Top 10 Courses for Professionals to earn more than 60 lakh Rupees per annum

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Are you stuck in your career? Are you dreaming to have a luxury car? or Planning to tour the whole world, but don’t have sufficient money. No worries, we bring Top 10 Courses for you, which will help you to earn a lot of money so that you can fulfill your dreams. Because by doing these courses or jobs you can earn huge amount of money in just one year. So fasten your seat belts and Keep reading below useful information.

1) Data Science:

Guys, fasten your seat belts before reading about this course. Because you will be surprised by the annual income of the professional working in this field. This course is related to computer Science & Engineering or Information Technology field. If you don’t belong to computer line, still keep reading and educate others or pass this information to your friends, who are thinking earn a lot. But stuck in career due to lack of guidance.

Well, this is new course in the Indian market. And most of the colleges/Universities have not started Data Science course yet. But this field is common in USA and Europe universities.
According to the Times of India news, data analytics candidate with 5 years of experience can earn a lot as compared to chartered Accountant or Engineers. India will have shortage of 200,000 Data analysis professionals in companies for next 3 years.

How you can become Data Scientist: This course is in number one in Top 10 Courses for the highest paid salary. You can do this course for free. If you already have following skills set. There are various free videos’ available on YouTube. You can access them, learn and become Data Science engineer for free.

Skill set required for Data Science:
Programming Languages: You should know three basic languages to start career in this field. These are.

  • Python,
  • SQL,
  • R. Language (used for statistical computing and graphics)
  • Mathematics: You must have good knowledge of mathematics formula and quick problem solving ability.

Additional skills required for Data Science:

  • Computer knowledge
  • Visualization
  • Basics of Hacking Knowledge
  • Scientific Thinking.

List of Data Science courses:

  • Data Science Specialization
  • DataCamp
  • CS109 Data Science
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Applied Data Science with Python Specialization
  • Statistics and Data Science MicroMasters
  • Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

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Data Science Engineer Salary: Data Science Engineer can earn up to 75 Lakh rupees($104,822) per annum after 5 years of experience.

2) Cartography:

Cartography is the process of making beautiful graphics and draw maps. One who performs this task is called Cartographer. Those graphics are used to demonstrate complex issues in a graphical mode. So that readers can understand it easily. Highly used in newspapers, books, websites. Cartographers are highly required for designing complex graphs for some web based platform.

You can do a lot in this field, below are some points:

  • Draw interactive maps.
  • The democratization of cartographic tools
  • Print on demand

Are cartographers in demand?
Yes, The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects predicts that there will be lots of job opening in this field till 2026. Also this course is on 2nd place in Top 10 Courses for the highest paid salary.

Scope of Cartography

  1. Certification Course, Duration: 3 months to 1 year
  2. Diploma, Duration: 2-3 years
  3. Graduation, Duration: 4 years
  4. Masters degree, Duration: 2 years

Cartography Institutes in India: Total 10 institute for Cartography available in India, below is the list:

  1. Annamalai University, Chennai
  2. Burdwan University – Bardhaman
  3. Indian Institute of Surveying & Mapping, Hyderabad
  4. Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
  5. Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi
  6. MS University, Vadodara
  7. North Orisa University, Baripada
  8. Osmania University, Hyderabad
  9. Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur
  10. Sam Higginbotom Institute of Agriculture, Allahabad

What skills does a cartographer need? If Geography is your favorite subject then you are the perfect match for this course.

Most of the institute has their own qualifying exam for students. Students having different background than Geography can also take admission in this course but after pass the entrance test. This course is in high demand in United States of America.

Cartographer Salary: One report state that experienced Cartographer earn up to $87,620 (62 Lakh Rupees) per annum.

3) Information Security Analyst:

You are using smart phones, laptops, gadgets connected with internet all the time. What do you think, your data is safe?
Probably, You would think for a while and say yes! But hackers, attackers may target your data using internet anytime from anywhere in the world.

One, who is the caretaker of security systems from cyber attacks & hackers called Information Security Analyst. There is always demand for security analyst and hence this course is on 3rd position in Top 10 Courses for the highest salary.

Big giant MNCs pay awesome salary to Information Security Analysts to protect their information system against hackers and cyber attacks.

Well Known Cyber attacks in the history:

In order to be an expert Information Security Analyst, you must know answers of below questions and lots more.

  • How do you ensure cyber security?
  • What are the four types of cyber attacks?
  • What are the most common cyber attacks?
  • How can cyber attacks be prevented?
  • What do cyber attacks does?
  • Which country have the best hackers?

What education required for information security analyst?
You can become an information security analyst by holding a bachelor’s degree in Computer science, software engineering, information Technology field or related field.

  • If you good in ethical hacking then, you are the perfect match for this job.
  • You must have excellent knowledge about networks, network security, and above mentioned questions.
  • Excellent knowledge of Linux and Unix subjects increase chances of getting the desired salary.
  • You should be aware about new system technologies launch in the market as well in other countries also.

Information Security Analyst salary: The Salary after 5 years of experience is approximate $150,000 (100 Lakh Rupees).

4) Environmental Engineer:

Environmental Engineering is the branch of engineering which preserves human health, environments and improve its quality. This course may be new or some people haven’t heard about this course. Though this course is in high demand and on 4th place in Top 10 Courses for the highest salary.

