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API development platform Postman has become India’s most valued SaaS startup. Postman is a software as a service(SaaS) firm.

Postman, a leading application programming interface platform, has raised $225 million at a valuation of $5.6 billion. That’s up nearly three times in about a year, as the San Francisco and Bengaluru-based company continues to see exponential growth.

With this, the seven-year-old startup has become India’s most valued SaaS (software as a service) startup, overtaking BrowserStack.

Till recently Freshworks was the most valued B2B SaaS startup from India. Although many might balk at calling it a startup. Just few weeks back, BrowserStack pipped it to become the most valuable. Today, Postman raised $225 mn with an enterprise valuation of $5.6 Bn, making it the most valuable B2B SaaS startup from India.

List of India’s most valued SaaS startup by valuation.

  1. Freshworks: $3.5B
  2. HighRadius: $3.1B
  3. Icertis: $2.8B
  4. Druva: $2B
  5. Zenoti: $1.5B
  6. Mindtickle: $1.2B

India’s tech gold standard may not be set by Swiggy or Ola, but by rising unicorn Postman.

Postman is not a widely used B2C product. Its brand recall is a fraction of unicorn peers. Few people understand APIs, let alone build them. Postman’s API platform seems useful for a niche at best, let alone a gold standard.

But diving deeper reveals a unique global platform of explosive importance.

APIs are bridges that connect the evolving islands of systems/devices seamlessly. As the digital ocean explodes, the islands need connected. Their bridges need to be designed, tested, built and managed.

Postman is software’s gold standard in enabling dev teams to build bridges.

Starting as a Chrome plugin in 2012, Postman has rapidly evolved to be a full API development environment. With a user first, community approach, it has seen incredible user love.

As public APIs grew from 2K to 22K in 10 yrs, private APIs have exploded. Postman has enabled 11MM devs, 500K cos and 250MM APIs

It is little wonder it has a $5B market value. This value was $2 billion a year back.

With $50-100MM rev, Postman is the leader in API dev. As software eats the world, Postman enables it to be connected. As digital usage accelerates, Postman will win big.

Postman Partners and Investors

  • The investment was led by Insight Partners and joined by three new investors Coatue, Battery Ventures, and BOND.
  • However, existing Postman investors CRV and Nexus Venture Partners played an important role.
  • DoorDash Product Leader Gokul Rajaram and Freshworks Founder Girish Mathrubootham joined us as an individual investor.
Sr. No Funding Date Funding Type

Number of Investors

Money Raised

Lead Investors
1 18th August 2021 Series D- Postman



Insight Partners
2 11th June 2020 Series C- Postman



Insight Partners
3 19th June 2019 Series B- Postman



4 13th Oct 2016 Series A- Postman


$7 M

Nexus Venture Partners
5 26th May 2015 Seed Round- Postman




Postman Key-points

When was Postman Started?
In Sept 2014

Postman Founders?
Abhijit Kane, Abhinav Asthana, Ankit Sobti

Postman company other names?
Postman, Inc., Postdot Technologies Private Limited.

Legal Name of Postman?
Postman, Inc.

Postman Contact Email.
[email protected]

Phone Number of Postman?
415 796 6470

Headquarters Regions of Postman?
San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western, US


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