The Right Way to Say Thanks After an Interview

The Right Way to Say Thanks After an Interview

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Nowadays, it is very common that the selected candidates to have to appear for an interview to get their dream job. The interview is to screen the employees whether they are fit for that position or not. However, few people know the further process to do after an interview and it can affect your whole interview section. 

Lots of people are there who wait days after an interview to get a response from the company. Or don’t know the correct time to reach out to them, or the right way to say thanks after an interview.

In this article, we will capture all the relevant things related to an interview. This includes the steps of the right way to say thanks after an interview. You can also explore Interview Tips for Freshers

Best steps to say thank you via email:

Make an evident subject line:

If you are the first time drafting a thank you mail to the interviewer then this section is very important. And an evident subject line is one of them. By evident subject line, we mean to say that no jokes or no puns must be used in the subject line.

The subject line must be short, clear, precise, and conveyed straight to the point. You must keep that subject line that the interviewer will open and read your mail. Like you can convey them by writing “Thank You, followed by the name of an interviewer”. Or “Thank You for your advice and precious time”, or “Thanks for yesterday’s interview” as well.



After the subject line we come to the greeting section. Besides body and subject, we must also consider writing greetings as well. After greeting, write the name whom you want to greet or to whom you are writing an email. You must send emails to each person in case you have interviewed with more than one interviewer. The email must be open with a personal greeting. It will create a positive impact on the reader. Do check the Best Resume Formats for detailed information.


Convey your appreciation:

You must draft the thank you mail in such a way that it shows you value the reader’s time. Do not make it too long that it takes much time to read for an interviewer. The mail must be a thank you mail and must be short and crisp. While writing a thank you mail you must be authentic and sincere.

As you are writing an email to a person that is senior to you. You are not writing to your relative or friends. Describe only relevant details as this shows that you value their time. Avoid words like “ I know I am awesome”. or “ I knew that I will get hired in your company”, and others.


Repeat your willingness to do the job:

Every employer wants to make sure that the employee is fit for the company or job. Other than that, they also want to ensure whether you are willing to join their company or not. While writing an email do not forget to mention your eagerness of joining the company.

And how much are you excited about your job role. If in any case, you realize that the job is not right for you then please the same thing in your thank you mail. The manager will appreciate your loyalty and honesty, and this will save time as well.


Mention something that excites you for this job

It is a must to mention something that excites or interests you about your job role along with its reasons. In this way, you can make your mail personalized after an interview. In this section, you can mention your additional skills, your experience, exposure. And mention what other things where you want to gain knowledge. And how can you use those skills in your job role.


Professional end:

The end of your email must be a professional way. Like you can end the thank you mail by writing simply “Thank you” or, can add “Sincerely” followed by your good name. Don’t forget to write your mobile number and email address so that if they want to contact you further, they can through your contact details.

How a thankyou mail can be beneficial after an interview?

  • Send an appreciating mail to him or her about the precious time that they had devoted to you.
  • There are only a few people who send thank you note to their interviewer. Its better if you will send a thankyou mail as this will create a positive impact on the recruiter. Generally, the interviewers do not expect such responses from the candidates. But if you do they will appreciate your efforts too.
  • Sometimes it happens that you forget to mention something important during the interview and after that, it strikes your mind. That important thing maybe your skills or your work timings. It can be anything that an interviewer may look for. So, in the thank you mail please those important points which you have to forget to mention during an interview.

To wrap up, writing a thank you note will give an overview of your communication skills as well. The interviewer can also examine how you can handle yourself on communication or mail. So, it is highly recommended to consider the right way to say thanks after an interview.

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