Why Nipah Virus Medicine Not available Till Now

Nipah Virus Medicine Not available Till Now, Why?

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Death toll due to Nipah Virus(NiV) increase to 15. But Nipah Virus Medicine Not available Till now in the medical stores. Two more new case found having this virus in Kozhikode district in Kerala(South Indian State).A health official inform that two more people died due to virus infection.Out of died 15 people, 11 cases are from Kozhikode district and Three from Malappuram. We bring the Latest updates on Nipah Virus for you.

As per the latest information, Mr. Madhusudhanan who is 55 years old & Mr. Akhil Who is 28 years old are the victims of this virus from medical collage.

Before Ebin was died in hospital due to Nipah Virus infection.He was admitted to a private hospital in Kozhikode.

As of now now no vaccine found for the virus. This virus spread through transmission from one person to another.However this can cause inflammation of the brain.

So far 99 samples tested at Manipal Virus Research Center. Out of which 16 samples found positive for the disease and 83 negative.

This virus is called Nipah Virus in India. Also this is called Hendra Virus in Australia. And this found in Australia in the year 1994. This virus spread infection in Horses and in humans. Researchers successfully make vaccine in Australia that work on most of the patients.

Nipah virus belongs to Polymixovirus family. But this virus is not same as Hendra virus.


That’s why if Hendra Virus medicine will work on Nipah Virus or not?


Doctor’s are confident that same medicine will work on Nipah Virus also. As both virus belong to same family. But as of now no specific Nipah Virus Medicine available in medical stores.

A soldier Mr. Seenu Prasad died in Kolkata on Monday. He is suspect of having Niv Virus. Mr. Seenu was from Kerala state and working at Fort William in Kolkata(East Indian State). He spent a month in his home in Kerala and admit in the hospital in Kolkata on 20th May 2018. After seven days of fight, he died in the hospital. His blood samples already sent to National Institute of virology in Pune. This is the only institute to test the Nipah Virus samples.

Emiratis in India warned for deadly Nipah virus(NiV)

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention(Mohap already urge people to reschedule or cancel their journey to Kerala. Where at-least 15 people died due to Nipah Virus. And till now there is no medicine available in the market. Only solution is to do prevention and stay safe.

Mohap already alert people regarding the infections of Nipah Virus.Also people advise to postpone their travel.

WHO already advise countries to increase the surveillance of health care facilities.

Emiratis are requested to sign up for the Twajudi service. This will allows United Arab Emirates missions abroad to contact them in case of any emergency. People can sign up for this service by log on to website www.mofa.gov.ae. At any time of emergency please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the contact number 80044444.

Tourism & Farmers is badly affected in Kerala

Due to this virus, Tourism in Kerala is badly affected. People reschedule their journey and even cancel their flight. Scientist are trying best to invent Nipah Virus Medicine in the country. So that locals can take benefits of it and can be easily available with in the country. UAE has already ban fresh vegetables and fruits from Kerala. That will definitely affect the farmers in Kerala. They will lose the source of livelihood.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Nipah Virus

There is no clear  Signs and Symptoms of Nipah Virus at earlier stage. However there are some Symptoms are given below :

#Normal Fever
#Headache to the patient.
#Issues while breathing.
#Brain Inflammation.
#Person can go to a coma state within 48 hours.
This virus spread though contact either human to human or Animals to Animals.

Virus Background Details

Nipah Virus is also found in Malaysia & Singapore in the year 1998.  In Malaysia & Singapore this virus transmit through Pigs.

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