Kerala Floods : Kerala Fishermen play Major role in the rescue team, save many lives

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Kerala Fishermen acting as Kerala rescue worker, are playing a vital role to rescue people stuck in the flood areas. There are many fisherman who are working with their boats to rescue people.Kerala government has announced a help of Rupees 3,000 per day for the fisherman who involve in the rescue work. Also their boats maintenance will be done free of cost. Many channels are publishing Kerala fishermen news for their outstanding work with dedication.

Kerala Fishermen Arun Michael saved more than 1500 people stuck in Flood

Arun Michael, belongs to the Kollam district in Kerala saw the flood news on Television on Wednesday. He quickly decided to help the flood victims. Michael loaded his 32 foot boat in the truck on Thursday morning and started for Pathanamthitta district. He worked restless with dedication to save people stuck in the flood for next three days.

Michael save more than 1500 people lives. On the last day of his rescue work, this Kerala fishermen rescue more than 600 lives. He take the help of rising water & strong current to reach to the stuck people in the far away places. They need immediate help as they were hungry for days, he inform. He mention that some people were not ready to leave their homes at all. They only take food and deny to leave their places.

Arun Michael inform that this is the critical time and Tomorrow this natural disaster can come to our area also. We will expect that people will come forward to help us also.
Further he added that some people give us blessings for our bravery work.On the same time some people abuse him for trying to convince them to evacuate. Michael and his friends found one mentally ill women in one house and they have to go underwater to save her. His boat is now damage and he can not go for fishing. But he is not expecting anything from the government.
He said,”My boat is severely damaged but I won’t take anything from the government”.

NDRF rescue work

Indian government’s National Disaster Response Force(NDRF) are working to reach to the people stuck in the deadliest flood in the century. Dharamvir Singh with his six team members given the charge to rescue people from Kerala Floods. Mr. Singh holds the rope and his team mates make the way form the strong flow of water. His team given tough training to rescue from the flood water. Mr. Singh mention that “Rescuers have to become friends with water. Otherwise they can’t rescue anyone successfully from the flood water”.

Many people at the remote areas were waiting for the assistance, fresh water, food supply. All three wings of armed forces are already deploy to save people. Indian Army and Indian Air force playing major role in the evacuations of people.

Kerala Fishermen Marion George helped to the Flood affected people.

Marion George is 47 years old from Kollam district. He reached to a home on Friday where 17 members were trapped. Rather coming forward and accepting the help from George. People asked, “is this a Christian boat”?. That family belongs to Hindu Brahmin family. When George replied that he is a christian.

They refuse to come on the boat. Kerala rescue operations performed by many other Kerala Fisherman as well. George went again to the neighbor family to evacuate them, That time other family members were asking for help. He rescue around 150 people from the Kerala Floods. There were many people refuse to get assistance as they did not trust on the strange fisherman.

Kerala rain 2018 is worst in the History

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inform that Kerala rain 2018 is the worst monsoon disaster since 1924. There is no proper record saved for 1924 flood disaster in the state. But around 1000 or more people died in that disaster. A total of 3,368 mm water poured from the sky at that time.

Though rain fall from sky for continuous three weeks and most of the Kerala submerged in the water. Karinthiri Malai hill was entirely washed away. Current Kerala water situation is same like 1924. From 1st June to 15th August, total of 2,087.67 mm water poured from the sky.

This figure is small as compared to 1924, but still few weeks of active monsoon left. Hence this can break record of 1924 easily. More than 633,000 people shifted to nearly 3000 rescue shelters.

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Team #Guide4info salute to all the Kerala Fishermen who are working restless to save people from remote areas of Kerala. You are the real hero’s.

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