Top 10 health benefits of Detox Tea

Top 10 Detox Tea Benefits for Health

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This is when we search for an energy enhancer. Then Detox Tea Benefits for Health come in picture. We turn to sugar for a speedy pick-up, but that is where we are really going wrong and harming the body. We often do not even realize that the lethargic, exhausted. And sometime bloated feeling can be the effect of impurities or toxins in the body. Many of these toxins have confirmed harmful reproductive, cancerous, metabolic and mental health effects. Hence, I always suggest Detox Tea to my health conscious clients.

A perfect detox tea is usually a combination of green tea or other teas, and herbs such as ginger, cinnamon etc. I found the best combination among detox drinks in FIT BODY Detox tea from Best Source Nutrition.

Detox drinks such as FIT BODY Detox tea prevent the body from building up a toxic overload. And strengthen body by a natural cleanse. Let me share the top 10 benefits why I consider drinking detox green tea as the best cleanse remedies for weight loss among the varied available detox drinks.

1. Feel the exotic freshness in a sip

Detox drinks can offer the exotic and refreshing energizing through different green tea and herbal combinations. For instance, FIT BODY DETOX TEA by Best Source Nutrition is a combination of four exotic teas i.e. Rooibos, Oolong, Matcha and green tea. Each of these exotic teas are strong aromatics that will make you feel rejuvenated. A daily cup of FIT BODY DETOX TEA can be a perfect start of the day and you will get Detox Tea Benefits.

2. Kicks out toxins from the body

Daily we encounter environmental pollutants, heavy metals, chemicals etc. that easily get stored in tissues and cells of the body, creating toxicity in the body.

Detox drinks have ingredients such as green tea and other herbs and teas rich in antioxidants that provide the body strength to fight against toxins. According to a research article by Sabu M published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine 2010, Green tea compounds (catechins) help in to prevent cytotoxicity or toxicity.

3. Support weight loss process

Detox drinks have ingredients containing a number of active antioxidants such as flavonoids, catechins, HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), vitamins and minerals. So right from the first sip of your chosen detox drinks, the antioxidant action makes the body increase metabolism. And energy level to make you feel fresh & light, while HCA helps in suppressing appetite.

Thus, this antioxidants combination of detox green tea can turn the weight loss process simple and without any side effects.

According to a review article by Chandini Ravikumar published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research 2014, teas such as green tea or oolong tea, when consumed daily, stimulate the body’s metabolism and help weight loss.

4. Improve your digestion

Many people have digestion related complaints such as gas, bloating, constipation, or sometime nausea. These all problems are sign of a poor digestion and lead to sub optimal digestion (reduced absorption) of minerals, fat, vitamins and other nutrients and Detox Tea Benefits.

Here, detox drinks encourage good digestion by eliminating waste by a natural cleanse of the gut. Detox drinks relieve flatulence and mobilize waste to cleanse out the gut. When toxins and impurities are kicked out from the body effectively, weight loss process starts automatically.

5. Raise mental alertness

The active components of detox teas such as match a tea, green tea, ginger works together in the body to cleanse the system, reduce inflammation and remove toxins. Removal of toxin load makes one feel light, mentally alert and revitalized as opposite to living with a hazy brain, mood swings with fatigue.

According to a research article by Elvira published in the Journal of Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, green tea content catechins and theanine are documented for brain health as a neuro protective that improve mental performance.

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6. Firming liver function

On a regular basis, the liver cleanses the body through the body’s natural purification process. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the liver healthy and functioning for our overall well-being. Detox drinks that are combinations of teas and herbs strengthen the liver to eliminate accumulated heavy metals, environmental pollutants, alcohol, medicines etc.

Active ingredients of ginger, licorice, and rooibos in FIT BODY DETOX TEA help in preserved liver cells and liver functions.

A research article by Tarek K Motawi, published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism 2011, concluded that ginger has the capability to regulate free radicals elevation, can recover liver markers, fibrosis severity and normalize hepatic cell building.

7. Curbing food addiction

Curbing a diet’s unhealthy elements is very important. Especially when these contain foods causing addiction such as cravings for sugar product, carbonated beverages, junk or fat-rich foods etc. Adding some natural ingredients such as garcinia cambogia in the detox drinks one can suppress. The active ingredient of garcinia cambogia is HCA (hydroxycitric acid).

Which increases the serotonin level in the body to help curb the appetite and provide a feeling of a full stomach.

8. Strengthen immune system

Drinking green tea and herbs in a balance combination facilitates cleanse and detoxification of the body.

This helps the body to fortify the immune system and protects the body against disease. Detox cleansing makes the body cells more energetic. And enables cells to function actively. Which strengthens every system of the body and ultimately makes the immune system stronger.

9. Promote good skin and strong hair

If toxins or pollutants harm the body from inside, they similarly harm the body from outside as well. Our skin and hair daily absorb many pollutants that can dry the skin. Also dull the complexion and weaken the scalp and hair.

Here again, a daily morning detox drink can help fight against all chemical pollutants. And nourish your body from inside to facilitate good skin and hair. Thus you can get Detox Tea Benefits easily.

10. Restore overall health

Detox drinks cleanse the system by fortifying liver & immunity, digestion, improving blood circulation and keep skin & hair healthy. You will also notice that a daily detox green tea cleanse can help improve your mood.

It also reduce headaches and increase your body’s energy level. In short, a detox cleanse using an effective green tea blend.

With all above points, you can easily understand the importance of including a great detox tea in your regular diet. Because there several Detox Tea Benefits for health.


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