Bristol University student Dr Harry Destecroix sell his Diabetes treatment Company in $800 Millions

University Student’s Diabetes treatment Company Sold for $800 Millions

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How many students think to start their own company during their study?. How many students do thorough research to invent something new for Diabetes treatment?. If you are in medical student & wants to do research for diabetes treatment.

This is the perfect time to do that as one company Ziylo which deals with Diabetes treatment, sold for £623,000,000. This amount is equivalent to $80,33,78,436 and INR 56,15,28,76,042. Which a huge amount, students can not even think of this much money while their study.

Dr Harry Destecroix Launched Ziylo company

Dr Harry Destecroix started one company “Ziylo” while studying in Bristol University. He was doing his PhD in the university and started this company four years ago i.e in 2014. Though his University professor professor Anthony Davis and businessman Tom Smart helped him.

However this company “Ziylo” created a new technology which can helps in Diabetes treatment more effectively. University of Bristol is situated in Bristol, United Kingdom. Established in 1595 & rank among the TOP 10 universities in the UK.

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Dr Harry research and develop a synthetic molecule which works by binding glucose in the bloodstream more effectively. He research & find out diabetes causes, diabetes types & effective way to get treatment.

Pharmaceutical giant company Novo Nordisk’s buy Ziylo

Harry Destecroix become multi millionaire when Pharmaceutical giant company Novo Nordisk’s purchase Ziylo in £623m.

This is one of the biggest deal in the history of Bristol University. Harry believes that this deal will transform Diabetes treatment. He is 31 years old and started this company while doing his doctorate. Harry mention on Twitter that he was really excited with the deal.

Novo Nordisk is a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company. Which was established in 1923 with headquarter in Denmark. This company is running i3-diabetes program in collaboration with King’s Health Partners in England. This company planning to develop new type of insulin.

New startup Ziylo received £2 million funding since its started from angel investors and government grants. Dr Destecroix inform that Novo Nordisk is the leading company in pharmaceutical field. This can easily make the medicines and treatment for diabetes patients worldwide. He inform that Novo Nordisk company can start trials of new medicines within three years.

WHO report for Diabetes patients

As per WHO(World Health Organization) 382 million people worldwide, Which including 4 million people in the UK(United Kingdom) are suffered from diabetes. When blood sugar levels come down the normal level, this can be serious as lead to a state seizures or a coma. Diabetes disease affect adults worldwide & can increases the risk of stroke, limb amputation, blindness, heart attack and kidney failure.

Why Ziylo company Sold for £623,000,000

Ziylo team invented glucose binding molecules, which is having potential to lead to the development of insulin’s. This insulin’s have the capabilities to remove the risk of hypoglycaemia, when blood sugar levels fall below normal. Scientists and professor Davis worked many years on the research of Diabetes treatment before Ziylo company invented in 2014. University PhD student become the richest man in the South West when his company was sold for $800 Million (£623,000,000). This deal could lead to the development of the world. This new insulin will help to diagnose the disease.

Diabetes, Diabetes treatment and its Types

Diabetes is a result of high level of sugar in the blood. This is also called high blood glucose. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, Gestational Diabetes.

  • In type 1 diabetes, patients body does not produce enough insulin. Though 10% of all diabetes patients worldwide are suffering with type 1 diabetes. However patients affected with this type need to take insulin injections throughout their life. Also they need to take care their daily basis food and need blood sugar check up on regular basis.
  • In Type 2 Diabetes, patients body does not produce enough insulin for proper function. Around 90% diabetes cases worldwide are found with Type 2 Diabetes. Some people can control this type of diabetes by losing weight, using healthy diet plan, doing yoga & exercises. Patient take insulin in form of tablet. People who are inactive, overweight, eating wrong food have chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes. People getting older also invite the chances of this type of diabetes as they become inactive, don’t do much physical work.
  • Gestational Diabetes – This type of Diabetes found in females during pregnancy. Some women have very high level of glucose in their blood. And their bodies are unable to produce enough insulin to transport all of the glucose into their cells. This may lead to high level of glucose.

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