Environmental Engineering Scope:

  • Water pollution – waste water management, water pollution control, water recycling, industrial wastewater treatment
  • Air pollution – air pollution control, Checking air quality, Checking toxic gases in air, Pollution control
  • Climate Change – global warming, ozone layer depletion, global warming effects on oceans.
  • Solid waste management and resource recovery – Recycling, waste disposal
  • Population – Population control and planning

Environmental Engineering Eligibility:
For B.Tech program of Environmental Engineering, students should have 12th Science with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics subjects. There is an entrance test to get admission for this program.

Top Environmental Engineer institutes in India

  • Himalayan University, Arunachal Pradesh
  • KLE College of Engineering and Technology, Karnataka
  • Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh
  • Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore.
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
  • Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

Abroad Institutes:

  • Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, UK
  • American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, USA
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Clarkson University.
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
  • Johns Hopkins University.
  • Columbia University in the City of New York.

Environmental Engineering jobs: There are a lot of jobs available on internet in this field. You can search in google and start applying.

Environmental Engineer Salary: The average salary after 5 years of experience is $87,000 (61 Lakh Rupees) per year.

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5) Corrosion Engineer:

These engineers specialize in Internal or External corrosion. This stream is related to Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy or Materials Science.
Corrosion Engineering requirement: Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering

The Average salary for Corrosion Engineers after 5 years is $95,578(68 Lakh Rupees) per year. And this course is ranked 5th in Top 10 Courses.

Corrosion Engineering Scope: External Corrosion

  • Underground soil side corrosion
  • Underwater external corrosion
  • Atmospheric corrosion
  • Humid and splash zone corrosion
  • Galvanic corrosion
  • Pitting corrosion
  • Crevice corrosion
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Microbial corrosion
  • High Temperature corrosion

Internal corrosion

  • Water pipe corrosion
  • Gas pipe corrosion
  • Oil pipe corrosion
  • Water tank reservoir corrosion

6) Subsea Engineer:

This is the most difficult but still demanding job of offshore petroleum industry.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in engineering with specialization in ocean engineering, mechanical or petroleum engineering.

Salary: The average salary for best Subsea Engineer is $105,200 (75 Lakh Rupees) per annum.
Based on the demand of this job, this course is ranked 6th in the Top 10 Courses for the highest paid salary.

7) Lawyer:

As per one report there are more than 600,000 lawyers in India.
If you are a Lawyer, your salary depends upon below points:

  • Qualification on the job offered
  • Years of experience
  • Knowledge of work
  • Quick Case Solving ability

There are lawyers, who charge Rupees 5 lakh to Rs 1 crore for one Court appearance. This course is ranked 7th in the list of Top 10 Courses to earn high salary.

Top Law Firms in India that pay highest salary, you can apply for jobs and internships in these law firms for big salaries:

  • Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas And Co. headquarters in New Delhi & Mumbai.
  • Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas & Co. office in Amarchand Towers, 216, Okhla Phase III, New Delhi.
  • J Sagar And Associates (JSA) office in New Delhi.
  • Trilegal, have 300 lawyers with offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Gurgaon.
  • AZB and Partners, number of employees 500 with offices in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Pune
  • Luthra and Luthra, 300 lawyers with offices in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore
  • Desai & Diwanji, office in Mumbai.

The Average salary for civil rights lawyer is $45,000 (32 Lakh Rupees) per annum.

8) DevOps Engineer:

This is the branch of Computer Science Engineering/IT. DevOps refer to the combination of software development (Dev) with information technology operations (Ops) to shorten the systems development life cycle. In terms of growth and highest salary, this course is ranked 8th in the list of Top 10 Courses.
Is DevOps a demand?
Yes, There is a rapid demand for DevOps engineers in the market.

What are DevOps skills?
Infrastructure automation tools Experience and fluency in web languages
Expertise in Soft skills
Good knowledge of CI (continuous integration) tools

Optional DevOps skills:

  • SDLC life cycle experience
  • Database management
  • System design
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Scrum Master

9) ER Doctor

ER stands for the emergency room, a doctor who work in emergency department to care for ill patients. In some countries it is also called Medical Specialist.

Education required for ER Doctor: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

How much does an emergency room doctor make a year?
The Average salary for ER Doctor is $270,000 (19,164,600 Rupees) per annum. Mr. Dilip Shanghvi is the richest doctor in India. He is the founder of Sun Pharmaceuticals.

10) Real Estate Broker:

If you don’t have specific degree or certification course. Still you can become Real Estate Broker. Based on the requirement this course is ranked 10th in the list of Top 10 Courses for the highest paid salary.
How can you get a job in real estate?

  • Research Your State’s Requirements.
  • Take a Pre-Licensing Course.
  • Take the Licensing Exam.
  • Consider Becoming a Realtor.
  • Join a Real Estate Brokerage and gain experience.

In most of the cases, Real Estate Broker work on commission basis and earn a respective amount of money. In USA, Real Estate Broker salary is $110,494 per year.

Students Question and Answers:

I don’t have good technical knowledge, Can I get good job and earn the good salary?
Yes, You can do some other jobs where technical knowledge is not required. But other skills like good communication, presentation, charming personality can help you.

Tour Guide:

Average salary starting from 15,000 Rupees to 35,000 Rs per month. You must have good knowledge of certain areas and locations. Tour guide in USA earns $13 per hour, while the average annual salary is $23,000. If you are a Tour Guide for mountains, then you must have knowledge for:

  • Mountain tracks Knowledge
  • First Aid Knowledge
  • Face the crowd.
  • Good physical fitness

If you would like to adopt this job as your career, then you should get Tour guide license.

Video Game Player

You can earn up to $30,000 yearly. Some people have the hobby to play video game. You can start your career in this field and earn the good salary.

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