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Top 10 Companies for Data Science Jobs in India | Guide for info

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Are you searching for companies to apply for Data Science Jobs? Or you just completed your data science course? Maybe you are searching, how you can find data science jobs for freshers?

The data science industry is growing and no doubt there is demand of data scientists around the world. Here are top 10 recruiters in India, with whom you can start your Data Science career. However, both freshers and experienced can apply for jobs in these companies.

1) Amazon

The biggest e-commerce tycoon in the world, Amazon started its business in the Indian market in 1998. Amazon is a Seattle(USA) based company is the top Data Science recruiters worldwide. To handle data of 2 million Amazon sellers, 162 million monthly mobile users, 647,500 employees, 150 million registered Indian users, 45,000 robots is not an easy task. However, this data are growing on the daily basis.

Data Scientist play a vital role for several core operations like fraud and fake review detection, multivariate testing, supply chain optimization, inventory and sales forecasting, HR analytics, advertising optimization.

Are you planning to work for the similar roles and responsibilities? Then update your resume and apply for jobs on Amazon career portal. Currently, they are hiring for data scientists for many offices in India.

Apply in Data science company, Amazon: 


2) LinkedIn

Data Scientists played an important role for the success of LinkedIn. This was the first company to have a team of data scientists. LinkedIn is a great platform for the professionals around the world to connect, share knowledge, learn and many more.

However, to process the data of 575+ million users worldwide and more than 260 million monthly active users, expert Data scientists with creative thoughts are required. If you love to play with Big Data, generate monthly reports with billions of rows to ultimately enable business in making smart decisions. Then this company is the right place for you to apply jobs.

Apply in Data science company, LinkedIn: 


3) Myntra

Are you willing to become the data scientist for one of the top four start-ups of India? Myntra Management depends upon the data scientist for measuring the company’s performance and decision making. Various decisions like customer behavior, product movement(selling) across the country, customer demand, etc. are taken based upon the various reports generated by Data Scientists.

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Myntra could be the right place for you, if you love classifying, segregating and maintaining data.

Apply in Data science company, Myntra: 


4) Citrix

This is a USA based multinational company that offer several services in India like cloud computing technologies, application and desktop virtualization, networking, software as a service (SaaS).

Currently, Citrix is dealing with many data science projects. Can you help the company to achieve its mission to deliver results to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients? If yes, then you can be a part of talented analytics and research team.

Apply in Data science company, Citrix:


5) Fractal Analytics

This company is India’s second-largest analytics firm based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. Since year 2000, this company has served many Fortune 500 companies.

Are you willing to generate custom-made analytics solutions for tens of millions of users? Then you should make your career with Fractal Analytics. This company is currently hiring Data Scientists for its various offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon.

Apply in Data science company, in Fractal Analytics:


6) Deloitte

This company was established in 1845 and since then its providing services like consulting, financial advisory, tax, audit and enterprise risk. Currently, there are 286,200 professionals globally.

Several analytics projects are ongoing in Deloitte and for those Data scientists in need. The main responsibility of Data scientists is to simplify complex and large data and help management to take appropriate decisions. If you love to work and process everyday information into useful. And actionable insights, then this company is perfect place for you.

Apply for Data Science jobs in Deloitte:


7) MuSigma

This is an Indian management consulting firm that primarily offers data analytics services with headquarter in Chicago, USA. MuSigma have central delivery hub in Bangalore. Data scientist job description in this company will be analyzing data, process it. And finally evaluating the results by various reports.
If you have these skills then MuSigma Analytics team is waiting for you.

Apply for Data Science jobs in MuSigma: 


8) IBM

If you can store, manage a large amount of data and analyze it, then you must apply for jobs at IBM. Currently, IBM is operating in 170 countries, and you have excellent opportunity to work with abroad clients and team mates.
Apply jobs here:


9) Accenture

This company believes that big and complex businesses can become more successful by efficient utilization of their own data. Data scientists play important role for it. Also, they have openings for Data Scientists in the filed of business process specialization and data management.

Apply jobs here: 


10) Flipkart

To handle data of 100 million users, 80 million products, 10 million daily visitors, 8 million shipments per month, 100,000 sellers is not an easy task.
Also, note that these data figures are increasing on daily basis.

Data Scientists are in huge demand due to growing scale of business and increasing amount of data. Though, roles of Data Scientist is to create and maintaining data based on the information associated with the domain. If you are capable of doing it, then Flipkart Analytics Department is waiting for you. They always have openings for this position.

Apply jobs here: 

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