Stop calling your company a family

Stop calling Your Company a Family: Why LinkedIn Post Sparks Debate?

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“Stop calling your company a family” CEO’s LinkedIn post sparks debate on internet and attract more than 50,000 votes.

Australian media CEO mention that Parents never fire their children from their homes for poor performance. Though parents never lay them off to cut ménage costs when they are floundering to put food on the table”, the Australia based CEO wrote in his post on LinkedIn.

“Focus on being a group, erected on trust and respect, where every person feels respected and value. Eventually, your company never run by your words or not always listen to you. But your company always check and act by your conduct,” the LinkedIn post stated.

When the CEO of a Australia(based in Sydney) digital media agency stake a note on LinkedIn. It was related to why workers must avoid calling their company their ” family”. It sparked a debate on the internet. However, some people agreeing wholeheartedly with the statement. While others claiming that their company support them indeed when their families didn’t. There were many moments in their life when their families never support them but company do.

Hustlr CEO Daniel Abrahams share his post on LinkedIn and it got about 50,000 likes. This LinkedIn post was related to topic, “Stop calling your company a family”.

Parents never fire their children for poor performance. Nor they lay them off to cut costs when they are struggling to run their home.

“Focus on being a platoon, erected on trust and respect, where every person feels respect and honor. Eventually, your company is not care for your words, but by your conduct.”

Replying to this, Gurdayal Singh, CEO of Guide4info comment that,” It’s your bad luck that you never had a company who give your respect and care.

There are many companies who care for their employees, do not dismiss those who do treat their workers well.”

“Family is not just blood relations. We have musketeers who help and stand for us when indeed our family don’t. Those may be your coworker or indeed your company leaders,” he added.” I have had good work experience where we as a platoon, support each other in all situations and support financially if required.”

Another person, Mel Stricker, who is working with the information security for a messaging company, wrote that ,” I have informed this to the people many times that no company ( either large or small) is looking out for your good fortune.

They aren’t unrighteous just concentrated on getting the work done in order to stay in business and make a profit. They don’t care for your health and fitness.

Most of the time normal business does this.

“There are many companies who treat their workers better than others. But utmost treat their workers in a neutral sense. They try to give a work terrain (workspace and benefits) that keeps their workers happy. So that employees stay in the company and work hard. The only hand bone can and should look out for is one’s tone.”

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