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Mr. Tapan Dash: Journey from office boy to Regional Manager

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Mr. Tapan Dash came from Lower class (General caste family) and an absolute semi-remote area of Southern Odisha (erstwhile Orissa), India, where hardly there was any properly government facility, but bad luck is just about hands reach. Been studied there (without English medium) for 12 years of formal education.

Tapan is always ready to help others especially job seekers. He is one of theTOP LinkedIn Influencer, very active on LinkedIn and sharing jobs post on his profile.

Job seekers must connect/reach to him for jobs updates & career guidance in Operations & General Management department. Below are further interesting details about him:

Life Story of Tapan Dash

Life took n U-turn when his father had an accident on 2004, went bankrupt to save him. Survival been a question; so, he had to leave his studies in 2004, to help his family (Bed Ridden Father + Housewife Mother + 2 Younger sisters) by earning whatever he can.

It was unsuccessful for almost 4 months because he had no knowledge, experience & wisdom. So, one day he ran away from his house with mere ~200 to 300 Rupees, boarded a train & landed on Bombay (Now Mumbai).

First week he used to sleep on Andheri (West) Railway station Platform for a week & in the name of food used to have banana only because he didn’t had money at all and neither had any job.

On one fine day one a gentleman had approached to him & asked why he is sleeping on railway station, so he narrated his problem in Hindi because he knew only 2 Languages. This person took him to Labour contractor, they had 2 hours of discussion and when he finally came out.

Tapan Dash got a job of Office boy which paid him 700 rupees per month (including a room with 5 more people). The Joy of getting a job was priceless & he cannot explain that in words.

He had kept working on multiple shifts, started savings for his parents, helped both sisters to study further, got them married also as per his capacity (which is his biggest achievement). Simultaneously he had done his Graduation through distance mode on 2012 while working.


  • Listening and giving leadership Lectures.
  • Helping people.
  • Reading books.
  • Spending time with family.
  • Make fun with friends, Laugh & trying to make laugh others.

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School days of Tapan Dash

He is not from a very well to do family and neither he was very good in studies. Tapan’s father worked for a private company and his childhood days were of financial struggle. His parents, however, pushed him to complete his graduation in a government college as they couldn’t afford to put him in any private college.

Neither he was so bright to get into IAS or IPS category. However, his parents always encouraged him to be honest, dedicated, sincere and kind-hearted in whatever he did in life.


  • Operations
  • B2B Sales
  • B2B Marketing
  • Project Management.
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Facility & Administration Management
  • Start-up skills with up scaling strategy
  • Leadership skills.


He is having 14 years of experience in Large scale operations, B2B Sales, Distribution & Supply chain with five different domain such as Telecom (Bharti Airtel), Manufacturing (Himadri Chemicals), Agriculture (ITC), Supply Chain & Defence (Indian Navy)

On a brief, he is currently handling a Regional P&L based at Hyderabad, Telangana for an e-waste recycling Organisation (Singapore Based MNC). More precisely he had started that unit from scratch, made it operational with INR 21 million of business in a year.

Tapan Dash Career Details:

After been lot of struggle for survival, he got his first job as an office boy on contractual basis at Enorcon India Limited, Mumbai. He used to work 2 shifts to earn more & been there for one year; but as it is expensive city, he had decided to move back to Vizag 2005. After a brief period, he was selected for Indian Navy on off roll quota for storekeeper. Due to eyesight concern he must leave the job after 2 years.

Then had joined distribution team of ITC Limited as a supervisor, fourth profile was into manufacturing industry for supply chain & distribution. Later, he moved as Operation Manager for an Organic FMCG industry responsible for 3 manufacturing unit distribution & Operations. Then he was On Bharti Airtel for 4+ years into distribution & supply chain team with responsible of entire state distribution, Operations & supply chain performance.


Bachelor of Commerce from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India

Friend’s review for Tapan Dash

He went from nothing to something and now has spent 14+ years in the various industries. Tapan had traveled most part of India, met with people and always tried to learn new things from everyone on the way. He now lives in Hyderabad with his wife along with his parents. But he didn’t forget his roots, he still remembers the warm & caring attitude everyone who helped him to grow throughout the years.

He tries to help everyone in his personal and professional life in whatever small ways he can. He believes as human beings we are not the smartest, not the fastest and neither the strongest, it is only by helping each other in our small and limited ways we survive as a race.

Since that day on wards these were his 7 learning on both my professional & personal journey which he wants to share it with all of you. Please do not hesitate to give him a feedback / asking any question. He would love to explain things more on conversation over coffee with smile.

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  • Dream big, Raise the bar & Work hard
  • Three core strength he always admires – People, Process & participant
  • Learner by correcting himself, Go-getter attitude with challenging the status quo.
  • He always prioritize my family & friends.
  • Passionate about things he does.
  • Learner, Listener & implementations is always on his cards.
  • He always look fun part the work he do & sometimes he tries to make laugh others by cracking poor jokes / sarcasm

You can reach Tapan on LinkedIn :  linkedin.com/in/tapan-dash-baa90824

Follow him on twitter : @dash207

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