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How DDoS Attack can halt your business

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Nowadays DDoS Attack is increasing day by day and the victims of these attacks are a corporate company which holds great reputation in the market. DDoS is short form of Distributed Denial of Service attack to which corporate afraid. There were few related issues in the past. However, with increasing malicious capabilities and potential to infect a computer on the internet. This botnet is emerging as the single biggest threat to Internet security.

DDoS Attack & its types

A DDoS (Distributed Denial-of service) attack is an attack wherein numerous compromise computer system attack on an objective. For example, a server, website or other network device of an organization, and cause a denial of service for users of the targeted resources. Though the flow of unwanted incoming messages, unknown connection requests to the target system. Which force it to slow down or even crash and shut down in many cases. Thereby refusing service to authentic users or systems.

The attacker uses zombie and botnet to generate a DDoS attack, a zombie is malware affect the computer system or bot and botnet is a collection on bots and zombies. Which may incorporate PCs, servers, cell phones and the web of things gadgets that are contaminate and constrain by a typical kind or malware. Users are regularly unaware of a botnet tainting their system.

There are mainly three types of DDOS attacks:

  • Application-layer DDOS attack
  • Protocol DOS attack
  • Volume-based DDOS attack

How does it work?

In a typical DDoS attack the assailant begins by exploiting vulnerability in one computer system and making it the DDoS master with the help of bot or zombie. A PC or network device under the control of an intruder is known as a zombie or bot. The attacker makes what is known as a called a command-and-control server to order the system of bots, additionally known as a botnet. The individual in control of a botnet is some of the time referred as the botmaster.

With the occurrence of the DDoS attack organization may lost their personal information such as financial and trade secret, business strategies, policies or procedures, etc. in the result it will harm the reputation of the organization.

Biggest DDoS Attack affect the business in the world

GitHub DDoS Attack: Feb 2018, the biggest DDoS Attack took place in the history on GitHub, which are popular online code management service used by millions of developers around the world.

GitHub was using DDoS protection service at that time, and which automatically triggered within the 10 minutes of attack. In this cyber-attack, incoming traffic noticed at a rate of 1.3 terabytes per second (Tbps) and sending packets noticed at a rate of 126.9 million per second.

The 2000 Mafiaboy attack: Once, the 15-year-old Canadian hacker fired a series of DoS attacks against several e-commerce sites around the world.

These sites include Amazon and eBay, CNN, Dell, yahoo, E-Trade. This mafiaboy name was Michael Calce and he was high school student. Many cyber-crime laws created in the history after this attack.

Estonia attack of 2007: Estonia attack of 2007 was a massive DDoS attack target at government services. It also includes financial institutions and media outlets of the country. Later an Estonian national from Russia was arrested. This attack creation of international laws for cyber warfare in many countries.

 Popular DDoS attack tools:

LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Canon) – This is the most popular DOS attacking tools which are available on the internet. LOIC tool is used by many popular hackers’ group. This tool is so simple to use that even a beginner can also use it. A single user uses this tool to perform a DOS attack on small servers in the network. However, if you want to use this tool, then only URL of IP address of the server is required. Also, make sure that this tool will not hide your IP address.

XOIC – This is also world-famous DOS attacking tool available on the network. This tool also performs the DOS attack an any server with an IP address. In this tool, three attacking mode available, can effectively use against small websites.

HULK (HTTP Unbearable Load King) – This is also nice too used to perform DOS attack. The developer tested this tool on an IIS 7 web server with 4 GB RAM. And good news is that this tool brought the server down in under one minute.

Some Preventive measures of DDoS attack:

Organizations should prepare the secure plan to response DDoS attack and secure their network architecture with the help of intrusion prevention and threat management system, load balancer, firewall, VPN, anti-spam, content filtering technology. Also, they must practice basic networks security such as setting strong password and change password on a regular basis.

Another best technology is Blackholing and sinkholing & Clean pipes. These technologies routes all traffic to a valid IP address and reject the suspicious packets received from the network.

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Content Credit: Vishu Arora

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