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Typical Interview Questions and Answers for Job seekers

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Cracking interview is the biggest challenge in order to get a good job. Almost every company conduct interviews. Also, each company have its own Interview questions based on the job role.

But there are few questions, which each interviewer asks candidates. If you prepare for those Interview questions, your chances of passing interview is more as compared to other candidates.

We bring some typical Interview questions and Answers to assist you. The motive to publish this is to spread the knowledge among students and job seekers. Every single help will count to clear the interview.

Before diving into questions and answers, We would like to update you types of interview questions.

  • Skills-based questions: The purpose is to check your knowledge and experience for the role you are applied. For example, you applied for sales job and company selling hair oils. Then the interviewer may ask you, how can you sale our company hair oil to a bald person
  • Behavioral questions: The objective is to check your past behaviors that how your actions produce results in certain situations. For example, Give an example of a goal you didn’t meet and how you handled it?

Do you need a degree to get a job?

Why hard to get a job now a day’s without a degree in your hand?
  • Situational questions: The purpose is to check your past behaviors or experience with specific competencies which are required for the new job position. For example, Tell me about a time you reached a big goal at work?
  • Opinion based questions: The main purpose is to analyze how you would respond in certain scenarios. For example, Do you enjoy being out in nature?
  • Brainteaser questions: The purpose of questions to check your creative ability in formulating the mathematical formula for providing an answer. A Petri Hard Puzzle is the best example of it.

Interview questions and Answers with explanation

Question: How many hairs do you have on your head? (question asked at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
Answer: Student entered into the room and interviewer asked this question: Let me consider my head as a hemisphere of the radius 10cm. Its surface area will be 23.14r^2, Total is 628cm^2. let me take one more assumption here that I am having 100 hairs per cm^2. So based upon calculations I can say that my head has 62,800 hairs on it.

Q. If you have five bananas and three oranges in one hand and three apples and five bananas in the other hand, What do you have??
A. Very large hands.

Common Resume mistakes that everyone is doing!

If you rectify these resume mistakes, then your chances are higher of getting a job.

Q. The interviewer ordered a cup of coffee for the candidate. The person takes the coffee, then interviewer ask him what is before you?
A. Candidate: quickly replied “Tea.” He got selected, wondering why?

The candidate answer, it is tea when he clearly knows that coffee was kept before?

The question was “What is before you (here you are pointing to alphabet U.) the reply was “TEA.” ( here Tea pointing to alphabet T)

However, Alphabet “T” was before Alphabet “U.”

Q. Bay of Bengal is in which state?
A. Liquid state. (rather telling the location of Bay of Bengal, tell the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time. So answer is liquid state.)

Q. Where do you find forests without trees, cities without houses and roads without vehicles?
A. On the map

Q. What goes up when rain comes down?
A. An umbrella

Q. If I will share it, I don’t have it. What is it?
A. A secret, candidate replied.

Q. What is the center of gravity? (this question was asked to an IIT student in the interview.)
A. The letter V.

Opinion based Interview Questions and Answers:

Q. Write something on the board?
A. In this question, mostly students will think in mind that what they can write on board as instructed. But this question is to check your decision making ability and instant reaction to the problem.
Answer: Many students who write, Java, coding, program, guide4info, IIT Delhi and many other words were rejected. One student writes keyword “Something” on the board and get selected.

Question: In a fight between Batman and Spiderman, who will win?
Answer: There is no right or wrong answer of this question. However you quick ability to make a decision and to defend it, and to show your analytical skills in action. Your thoughts, ability to respond in certain situations, creativity and sense of humor could also be tested here.

Question: If You Could Work for Any Company, Where Would You work
A. Tell the company name in which you are giving interview, state some plus point of company like creative team, awesome work environment, etc.

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