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Tilak Mehta: 13-year-old ‘innovate’ startup Papers N Parcels

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Tilak Mehta is studying in 8th class, who launched his company Papers N Parcels in 2018, to ease courier services in Mumbai. Now, Paper N Parcels is one of the most affordable couriers and he has a team of 100 people. He is just 13 years old.

When people of his age are busy wasting time on Pubg and Tik Tok, Tilak is Changing the world at this young age.

However, his courier service promises the fastest delivery of the document within 4 to 6 hours. Tilak Mehta is the youngest entrepreneur at the age of 13. He study in Garodia International School in Mumbai.

Papers N Parcels(PNP) courier Idea:

Once Tilak Mehta forgot some books at his uncle’s place. That time he was thinking if there was a courier service that would help him get those books. Tilak informed that,”I was thinking for many days when I saw a dabbawala in my building.

Suddenly the idea came in my mind that swiftness and the efficiency of the dabbawala can be utilized to allow deliveries of even non-food items. Hence, Papers N Parcels(PNP) Company invented to deliver couriers through dabbawala network.

He also informed that his father Mr. Vishal Mehta helped him a lot throughout the process and encourage him to make this a reality. Tilak is still studying in school. There was a problem waiting for solution, and I helped the community with solution.

Tilak Mehta Future Plans:

Tilak Mehta informed that currently we are offering our courier services with low cost of Rupees 45-50($0.73) per package with weight limit of three kilograms. The best part of our courier service is, anyone can place an order till 2:30 pm and we promise to deliver the parcel on the same day. We have android mobile application in Google play store with the name of PNP. Also, we have dedicated customer service helpline for this application to assist customers.

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As of now 300 dabbawalas have been registered with us, there is a strong network of 5,000 dabbawalas in Mumbai. Soon more will be added to the PNP system. You can choose from three convenient time slots and make multiple scheduled deliveries.

PNP courier service is self funded and Tilak Mehta is the sole founder of the company. Mr. Ghanshyam Parekh(Tilak uncle) has finance background is the CEO, Jignesh Brahmkhatri having mobile and web-based innovation experience is the CTO, Vaishali Nandu is the project coordinator.

However, we are operating our courier service within the Briham Mumbai Municipal Corporation. And we would like to target both residents and companies in this area. PNP(Papers N Parcels) is processing daily volume of 1,000 to 1,200 requests per day and we expect that it will grow to 2,000-5,000 requests in next six months. Our customers lists include thousands of retail and corporate giants.

Tilak has already received an invitation from a university in Surat to deliver a speech on his startup Papers N Parcels(PNP).

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