Application Tracking System Keywords for Marketing

Application Tracking System Keywords for Marketing

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We are regularly posting articles for ATS (Applicant tracking system) keywords on our Guide4info website. In this article, we will write about “Application Tracking System Keywords for Marketing.”

All Marketing professionals around the world can add these keywords in their resume and easily get jobs in multinational companies.

ATS software is a human resources (HR) software that helps in recruiting and hiring candidates in the big mid and big organizations. Read more about ATS software here.

ATS is specifically used to help to hire the candidates who are looking for job opportunities to the large organizations. It organizes and filter and sort out the relevant applicants to the recruiter.


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Why ATS Keywords are important in your resume?

When a job seeker sends their resume to the HR in any organization then the resume will be first checked by ATS software before reaching the HR Department. However, most of the time this ATS software reject your job application and you never get a call from the company.

The hiring managers will receive thousands of candidates resumes on daily basis. Instead of checking all the resumes they select only applicants that match their expectations using an application tracking system (ATS). This saves their time and efforts.


So, to be selected for the interview, you have to add specific ATS keywords to your resume. And you can easily clear the first stage of the hiring process. Keep on reading for the ATS keywords for Marketing.


Here are the most effective and ranked Application Tracking System Keywords for Marketing.

1) Application Tracking System Keywords for Social Media Manager.

If you are applying for the post of social media marketing manager job then you need to add these keywords in your resume.

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms where you can build your brand and business by creating content. And posting on the profile, increasing engagements, analyze the followers insights, Running social media ad campaigns.


Social Media Manager must be aware of these most popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, reddit) many more.

From these platforms we can drive traffic to the websites and brands to increase sales and brand awareness worldwide.


Social media marketing has a very wide scope for every business. The average salary of a social media manager is 6 lacs per annum.

Top 8 ATS keywords for social media manager

  • social media manager
  • social media ads manager
  • Instagram marketing strategy
  • social media advertising
  • social media content creator
  • Facebook marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Canva photoshop

For beginners Instagram platform is best for social media marketing and managing.

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2) Application Tracking System Keywords for Brand Manager.

The brand manager is responsible for the brand strategy and innovation for companies target market. However, don’t forget to mention good relationships with other brands and co-workers.

He/She should know all knowledge about brand and marketing products of the company. As well as developing the new products and also the brand guidelines. These marketing ATS keywords are very useful to get an interview call.

Top companies hiring for brand manager jobs

  • Procter & Gamble
  • Altria
  • Sc Johnson
  • The Richard groups
  • Nestle
  • Red Bull
  • Gucci
  • LG

The average salary of a brand manager in India is 10 lacs per annum. They also get extra commission and incentives.

Top 11 effective ATS keywords for the brand manager.

  • Brand Management
  • marketing research
  • digital marketing
  • brand awareness
  • brand development
  • Marketing strategy
  • brand innovation
  • brand strategy
  • market analysis
  • brand marketing
  • retail marketing


3) ATS keywords for the brand assistant.

Brand assistant is an assistant brand manager. He/She helps the brand manager in promoting a product or service.

Brand assistants research the market and submit the reports to the brand manager and help in promotional strategies for the brand.

Top companies hiring for brand assistant jobs.

  • Amway enterprises
  • FMCG Company
  • Cloud City
  • Top trove foundation
  • Compaq TV

Average salary of an assistant brand manager in India is 7 lakh per annum.

Top 8 effective ATS keywords for the brand assistant
  • Brand analysis
  • Consumer analysis
  • Teamwork
  • customer service
  • product analysis
  • leadership
  • communication
  • strategy
  • financial analysis


4) ATS keywords for the brand strategist.

A brand strategist often works under the marketing team and brand manager for influencing a market and implementing new strategies for upcoming trends of the brand.

He/She should have a plan for the systematic development of a brand in order to meet business objectives and positioning the brand in the market. Marketing professionals can use these Marketing ATS keywords in their resume as per their field and experience.

Top 7 companies hiring for the brand strategist jobs

  • Zee entertainment
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • tik tok
  • zero studios
  • Deloitte

The average salary of a brand strategist in India is 7 lacs Per annum.

Top 9 effective ATS keywords for the brand strategist.

  • Brand strategy
  • implementing
  • prospective audience
  • digital campaigns
  • collaboration
  • consumer insights
  • creative
  • team
  • collaboration
  • Management

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5) ATS keyword for the product marketing manager

Product marketing manager is responsible for development of features and benefits of a new product.

Should maintain good collaboration with the sales team, designing and the manufacturing team.

Research the old and new products of the brand.

Top companies hiring for the product marketing manager jobs

  • Flipkart
  • forever living products
  • Infoiyt

The average salary of a product marketing manager in India is 16 lakh per annum.

Top 13 effective ATS keywords for product marketing manager job

  • Flexible
  • responsible
  • communication
  • analysis
  • collaboration
  • executive
  • engaging
  • survey
  • customer feedback
  • product launch
  • product development
  • Business development
  • competitive
  • Analysis

Application tracking system (ATS) keywords are very important. And make sure that you enter those keywords in your resume. These marketing resume keywords will surely assist you to get a good job.

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