US President Donald Trump lands in Japan to start marathon tour of Asia

US President Donald Trump lands in Japan to start marathon tour of Asia

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US President Donald Trump arrived in Japan on Sunday defending his tough rhetoric on North Korea, saying discussions on Pyongyang will figure prominently in talks with other Asian leaders as tensions rise over its missile and nuclear tests.

It will be the longest tour of Asia by a US president in 25 years.

The trip comes at a time of heightened tensions with North Korea over its nuclear programme and missile tests.

Mr Trump is expected to show a united front with South Korea and Japan and urge China to be firmer with Pyongyang.

The president told reporters on board Air Force One that he expected to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin during his Asian trip.

“I think it’s expected we’ll meet with Putin. We want Putin’s help on North Korea,”

President Trump arrived at the Yokota US Air Force base west of Tokyo on Sunday morning.

Speaking to US service personnel, he said: “No-one, no dictator, no regime… should underestimate American resolve.”

He will later meet Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for lunch before the two leaders play a round of golf.

En route to Japan, the president stopped in the US state of Hawaii. Where he visit the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor – the scene of the 1941 Japanese attack that drew the US into World War Two.

He also took part in a briefing at the US Pacific Command.

Mr Trump has previously exchange some fiery rhetoric with North Korea over its ballistic missile tests. But aides said earlier this week that he would not go to the heavily fortified demilitarized zone (DMZ) on the border between the South and North.

“Though the president will use whatever language he wants to use, obviously. That’s been of great reassurance to our allies, partners. And others in the region who are literally under the gun of this regime. White House national security adviser HR McMaster inform on Thursday. “I don’t think the president really modulates his language, have you notice”.

At each stop, Trump will urge his hosts to squeeze North Korea by stopping trading with the North and sending home North Korean citizens working abroad. That includes China, which competes with the U.S. for influence in the region and provides much of North Korea’s economic lifeblood.

Also the White House is banking on the close relationships Trump has establish with some Asian leaders to help make his demands more palatable.

President Donald Trump itinerary

  • Sunday, 5 November: Arrives in Japan. Golf with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and professional player Hideki Matsuyama at Kasumigaseki Country Club. Bilateral meetings with Mr Abe
  • Tuesday, 7 November: In South Korea for talks with President Moon Jae-in. Mr Trump will also address the National Assembly
  • Wednesday, 8 November: Arrives in China for a series of events including meetings with President Xi Jinping
  • Friday, 10 November: Travels to Da Nang, Vietnam, and will participate in the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (Apec) summit
  • Saturday, 11 November: Travels to Hanoi, Vietnam, for talks with President Tran Dai Quang and other Vietnamese leaders
  • Sunday, 12 November: Arrives in Manila. Philippines to take part in a gala dinner for the 50th anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean).
  • Monday, 13 November: Will attend the Asean summit in Manila and hold talks with President Rodrigo Duterte
  • Tuesday, 14 November: He will now stay for the East Asia Summit. A wider regional gathering that includes the US, India and Russia


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