Nipah Virus Updates - UAE Ban fruits and Vegetables from Kerala

Nipah Virus Updates : UAE Ban fruits and Vegetables from Kerala

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Death toll reaches to 14 due to Nipah Virus in Kerala. We bring the latest Nipah Virus Updates for you. Nipah Virus is also known as NiV. Due to this virus The United Arab Emirates(UAE) ban the import of fresh fruits from Kerala(South state of India). However Kerala sent the virus samples to National Institute of Virology in Pune. Also in the Manipal Centre for Virus Research (MCVR) in Karnataka for confirmation. Kerala is consider as most develop state in India. Even then there is no laboratory to check the Nipah Virus samples. Nipah is a virus which can spread by contact which falls under the level 4 category.

UAE Supermarkets Remove all kind of products import from Kerala as Nipah Virus Updates

All the supermarkets in the United Arab Emirates remove the fruits and vegetables imported from Kerala. The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment announce the ban of Tuesday as WHO(World Health Organisation) state the sudden occurence of NiV in Kerala(South Indian State).

CK Mugundan the manager of Al Manama supermarket in Fujairah inform that All kind of products import from Kerala replace with other countries such as Sri Lanka, Oman and other parts of India”.

Fruits and Vegetables such as red pumpkins, ash gourd, drumsticks, okra and fruits such as bananas import from Kerala already remove from the shelves and replace with the same items but from different countries”.

Mr. CK Mugundan inform that the ban from Kerala will not affect the price and availability of products to the residents.
Some items are even cheaper as it depends upon the import country.

Circular Information for UAE Residents:

The ministry issue a circular to local food control authorities and municipalities across the emirates to ban all types of fresh fruits and vegetables from Kerala.
Below is the information contain in the circular issue to local authorities and municipalities
#The package should not contain any damage fruit.
#Wash fresh vegetables and fruits well before eating them.
#Do not consume juices unless you confirm the source.
#Make sure that the fruits are ripe, fresh and non-wither, wet, color change or overripe
#Before eating fruit make sure that there are no visible defects on them, such as dirt or deformities, pest infections, cuts.
#Make sure that the fruits are free from any strange smell or taste.

Ban on Animals from South Africa

World Organisation for Animal Health inform sudden occurrence of Rift Valley Fever disease. Rift Valley Fever is also a viral disease that can cause serious issues to health.
As per the latest information, UAE ban on live animals from south Africa.
However on Nipah Virus Updates, companies now can not import buffaloes, camels, goats, sheep, cattle, gazelles from South Africa.

Why Kerala Don’t have Lab to check samples of Nipah Virus?

Kerala is consider most highly develop medical science state in India. Lots of people wondering even than why Kerala Don’t have Lab to check samples of Nipah Virus?.
Dr Anbumani N, Professor in the Department of Microbiology at Sri Ramachandra Hospital(Chennai) state that there are different level of this virus. And they are able to handle only specific level of organisms.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has classified labs into four BSL(biosafety levels). There must be certain level of precautions while working for testing of NiV.

As per the CDC website guidelines for testing of Nipah Virus Lab must in separate building or restricted zone of the building or in an isolated place. Also before going to lab must change clothes and must take shower, neutralize all types of materials before leaving. Also entrance and exit doors must be opposite sides and automatic.


Only two top level (BSL 3 and BSL 4) labs are present in Manipal and Pune in the country(India). That’s samples are being sent there for confirmation.

So far Kerala sent 116 suspected cases, out of which 15 found with deadly disease.Also 13 people died and two ard in hospital having treatment.


Also no case of NiV found outside Kerala on Nipah Virus Updates in the state

Till now there is no vaccine available in the market for Nipah Virus. It spread though contact, human to human, Animals to Animals or animals to humans.


The only solution available for this deadly virus is precautions. Click here for methods to prevent this Virus

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