Latest Info of Nipah Virus - How you can Prevent it

Latest Info of Nipah Virus – How you can Prevent it?

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What is Nipah Virus

According to WHO( World Health Organization) Nipah Virus is a disease that can transmit to humans from animals. This virus can spread several diseases in both humans and animals.

Nipah Virus is also know as NiV. NiV is relate with Hendra virus(HeV). This virus is relate to paramyxovirus which is consider a member of Henipavirus.

NiV(Nipah Virus) was first identified in Malaysia & Singapore in the year 1998. 600 cases reported of NiV virus from 1998 to 2015 in various countries.


WHO informed that main reason of Nipah Virus is fruits bats of Pteropodidae & Pteropus genius family. Pteropodidae family bats are the old world fruit bats.

In Malaysia & Singapore, this virus spread through Pigs. Whereas in Bangladesh this virus spread in humans by consuming date palm sap which get affect by infected fruit bats. Also India in the hit list of this virus.

This Virus can transmit by infected bats, humans, pigs who are infected by this virus.

How Nipah Virus spread?

Scientist inform that this virus is an airborne transmission infection. This can affect to those who come in direct contact of affected person.
Drinking palm juice/sap can cause of this virus infection.Eating fruits which are eaten by bats/birds can also spread this virus. Also beware of Duly cooked meat.

What are the Sings and Symptoms of Nipah Virus?

As inform earlier that this virus is an airborne transmission infection. Anyone coming in direct contact of infected person will also affect with this virus.
This virus can cause confusion, fever for several days. Common signs o-f NiV virus are headache, nausea, fatigue, dizziness etc.

Experts say that these symptoms can last up to 8-10 days. These symptoms at early stage is not clear. However its difficult to find out that the fever is normal or serious.

How to stop Nipah Virus to Spread and cure of it?

As of now there is no specific vaccines for NiV available in the market. But with rigorous care, we can prevent this disease. Please read the heading “How Nipah Virus spread?”.


And use precaution to avoid them. You are advise to avoid direct contacts with bats, pigs and humans which are already affected with the NiV. Don’t eat the rotten fruits.

Avoid direct contact with human who is affected with this virus. There is very high risk of spreading this virus by direct contact. because of this reason, you are advise not to share food as well.


At any cost, do not come in direct contact with Salvia of an infected person.

In the research, NiV also present in the urine of affected person. So avoid using or be cautious while using common washroom with an affected person.

How this Virus Spread in Kerala?

According to the reports, 3 people who died due to Nipah Virus eat mangoes bitten by fruits bats. They get these mangoes in their home itself.

 Death Toll due to Nipah Virus:

In Karela, death toll increase to 14. The latest victim was Ebin from Palazhi. Who was admitted to private hospital in Kozhikode and he die on Sunday afternoon.

As per the reports two more patients are admit in the hospital and having their treatment against the virus. Near around 200 patients are in hospital under surveillance.

Three of them have their test positive and are under intense treatment. Several states in India issue alert regarding the NiV.

Nipah R&D Roadmap

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota in collaboration with WHO has given the task to prepare the vaccines for NiV and send it to Nipah affected countries.


Users are requested to send the feedback at subject “Comments on draft Nipah R&D roadmap” at email id “[email protected]” not later than 8th June 2018.This information will he helpful in making the vaccines for NiV.

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