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How will 5G network will change our life

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Everyone is talking about 5G network as most of the countries are waiting for it. AT&T has begun its mmWave(Millimeter-Wave Networking) network in 12 cities in the United States. Some other companies also start working to implement 5G network around the world. Also, Telstra is working to releasing 5G in Australia. However, EE is working with pace in the UK. Lifewire website publishes that most countries will have access to 5G networks by 2020. Ericsson Company estimate that 5G subscriptions will reach to 1.9 billion people by 2024.

Everyone aware that 5G network speed is rapid in terms of download and upload as compare to 4G, 3G or lower version of network technologies. As per one report of CES 2019, there will be thirty(30) 5G new devices will launch in 2019. Here are more interesting details to add in your knowledge base, So keep on reading below updates.

What is 5G?

5G means “fifth generation” cellular technology. It constitutes the set of standards adopted by the industry in 2017 as the next step up from 4G LTE connections. 5G technology is invented to provide the faster download and upload speeds over LTE technology.

Samsung India brings Mobile with 5G network:

India R&D team of Samsung India achieve a big success. They have done a lot work in the field of network technologies. Though, they start working on 5G network technology, back in the year 2011.
Mr. Dipesh Shah, managing director at Samsung R&D Institute Bengaluru informed that Bengaluru R&D center, Samsung’s 3G, 4G, 5G work is going well.

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8K TV for 5G network users:

The biggest news for 5G network users will be 8K resolution on 5G TVs. At CES 2019, Sharp already show a 5G TV, but that is for commercial purpose. Atsushi Shirakawa, Researcher at Sharp’s Telecommunication and Image Technology Laboratories inform that Sharp company already have 8K camcorders to film the players in a stadium, encode it, then transit it via a 5G network system, receive it on another system and play on big public viewing system.

Fastest Live call on 5G network:

In recent years, you already see a lot of people walking, not looking where they are going, busy in their mobile phones. However, those people are called phone zombies. These phone zombies will increase, when 5G network will come in existence. Mr. Dan Pitchford, AI expert and Co-founder of AI Business inform that we will be more connected to each others with smartphones.

Vodaphone along with Huawei Company already has tested trials using 5G. They use sub 6 GHz frequency spectrum for live data call. Telstra (Australia’s leading mobile operator) along with Ericsson already completed first 5G data call using 26 GHz mmwave frequency band. 39 GHz frequencies are taking place in countries such as US, Korea and Japan.

Real-time augmented reality:

Mimesys, A Belgian company show 5G-enabled holographic remote collaboration using Magic Leap’s mixed reality headsets at CES(Consumer Electronics Show) 2019. AT&T also gives statement that 5G connectivity will create the future of entertainment. Google is hope to expanding the user engagement with advertisers on YouTube through interactive augmented reality features in videos.

5G network Availability Around the World

  • CANADA: 5G network will be available in Canada by 2020 as Telus Mobility Company already working on it. However, people from Vancouver area can expect early access.
  • Chile: Entel(the largest telecommunications company in Chile) in partnership with Ericsson will work on deployment of network projects during 2018 & 2019.
  • China: China telecom provider Unicom, has already built 5G base stations. More 10,000 5G base stations will be deployed by 2020.
  • Europe: 5G services are already live in some European countries and rest will get during 2019 & 2020.
  • HONDURAS: Ericsson chooses Tigo Company to implement 5G network. Though, there is no deadline time, when 5G will reach in HONDURAS.
  • India: Reliance Jio plans to provide 5G network by 2020 in India along with its own 5G handsets.
  • JAPAN: NTT DOCOMO is the largest wireless carrier in Japan. They are working on this project since 2010. They will official launch 5G services in 2020.
  • Mexico: Mexican telecommunications company América Móvil announced 5G network should be available in 2020 but could be available in 2019.
  • Pakistan: Expected to launch 5G services by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in 2020.
  • PHILIPPINES: Smart company plans to provide 5G services by 2020. Globe Telecom and NOW Telecom companies working together to release 5G services by the second quarter of 2019.
  • PUERTO RICO: Wireless company Claro planning to roll out 5G in 2019.
  • Singapore: There is no deadline time given by StarHub Company that when 5G services will be provided in Singapore. However, roll-out may take place in 2020.
  • United Arab Emirates: Etisalat provides 5G service on May 30, 2019 for selected devices.
  • The United States: 5G services are already available in some locations. However, other locations will get it during 2019

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