What is Tomato fever

What is Tomato fever? Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

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As per the medical experts, Tomato fever is the another name of Tomato flu or HFMD (hand, Foot and Mouth Disease). However, Kids under the age of five are frequently affected by this disease. The disease tomato fever spreads so quickly in the kids. However, there is no significant risk to life from the illness.

In Kerala and the surrounding area, “tomato flu” or “tomato fever” is a sign of worry. Tomato fever was deemed an endemic in Kerala after the first case was discovered in a group of 80 kids there on May 11. Since then, the Tomato flu has alarmingly expanded to other states. This including certain regions of the neighboring states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as well.


Tomato fever Symptoms

Common symptoms of Tomato flu include rashes, dehydration, skin discomfort, and red blisters on the body.
Additionally, patients may experience weariness or a change in the color of their hands or legs. Though, drowsiness and discomfort are also the symptoms of this contagious disease.

Patients may have other common symptoms like stomach cramps, coughing, nausea, a headache, vomiting, diarrhoea, joint discomfort, and soreness of the body may also appear.


Why tomato fever occurs

Although the specific origin of tomato fever is still unknown. But medical professionals believe that a virus may be the reason behind this disease. It may be a side effect of chikungunya or dengue.

Prevention of Tomato Flu

Health experts inform that children under the age of five are more susceptible to the illness. Therefore, it’s crucial to educate them how to maintain social distance in order to protect them. It’s crucial to take the utmost precautions with children’s hygiene. And require them to often wash their hands with soap and water. Especially after using the restroom and before eating.

Young kids who have flu-like symptoms shouldn’t be sent to school. Those kids should not allow to play with other children.

The children should be taught not to touch anything with their dirty hands.
The children who are infected with the disease should be given boil water to drink. They should not be allowed to touch the blisters in any case.

Tomato flu symptoms

Tomato flu symptoms are exclusively seen in young children. At this moment, there are no known causes or sources of tomato flu.

Health experts are still looking into the root causes of tomato fever.

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Tomato Flu Treatment

Tomato fever is not specifically treatable. The infected kids must be kept well-hydrated and rested at all times. If a kid having flu-like symptoms or illness signs, then a doctor’s consultation must be taken.

What is the difference in the symptoms of Monkeypox and tomato flu?

Tomato flu is also a viral disease and experts consider this as a variation of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD). Here you will learn from a specialist the differences between the two illnesses’ symptoms.


Why this virus is also known as “tomato flu” ?
Because of the painful, red blisters that appear all over the body and grow over time until they are the size of tomatoes. That is the reason that this is known as “tomato flu.”

Tomato flu symptoms are similar to those of viral fever and include body pains, skin rashes, fever, vomiting, loose stools, joint swelling, etc.

From Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Haryana, more than 100 cases has been reported.

Dr Rajeev inform to Hindustantimes that “Basic hygiene practices including hand washing can help avoid it”. Only supportive care is necessary. Because complications are so rare, there is no need to be worry.

How can you tell if you have tomato fever?

This fever is based on the size, shape and color of the blisters which appear on the body of the person. These blisters look similar to tomato and that is the reason that it is also called tomato fever.

How do you get rid of tomato fever?
As per medical experts, There is no specific treatment for tomato fever as of now. Young children should be given boil water, well hydrated and rest must be given.

Is tomato fever and chicken pox same?
As per experts, chickenpox rashes do not develop under the palms and feet. In other hand, tomato flu may get blisters under the palms and feet.

Does tomato flu affect adults?
Yes, it may lead to serious consequences by spreading in adults as well.


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