Opportunities boom in data science

Opportunities Boom in Data Science

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Career expert says, “Opportunities boom in data science is coming.” Data science professionals with 3-10 years of expertise will get annual salaries in the ₹25-65 lakh range.

Whereas those with additional expertise will command pay packages upwards of 1 crore rupee.

Data science job opportunities and salaries have boomed in Asian countries. Because the pandemic-driven digital transformation boosts demand for technical skills.

According to recruitment company Michael Page 2021 Asian nation Talent Trends report, Data science consultants having fifteen years of expertise can easily get the package of 1.5 crores.

Due to the use of advance analytics, the demand of data science professionals increase. Mainly in the areas of artificial intelligence, internet of things, blockchain and quantum computing has been increased.

India Karan Madhok, the Associate director of Michael Page India inform that firms are willing to pay a premium for data science professionals. As there is demand of professionals in Data Science field.

When we talk about the Opportunities boom in data science, data scientists demand for 35%-45% salary hike in the current salary. However, the courses for this field is gaining popularity as well.

Difference between data engineers and data scientists

Data engineers are mainly focus on building the infrastructure and design for the report generation. Whereas data scientists are involved in the main activity of analysis and advanced arithmetic on the collected data facts.

At present, almost all companies are moving to cloud, the need of data scientists and engineers will increase in future.


One of the leading Talent consulting firm did a survey to check which are the most valuable tech certifications in India now for mid-career professionals. And they find that cloud and security/risk certifications are the most rewarding and at the top in the list.

Mostly Google, AWS, Azure cloud solutions architect certifications top the list.

There are various privacy, security, audit certifications offered by ISACA are also at the top in the list of most demanding certifications. ISACA stands for Information Systems Audit and Control Association.

Data scientists will be in demand in the future. However, several of the present ones conjointly got to improve their skills. They need continuous learning and applying. The experts say that Technologies and data models are changing so rapidly.

Some methods were relevant moths ago may not work now. It is very important to involve in the data science community to learn new things.

The CEO of talent acquisition company CareerNet, Anshuman Das inform that the time taken to hire an engineer is six weeks. While the time to hire a data scientist is almost eight weeks. Also, the starting Data Scientists salary is 15-20% higher than other roles in engineering.

As people trying to prepare for the high-tech jobs, the institute for data science training increase in the enrolment rate for data science programs.

The professor U. Dinesh Kumar, chairperson, MBA in business analytics, IIM Bangalore inform that, “the Opportunities boom in data science is coming.

He also inform that the courses on artificial intelligence, machine learning and business analytics are the most popular courses among IIM-B students.

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