Detox Tea Does it help in weight loss

Detox Tea Does it help in weight loss?

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Are you always hungry? Your body craves for sweets? Or you are fixated to food and it all ends in guilt? Detox Tea is the remedy for all problems.

Detox Tea is a very common scenario in the weight loss process. It becomes even more challenging with a stressful life and lack of exercise.

Reducing calories, drinking green tea, dieting and activity enhancing fitness regimes are all available options known to help weight loss. And to help one become fit. But sometimes, the underlying causes of weight gain can be culprits such as an under active thyroid gland. Which can reduce the metabolic rate and increase the body’s tendency to gains extra kilos. Similarly insulin resistance can create a shortage of insulin that can increase blood sugar.

Apart from these, PCOD. In which male hormone increases in the body may lead to weight gain. These conditions are just a few examples. Along with these, situations that may create a high stress level in body. It can increase cortisol that can spike up the weight. Such conditions require attention and specific aids for ensuring weight loss.

A way to deal with the above-mention issues is detoxing the body.

Detox simply means removing the toxins, which allows the body to work efficiently. And revive the body to becoming fit.

Detox tea in its most natural form has gain popularity for all the right reasons.

An assort refreshing mix of green tea with other teas and premium herb extracts is available in FIT BODY Detox Tea by Best source Nutrition. It is a must try! I would like to highlight some important ingredients. And their properties of these teas and herbs by which one can easily obtain their weight loss goal by detoxifying the body.

Exotic tea

  • Rooibos tea is a powerhouse of trace mineral and an instant cure for nagging headaches and stomach cramps. This refreshing drink has zero caffeine. And is also known for maintaining bone health because of its high calcium, potassium, magnesium levels. A study published in PLOS 2014 9 : e87061 states that rooibos tea reverses the increase in stress-related metabolites.
  • This prevents lipid per oxidation, restores the stress-induce protein degradation. And regulates glutathione metabolism that is important to remove free radicals. And modulates changes in the activity of antioxidant enzymes responsible for detoxification effects.
  • Oolong tea has health benefits that double the goodness of both green and black tea as its leaves are partially oxidize. This tea fights chronic health issues such as heart disease, inflammatory disorders and weight management. This calorie free drink increases the metabolic rate by expending a lot of energy.
  • Matcha & Green Tea are acknowledge as the top most drink worldwide. With Matcha gaining popularity lately and showing results for weight loss. All vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants but green tea and Matcha has a unique class of antioxidants- Catechins. In particular facts Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCs. This fights against the free radicles and reduces DNA damage, securing the cells. Detox Tea is perfect for restring overall well-being.

Indian Herbs combination-

We all hear let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. With rich Indian herbs, we are truly lucky to be blessed with numerous native remedial herbs.

  • Garcinia cambogia extract has HCA content that blocks the enzyme cit-rate lyase responsible for turning carbs into fat. Though HCA diverts this energy into energy production rather than being accumulate as fat in the body.It is a great appetite suppressor but with a natural mechanism. It increases the satiety level of the satisfaction of eating food. Detox Tea also available now with Best source Nutrition has this exclusive product. Garcinia in the tea form.
  • Cinnamon Extract improves insulin resistance. According to a study by Raaz K Maheshwari publish in International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.
  • And Bio-Science 2013, Cinnamaldehyde compound present in cinnamon stimulates the insulin receptors. And thus helps the body to use up glucose in the right way. This property directly enhances lean body mass and reduces fat. Cinnamon improves insulin resistance that helps in weight loss. Overall, it is good for all health conscious people.

Ginger Extract

  • Ginger Extract is from ginger, the most common household food add in tea or even prepare dishes. But, having it alone has benefits for digestive health, cold, cough, stomach ache. Likewise, ginger has a role in lowering stress in body organs, which helps in maintaining body weight.
  • Liquorice Extract contains Glabridin as a main flavonoid. Numerous studies verify that it prevents weight gain by eliminating abdominal fat accumulation, inhibiting development of fat tissue and lowering blood sugar levels.
  • Fennel seed Extract benefits are avilable in a study in the journal BioMed Research International 2014. However, It says that fennel possess a range of pharmacological actions such as anti-aging, anti-allergic, anti-colitic, anti-hirsutism, anti-inflammatory, cyto-protecting and ultimately hepato-protective – all properties that support its traditional use. It is not only the mouth freshener, but also an essential ingredient to achieve daily fitness.

Though I strongly recommend that each day should start with a cup of detox Tea. And my choice is FIT BODY Daily Detox Tea. Because it is a combination of green tea, exotic teas, along with important Indian herbs that are the best for daily detoxification. The mixture will provide overall weight loss benefits and well-being.

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