Highest paid IT CEO in India

Who is the Highest paid IT CEO in India and his Annual Package?

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HCL Tech, in its periodic report released over the weekend, said that Mr. C. Vijaykumar last is the Highest paid IT CEO in India with a remuneration of Rs123.13 crore.

  • HCL Tech said it handed a remuneration of Rs123.13 crore to its CEO C. Vijaykumar and he is the Highest paid IT CEO in India.
  • Its reported that the three- fourths of Vijayakumar’s income is involve in long- term benefits.

HCL Tech, in its periodic report released lately, said that it handed a remuneration of Rs123.13 crore to its principal administrative officer (CEO)C. Vijaykumar last time. This is the main reason that Mr. Vijayakumar the highest- paid Indian CEO right now. Its reported that the three- fourths of Vijayakumar’s income is involve in long- term benefits.

As per the reports, “Mr. C. Vijayakumar didn’t release any remuneration from the Company. Still, he entered remuneration Including Long- term incitement ( LTI ) of USD 16.52 million (original Rs123.13 crores) from HCL America Inc., a step-down wholly possessed attachment of the Company,” the company informed in the yearly report.

The report developed that Vijayakumar earned an periodic base payment at $ 2 million and another $ 2 million in variable pay.

He also entered 0.02 million as perquisites and other benefits for the time that ended in 31st March. HCL added that the LTI of $12.50 million totaled his payment to $ 16.52 million.


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As per the report published on Indiatoday, “There has been no change in his remuneration during the FY 2021- 22. Its except for acceptance of USD12.5 million as Long- Term incitement (LTI). That’s paid at fix time of intervals (at the end of two times) grounded on the achievement of mileposts parameters fix by the Board,” the periodic report state. “

Consequently, the payment of below Long- term incitement (LTI) is for two times that ended on March 31, 2021 and that is USD6.25 million for financial year 2019- 2020 and USD6.25 million for the financial year 2020 2021, ” the report added.

If LTI is not involve in Vijayakumar’s earnings for the year end in March 2020, then his earnings comes to around $10.27 million. Which is little less than Wipro’s CEO Mr. Thierry Delaporte, who earned $10.5 million.

Infosys CEO, on the other hand, Salil Parekh get a 43 per cent hike in his total compensation to $10.2 million per annum in 2021- 22. On the other hand, TCS paid compensation of $3.3 million to its CEO Mr. Rajesh Gopinathan.

Top paid CEO in the world with salary

  1. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. Elon Musk salary is $23.5 billion.
  2. Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook salary is $770.5 million
  3. Jensen Huang, the NVIDIA chief. His salary is $561 million
  4. Reed Hastings, co-founder, CEO, and chairman of the streaming giant, Netflix salary is $453.5 million.
  5. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals co-founder and CEO Leonard Schleifer salary is $452.9 million.
  6. Marc Benioff, founder of Salesforce salary is $439.4 million.
  7. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella ranked seventh. Nadella salary is $309.4 million.
  8. The CEO of Activision Blizzard Robert A. Kotick salary is $296.7 million.
  9. Hock E. Tan, CEO of Broadcom salary is $288 million.
  10. Oracle’s CEO Safra A. Catz salary is $239.5 million.

Highest paid CEO in India

  1. Pawan Munjal, Hero Motocorp getting salary of Rs 84.59 crore ($ 1,06,20,570). He is the Chairman, CEO and Managing Director (MD) of Hero Motocorp.
  2. MD and CEO of Infosys, Salil Parekh, salary is Rs 71 crore ($ 89,14,298).
  3. N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons salary is Rs 58 crore ($ 72,82,103).
  4. Rajeev Bajaj, Bajaj Auto CEO and MD of Bajaj Auto salary is Rs 39.86 crore ($ 50,05,028).
  5. Sunil Mittal, Bharti Enterprises, Founder and Chairman of Bharti Enterprises salary is Rs 30.1 crore ($ 37,79,512).
  6. CP Gurnani, Tech Mahindra, CEO and MD of Tech Mahindra salary is Rs 28.57 crore ($ 35,87,397).
  7. SN Subrahmanyan, Larsen & Toubro, CEO and MD of Larsen & Toubro salary is Rs 27.17 crore ($ 34,11,606)
  8. Rajesh Gopinathan, TCS, CEO of Tata Consultancy Services salary is Rs 25.7 crore ($ 32,27,025).
  9. Sidhartha Lal, Eicher Motors Ltd, head of Eicher Motors Ltd. salary is Rs 19.21 crore ($ 23,85,738).
  10. Mukesh Ambani, owner of Reliance Industries salary is Rs 15 crore ($ 18,83,478). Though, he also has 44 per cent stake in the company.

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