Guatemala volcano Erupts - Dozens of people die and injured

Guatemala volcano Erupts : Dozens of people die and injured

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Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted this morning results in Dozens of people die and injured due to lava. Reasons of Guatemala volcano Erupts are still unknown.

As per the official report, Twenty five people died so far and many injured. This is consider as the most violent eruption in decades in Guatemala.

Gautemala is the Central American country south of Mexico. This is consider as the home of volcanos.
The news of Fuego volcano eruption come about 40 kilometer (near about 25 miles away) South West of the capital Guatemala City. Eye witness say that there is spewing rocks, black smoke with flames and ash flown into the sky up to heights. This is very dangerous moment and very difficult to survive and escape.

lava in the form of flood strike the village El Rodeo. Several people died on spot inside their homes. People hardly get time to escape or even run. However the main airport in the Guatemala City is declare close.

Guatemala President Mr. Jimmy Morales declare a state of emergency in this critical situation and request all people to stay safe. Also he assure that all type of possible help will be send. Though quickly leave the lava erupted places and go to safe places.
He mention that this is totally disaster in the country and we will help each and everyone.

El Rodeo Radio Station Buried under Lava

Sergio Cabanas the head of the country’s National Disaster Management Agency, inform a local radio station that a lava start flowing towards El Rodeo.

“Sad to inform you that El Rodeo also buried over lava. Guatemala volcano Erupts so quickly that are unable to reach the La Libertad village as there was lava all around and maybe there may be chances that people living there are died and buried in lava.

NO one escape from that Village

One woman able to escape from the lava, she inform that lava come in huge speed through corn fields and people did not get time to run or escape. she suspect that many people died due as Guatemala volcano Erupts suddenly. She state that “Not everyone escaped, I think they were buried”.

A local expert inform that Guatemala volcano Interrupts is consider as the biggest since 1974.

Many children also including in the died people. Videos gone viral on social media and it showing horror scenes that dead bodies lying on top of a lava flow and rescuers try to remove people from lava cover in ash.

Few days back, Hawaii volcano eruption news shake the world. where lava come on the roads and people did not had enough time to escape.

Dangerous gases also added in the environment and make the air polluted.

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