify these mistakes from your resume, your chances are higher to get a job as compared to others.


1) The job title on LinkedIn profile does not match the title on the resume

Many recruiters and Human Resource professionals use social media platform for candidates background check. At present, every company have their official page on LinkedIn website.

However, they use this platform to check many details of candidates. For example, qualification, job title, job responsibilities, etc.

If any candidate have not updated the LinkedIn profile details, might have chances of background check failed. Which leads to a rejection of your resume for specific position. So it’s advisable to all the candidates to sync their LinkedIn profile as per resume.

If any candidate have not updated the LinkedIn profile details, might have chances of background check failed. Which leads to a rejection of resume for specific position. So it’s advisable to all the candidates to sync their LinkedIn profile as per resume.

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2) Do not over-focus on assignments, focus on results and achievements

Everyone work on various assignments their professional career. Hence, assignment details can be seen in every resume. But adding so many assignment details, rather than results and achievements can be harmful for you.

The companies always look for a result oriented candidate not the task oriented. Also, recruiter is interested & wants to read about your accomplishment, achievements in the projects.

This is the perception of HR/Recruiters that if you have achieved targets in your previous jobs and given excellent results, surely you will achieve given targets in their company as well.


3) Your company jargon – use words and acronyms that people outside the company would understand:

Instead of writing your company name in your LinkedIn profile/resume. It’s advisable to write some details of it. Many people may not be aware that what your company deals with? Trust me, by adding few lines about your current company in your profile will increase your job chances.


4) Do not make it wordy – every word has a cost, so it has to bring value:

In your resume, space and words are very costly. Try to make resume concise and precise. Try to explain things in short and do not leave unwanted space in between the paragraphs. Same apply to your LinkedIn profile as well.

To make resume more attractive, you can use some good resume formats. If you will search on google with keywords, “Good resume formats for +Civil or Mechanical or Chemical+ etc”. You will get a lot of options. You can choose any good format and use it for your resume.


5) Do not claim expertise in subjects you are only slightly grounded in:

This is the common resume mistakes and usually fresher students do it. They study many subjects during their course and mention same in the resume as well. The Problem occurred when HR/Recruiter asking questions on those subjects and candidates are not able to answer.

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Instead of writing a lot of subjects in your resume, please be specific with subjects/topics that you are very well aware. Same applied to experience employees as well. You must know each and every detail that you mention in your resume. HR/Recruiters can ask you anything out of it.


6) Spelling errors:

This comes under common resume mistakes and many people do this. Please do not send your resume to HR/Recruiter if you have just modified it. Before sending it, check for Spelling errors or grammatical errors.

Many online tools available on Google for this. You can search for “grammar Checker” and will find many options. You should check it yourself for Spelling errors or you may take help of your friends or family member to do the same.

7) Career summary that does not match the job description being applied for.


8) Buzz words:

Always avoid phases like: “I empowered synergistic collaboration in dynamic partnership focused on leading-edge architectures and disruptive platform in a mission-critical best-practices environment.”

Many people copy paste such lines in their resume or LinkedIn profile but if recruiter asks you this line, hardly you can elaborate it.


9) Not letting your positive energy, hard work and loyalty come, though.


10) Too modest – remember they judge you by a piece of paper – they should not, but they do:

In current job industry, screening of almost candidates are done through resume. If your resume is well structured and having proper details. Then your chances of getting job are also high. So take some time from your busy schedule and work on your resume/LinkedIn profile also.

Working and rectifying these common resume mistakes from your resume/LinkedIn profile can help you to stand out of the crowd.

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Behind every resume and a LinkedIn profile is a real person – you!

Let them see how valuable you are.

Content Credit: Career Adviser from USA with 20+ years of experience.

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