Apple Security Flaw: Hackers Can fully Control Your Apple Devices

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Due to Apple security flaw, Apple owners urge to upgrade their devices right now. To guard against two security flaws that might let attackers seize total control of a Apple devices i.e. iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Apple said that hackers are already taking use of the flaws in both instances to harm Apple consumers.

Apple vulnerability means a hacker can get “full admin access” of the Apple devices. CEO of SocialProof Security, Rachel Tobac inform that this allow the intruders to gain full access to devices owner and run any software at their will.

The vulnerabilities were previously categorized as “zero-day” issues. Since a remedy had been made available for them for zero days before to the update’s release on Wednesday.

Such Apple Security Flaw are extremely lucrative on the open market, and victims will pay thousands or even millions of dollars to them to bring their data back.

According to Apple, one of the software flaws affects the kernel that is the most fundamental component of the operating system used by all devices. The other has an impact on WebKit, the engine that powers the Safari web browser.

As per the report published on TIME magazine, Security experts warn Apple users to update affected devices as soon as possible. These devices includes:

  • The iPhone6S and later model.
  • Several models of the iPad, including the 5th generation and later.
  • All iPad Pro models.
  • The iPad Air 2.
  • Mac computers running MacOS Monterey.

However, Apple did not answer about the Apple security flaw that how, where or by whom the vulnerabilities were discovered. Apple inform that anonymous researcher done this job.

Israel’s NSO Group, which is known as commercial spyware company known for identifying and taking advantage of such flaws. They generally exploiting them in malware that secretively infects targets smartphones, iphons, steal their contents and surveils the targets in real time.

U.S. Commerce Department already blacklist NSO Group in their record. Spyware from the NSO Group is also known to have been used against journalists, dissidents, and human rights campaigners in many countries like Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa.

A security expert, claimed that he has not seen any technical examination of the vulnerabilities that Apple had just addressed.

According to Strafach, the corporation had previously disclosed comparable critical problems.


And highlighted that it was aware of the claims that these security weaknesses had been exploited many times.

The update can be downloaded by anyone who owns an iPhone made after 2015, an iPad made after 2014.

This is also possible to download update for a Mac running macOS Monterey by accessing the settings menu. However, this options is available on their mobile device or selecting “software update” from the “about this Mac” menu on their computer.

The broker Zerodium, which is the Premium Exploit Acquisition Platform is ready to pay up to $500,000 for the security code that can be used to hack a user through Safari.

Even, they are ready to pay up to $2m for a fully developed piece of malware code that can hack an iPhone without a user require to click on anything in any option.

Apply announce that it released a security update to prevent Apple devices from hackers “exploiting” users devices.

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Apple security questions list: Below are the important Apple security question published on Guide4info.

Everyone must read these questions and take necessary actions to protect your Apple product.

Are Apple devices being hacked?
The answer is Yes. The Cupertino company just announce on the internet about the vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to take complete control of your apple devices. This means that your device is vulnerable to this recently discovered flaw.

What does it mean when it says Apple security alert?
This simply means that an attack is out there. And the Apple devices that doesn’t update their software is potentially at risk. Easiest way to protect your device from hackers and malware is to update it time to time.

How to update security on iPhone?
To update security on iPhone: Go to your device Settings > General, then tap Software Update. If you are in need of further help updating your device, head to Apple Support.


What Software Update is Apple on?

The latest and updated Apple software versions are iOS 15.6.1 and iPadOS 15.6.1, Safari 15.6.1, MacOS Monterey 12.5.1.

Apple security alert how to fix
Below are the steps to fix Apple security issues.
1) Change your device password time to time.
2) update your system software and keep it up to the date.
3) Use Face ID or Touch ID
4) Turn on Find My iPhone

What is the purpose for Zerodium?
Zerodium is an American information security company establish in 2015. This company pays the highest bounties in the market to reward researchers and create code to prevent hackers.

Which virus attack apple ?
As per the reports, KeRanger was one of the first significant ransomware outbreaks for Mac systems. This ransomware affect more than 7,000 Mac users.

Which protection system apple use for virus attack
Apple technology build Gatekeeper, is use to protect Apple users from malicious apps and ransomware.

Apple security flaw solution?
You can change your password regularly. Its better option to enable two-step verification for more security. Apple offer two-step verification as an option.

What virus protection does Apple use?
XProtect. This is the Apple’s own antivirus software.

Does Apple scan for viruses?
Yes, built-in antivirus technology called XProtect. Which has the capability of detection and removal of malware.

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