Mujeeb Chirathodi, an Indian expact’s Eid celebration become double sweet when his name announce in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket raffle draw. He wins Big Ticket’s Dream 12 Million raffle grand prize. 12 Million dirams is equal to 25 Crore Indian rupees, 32,67,084 dollars.

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Mujeeb Chirathodi is an Indian, who is living in Ajman (United Arab Emirates). He could not believe that he won Big ticket grand prize and his name is in the TOP of Abu Dhabi Big Ticket raffle draw.

He purchases the Big ticket Abu Dhabi ticket on 22nd of the month and he buy Abu Dhabi Big Ticket with prayers.

His Abu Dhabi Big Ticket number is 229710 and he believe that his prayers were answered with the Big ticket grand prize of aed 12 Million.

Big Ticket official page wrote on Facebook that, “Congratulations to Mujeeb Chirathodi for the Dream 12 Million grand prize!”

You will be surprize to know that Mujeeb will share the Big ticket prize of 12 Million Dhirams with 10 people and all are the expatriates. They all save the money from their salary to try their luck in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket raffle draw. A Big ticket raffle ticket cost is aed 500. If you will buy two tickets in one time, then you will get another third ticket free. However, you need to buy two Abu Dhabi Big Tickets in one transaction else you will not get free ticket.

On the same day of Big ticket raffle draw, another Indian Viswanathan Balasubramanian win the big ticket prize of aed 1,000,000. His Big ticket number is 072051.

Another Abu Dhabi Big Ticket raffle draw winner is Jayaprakash Nair from India. His Big ticket raffle ticket number is 077562 and purchase this ticket online from Big ticket website

4th abu dhabi big ticket winner is Ibrahim Freihat from Jordan. Ibrahim Freihat Abu Dhabi Big Ticket number is 291282 and he win Big ticket raffle prize of aed 50,000.

On the other hand, Big Ticket’s weekly draw winner name is Roy Jacob. Roy Jacob wins aed 300,000 and his Abu Dhabi Big Ticket number is 143813.

The Big ticket Abu Dhabi also announce the Dream car winner name.

Abu Dhabi Big ticket facebook team write on Facebook that “Congratulations to Saad Ullah Malik from Pakistan with Ticket No. 001506 for winning the Dream BMW Car”.

The Big ticket is the biggest raffle draw in the UAE host at Al Ain Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport. And online at

Abu Dhabi Big ticket write that we started with a Million Dirham cash prize. And now on Big Ticket’s 29th year, big ticket prize is of 20 Million Dirham”.

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket raffle draw cash prizes vary every month. Big Ticket raffle draw giving a minimum of 10 million dirhams and biggest bit ticket jackpot of 25 Million.

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