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Ransomware attack on Accenture | How can $45 Billion Company is Vulnerable?

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A tweet by Cyble, which is a dark web and cybercrime monitoring firm inform about Ransomware attack on Accenture.
The hacker group behind Ransomware attack demanding $50M money from IT giant firm Accenture.

  • 6TB of Accenture data stolen by the hackers
  • $50 Million money demanded
  • Accenture CEO Julie Sweet said in June 2021 that her company has a strong focus on security.

This attack reported on Wednesday. As per the information published on threatpost.com, the hacker group use LockBit ransomware to target Accenture. Though Accenture rank No. 1 on CRN Solution Provider 500 for 2021.

According to New Zealand-based cybersecurity company Emsisoft, Lockbit is a strain of ransomware. However, this ransomware prevents users from accessing infected systems until a ransom payment is paid.

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“Paying money to the hackers is not a good solution,” One solution provider informs the CRN news channel.

Ransomware attack on Accenture follows the July attack on Kaseya by ransomware operator REvil. Though, REvil make $70 million demand to decrypt victim files. But Kaseya later inform that they did not pay any amount to REvil as they obtain a REvil ransomware decryptor.

Mr. Douglas Grosfield, founder and CEO of Kitchener inform CRN news channel that, “paying the ransom is never a good idea”. Kitchener is a Ontario-based IT solution provider. Majority of the Companies who ransom didn’t always get their data.

Accenture hacked by lockbit is a reminder of heal thyself, axiom physician that IT service provider must ensure the safety of their own systems.


The MD (managing director) of Guide4info told media that, “if Accenture can not protect their own systems then how they can protect others”?

Accenture informs on Wednesday that, “we identified irregular activity in one of our environments by our security controls and protocols”. After our data hacked by ransomware, we have restored our affected servers from back up.

A CNBC reporter said on Wednesday that the lockbit hackers done publishing more than 2,000 files to the dark web. These files including PowerPoint presentations and case studies.


Accenture CEO Julie Sweet inform in June 2021, while taking with investors that her company has a strong focus on security.

According to research firm IDC, more than one-third of all organizations have experienced a ransomware attack over past 12 months. This research firm IDC discloses a new survey on ransomware attacks on Thursday.


CEO of LAN Infotech, Michael Goldstein inform to CRN that he was “stunned” to know about Ransomware attack on Accenture. Accenture, which is a $45 billion company, is vulnerable then everyone is vulnerable.”

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