How to Make a Resume

How to Make a Resume in 2023 | Beginner’s Guide

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A resume is very important to get your dream job. Because a resume is not only a piece of paper, but it represents you in the company. That is the reason you must make an impressive to get a job quickly.

It is very important to choose the best resume format as per your experience, skills, career gap. If you choose the best resume template, then your chance of getting job is higher.

There are two levels to create a resume: the beginner’s level and the Advance level.

However, this article is all about how to make a resume at the beginner’s level.  We will write advanced level later.

How to Prepare Your CV: Tips and Examples

A Beginner’s Resume is also known as an entry-level resume. It puts the limelight based on education and skills details relevant and work done in your past. Students and Graduates use beginners level resumes while applying for the jobs.

A resume summary and objective are two essential components in creating a solid and perfect.

In summary you can add your skills, accomplishments, and experiences acquired from your previous job.

Steps to write a resume summary:

  • Write your strong character features in a single line.
  • Moot your current job title and professional experience in a couple of words.
  • Write how you want to assist the employer in their success.
  • Put info on your key achievements to demonstrate you can supply results when hired.
  • Do not exceed these 3 or 5 sentences. And always use numbers whenever possible.

You should ask yourself, do I need writing the resume summary each time I apply for a job offer?

Answer is, YES!

Good summary Examples

  • Self-motivated and result driven customer service professional with 1.5 years of experience helping customers navigate websites and settle product and service issues. Received 97.5% positive customer satisfaction score in the company survey.

So, what is it completely that makes this example summary so implicit?

Answer is: Relevance

When you write the summary, you will quickly get attention how focused you are.

  • Self-motivated and result driven customer service professional are not the buzzwords, but these are the employer specific words as requested in job offer.
  • Writing 1.5 years of experience clearly shows your total experience. The employer doesn’t need to calculate your experience.
  • The final sentence of the resume summary is Received 97.5% positive customer satisfaction score offer the evidence and achievements of the candidates.

Bad Example of a Resume Summary

Experienced customer service officer with many years of experience. I would love being a part of your company. I would love seeking new challenges and work in a productive environment. Admired by superiors and peers on numerous occasions for dealing with difficult customers and resolving nexus issues.

Wait, are you sure that above summary example is bad?

Answer is, Yes! and below are the reasons!

  • First, it would not pass the ATS screening stage as it lacks specific keywords.
  • Second, total experience ungiven, it would be hard for the recruiter to know your total experience.
  • The third point is, above summary showing indefinite years of experience, common lines, does not contain any numbers that shows that candidates achievements. And its all about what a candidate wants not what he wants to do for the company.

Complete Guidelines to create a resume

Select a Resume format: Do you know how many resume formats available in the market?

Do you know that there are 8 resume formats available in the market. Read this article for more information.

Selecting the best resume format is very important to while creating a beginner’s Resume. Out of 8 resume formats, you can choose the best for you. But chronological and functional formats are highly selected or considered by the hiring manager. You must read Best Resume Formats article for more details.

Contact details: Your contact information is the most important details and must be present in your Resume. The contact details must be listed after your full name. Contact details in resume consist of your full name, your email ID, phone number. You can write your present address at the bottom of the resume. These details must be correct and up to the date.

Do you Know the Difference between a Valid & Invalid email address?

Bad email address examples:

You must be aware that bad email addresses can harm your job application. Below are the bad email address examples:

Good email address examples:

Below are the good email address always contains your name.

With no contact details or with wrong contact details, the hiring manager or HR won’t be able to contact you.

So, it is highly important to cross-check your contact details section and ensure everything is accurate. If not, then update it before sending your resume to the hiring manager.

Be quick! Check your contact details in your resume otherwise you may miss the interview calls.

Mention work experience or trainings:

The next step is to mention your work experience if you are following a chronological resume format.

Though, your work experience in your resume must be relevant to the job. It can be any part-time job, internship, training, volunteer work, and others.

You don’t need writing all details in your resume, though you can add important details only.

  • When you started the job
  • What was your position
  • Few of your roles and responsibilities

Work experience Example in resume:

Company: Microsoft Bangalore, India                                        Nov 2018 till now

Designation: Technical Consultant

  • Identify and manage project risks & Work with the team to identify and institute mitigation plans.
  • Project documentation (action items, issues, changes, risks, etc.)
  • Prepare and provides daily, weekly, monthly, key milestone updates to global level specially to regions like US, APAC, EU, EMEA.
  • Monitor project progress and adjust as needed to implement the project solution, on time.
  • Successfully manage multiple projects and tasks concurrently and measure project performance to identify areas for improvement.
  • Seek opportunities to improve increase efficiency and provide feedback, to leadership.

Write your Education:

The education section in table format is highly recommendable. You can provide below information in your educational section in your resume.

  • Degree/Diploma name
  • Stream
  • School, College, or University Name.
  • Passing Percentage
  • Year of passing. 
  • Example for your Education
    • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology–Roorkee with 74.22% in 2011.
    • Polytechnic Diploma from Indian Institute of Technology–Roorkee, with 74.52% in 2008.
    • 12th from (school name) from Chandigarh with 76% in 2006.
    • 10th from (school name) from Chandigarh with 65.33% in 2004.

Add important skills: Mention all the types of skills that you have gained as that will help you and the hiring person to hire you.

Types of Skills: Hard Skills and Soft Skills
  • Hard Skills: This kind involves expertise in coding, cooking special dishes, etc.
  • Soft skills: This kind involves communication skills, career attributes, etc.
  • Pro Tip: If you are not aware of your skills, you can pick below skills and add in your resume. You can add these ten soft skills and personal attributes.
    • Leadership
    • Adaptability: This the most important skill for a fresher.
    • attentive
    • Creativity.
    • Collaboration talent.
    • Decision making.
    • Customer service.
    • Empathy
    • Problem-solving abilities
    • Excellent Communication skills.
    • Team management

Are you among the crowd who want to learn and build a strong beginner resume?

Then go through this article and share with your friends also. Moreover, do not forget proofreading your resume. Always edit it accordingly before submitting it to the hiring manager.

Hope you land your dream job by following our Resume Tips at Guide4info.

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