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Will you add Covid19 vaccine status to Your CV?

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Applying for a job in the pandemic may be difficult. Perhaps you are searching for a work from home job. Or maybe you are doing an online interview via Zoom. CV gaps are more easily explained, and you will most probably flag care responsibilities and a need for flexibility upfront.

The pandemic is changing the world of work, so should you put your Covid19 vaccine status in your CV?

Career coaches and LinkedIn members are divided, with some saying the information could leave applicants open to discrimination. Others argue that it’s a personal choice and depends on the industry you work in.

LinkedIn News editor Cayla Dengate ask to the people by a survey.

Should job seekers add their COVID-19 vaccine status to their CV?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends (please comment)

As of now 38% professionals has given vote as Yes. 48% people are saying NO, no need to add Covid19 vaccine status in your resume at all. However, rest 14% saying that it depends upon certain factors.

When Cayla Dengate asked career coaches and LinkedIn members their thoughts, and their responses are fascinating.


No, don’t put Covid19 vaccine status in your CV.

Sue Parker: “No, no need to add your vaccine status on your CV unless the company or industry specifically ask you. It may potentially lead to allegations of hiring discrimination. I’m fully vaccinated for context.”

Andy Agouridis: “A resume should include information that is relevant to any employer. Also, the Covid19 vaccine status is not a part of this information.
“Right to work is a similar case, it is only relevant to some employers, so it shouldn’t be part of your resume. When an employer needs some information, they can ask it.
“Also, including additional info, such as a photo, could even get you disqualified in some countries for employers to stay protected against anti-discrimination laws.

Sarah Burgess: “I think that’s a part of discussion that the role requires you to be vaccinated. However, You wouldn’t include any other medical information on your CV.”


Yes, include Covid19 vaccine status in your CV


Sello Molebeleli: “Yes of course, especially if the person applies for a position in health sector or where face-to-face meeting with the client is required. It gives the sense that the applicant will not pose health hazards to others.”

I don’t see a reason why candidates should not include their Covid19 vaccine status in the CV. We all aware about the virus and no one reserves the right to discriminate against anyone for being vaccinated or not. Instead, it’s everyone’s responsibility to encourage vaccination.

I would advise companies to have a vaccine kit available and ready for me. It shows just how responsible the candidate is for the survival of mankind.

Marie Paterson: “Well, it depends on how important it is to you. It’s important for me, so it’s on my CV and signature”. I am not concerned about discrimination.

Louise Shortus: “Having the Covid19 vaccine status on resume will protects other people. It shouldn’t be a secret at all.”


It depends on the career.

Beth Kutscher: “I’ve seen some cases, where it is specifically requested for the Covid19 vaccine status. For nannies, when looking for work, because it’s important to many parents whose children are still too young to be vaccinated themselves.”

Athena Ali: “If it is highly relevant to the position, you are applying, it might well be required.

“I am working as a specialist in the public service sector in Australia, and in this sector frontline workers are already subject to working with Children Checks. So it would not be out of the question to ask this also if it is a requirement of the job. I already add Covid19 vaccine status in my CV where it is required in the key selection criteria.


It’s a question for the future to put Covid19 vaccine status in your resume?

In future, this could become a mandatory field in a job application form. Its better if we can put it on LinkedIn/CV and be comfortable talking about it regardless of whether we have taken the jab or chosen not to.

So there you have it. There are plenty of valid opinions on the topic. While adding your Covid-19 vaccine status could open you up to discrimination. It may also be important information for some employers.


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