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Do you want to become became a millionaire overnight? For many Dubai Duty Free Raffle actually made, that dream comes true. You can buy your dream home or you can plan a trip to Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir in India. Khajjiar hill station of Himachal Pradesh, is also known as mini Switzerland of India.

Dubai Duty Free has made millionaires of many UAE residents and travelers. Keep reading to know more about the DDF raffle and how you can win.
However, you will not believe that 23 Dubai Duty Free Millionaire Raffle winners were fortunate enough to win the promotion twice.

About the Dubai Duty Free Raffle

The Dubai Duty Free (DDF) has area of 40,000 sq. meter unfurl across two airports. Dubai duty free was found in 1983 and achieved first-year sales of US$20 million.

DDF is one of the biggest travel retail destination in the world. Dubai duty free year end sales in 2019 reach USD 2.029 billion.

Whereas in 2020 DDF achieves sales turnover of over Dhs2. 5 billion or US$697 million. Throughout the year, there are many ongoing and attractive campaigns at the duty free.

However, Dubai Duty free draw is also known as the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire. One lucky winner out of 5000 tickets gets the chance to win $1 million (74,148,500 Inr).

Dubai Duty Free jackpot takes place after each two or three weeks for 21 years. All the ticket place in the raffle box and then one winner is selected and event is being record in camera.

Dubai Duty Free Raffle – Millennium Millionaire: questions and answers


I am not travelling to Dubai, can I still purchase DDF ticket?

Yes, you can buy. Just visit official website of Dubai Duty Free.
to buy tickets. You must check the list of eligible countries for confirmation.


Where can I buy Dubai Duty Free ticket?
You can buy Dubai Duty Free tickets at below locations.

  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • Creekside Hotel
  • Queen Elizabeth 2
  • Le Meridien Hotel
  • Hatta Border Shop
  • Irish Village Shop

However, DDF (Dubai duty free) ticket sales affect due to Covid19. So, its better to give a call to these shops before visiting there for DDF ticket.

Though, Dubai Duty Free Raffle ticket online purchase is the best option. You can login to DDF website and buy the ticket from anywhere.


How can I follow DDF draw?
Winners name always post on the official Facebook page and DDF official website. However, Dubai Duty Free Draw winners always contacted via details provided at the time of ticket purchase.


How my money will be transferred if I win?
The money is automatically transferred to Dubai Duty Free Raffle Draw winner’s bank account. And this process hardly takes three or four weeks.


Will DDF deliver my motorcycle to my home country?
Yes, if you win the motorcycle, then it will be delivered free of cost to your home country at the nearest seaport. However, you will need to pay relevant duties and taxes.


Dubai Duty Free Prize categories

Dubai Duty Free Raffle prizes available in three different categories

1) Millennium Millionaire

Millennium Millionaire is the biggest Dubai Duty Free draw prize. You have a chance to win USD 1 million in the draw. However, you must buy Dubai Duty Free Millionaire Raffle ticket in order to participate in the DDF draw. The ticket price is AED 1,000.

If you are not visiting Dubai, then you can buy Dubai Duty Free Raffle ticket online by Dubai Duty Free website.

2) Finest Super Car

The Finest Surprise Car ticket price is aed 500. And you have excellent chance to win Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Range Rover. Each series of the Finest Surprise Car is limited to 1300 tickets. However, sometimes draw goes up to 2,300 tickets and you have excellent chance to win expensive cars like Bentley, McLaren, Aston Martin.

3) Finest Surprise Motorbikes

In 1989, Finest Surprise Motorbikes was launched. There are only 100 tickets and one ticket price is aed 100. Though, participants can win superbikes of BMW or Indian motorbikes.

Besides Dubai Duty Free Raffle, people can also participate and try their luck in Big Ticket Raffle.

Follow Guide4info to learn more about different draws taking place in the UAE.

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