Indonesia earthquake Latest updates - Death toll reach to 833 in region

Indonesia earthquake Latest updates : Death toll reach to 1200

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As per the latest updates of Indonesia earthquake, death toll reach to 1200 in the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi. Strong earthquakes and tsunami hit the region that create disasters in the region. Vice-President Jusuf Kalla update that the final death toll could be thousands.

A ten storey hotel in Palu in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi collapsed due to earthquake of 7.5 magnitude. A spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho inform to the news agency that many people are still trapped in the debris of buildings. which are collapsed due to earthquake. Impact of earthquake is unclear in the town of Donggala.

Indonesia Tsunami effects

Tsunami waves caused by 7.5 magnitude of earthquake, high as 20ft(6meter). Most affected area are Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

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The Red Cross estimates that 1.6 million people affected by Indonesia earthquake and tsunami in the region. The disaster agency said around 61 foreigners were in Palu city at the time of earthquake and they are safe now.

Few videos of Tsunami & Indonesia earthquake posted on social media goes viral. Where huge waves hit the city and people started screaming, running here and there. One person added,”It was a disaster, big waves hit the city and many people don’t even get the chance to run & save their life”.

Palu is 1,650 kilometers northeast of Jakarta, at the bank of the Palu River. This is a city of population 335,000. Earthquake caused the tsunami to enter into the Palu city. Many people are still missing & can be trapped in the debris of collapsed building.

Rescue team remove the debris of Roa-Roa hotel in the city of Palu, by hands only and free 24 people. 35 year old mother Risa Kusuma with her baby boy at the evacuation center inform that, “It feels very tense”. Ambulance brings bodies every minute, there is lack of daily usage items especially water. Minimarkts are selling items at very high price everywhere in this panic situations.

Though Talise Beach is mainly the tourist place in Indonesia have several effects by tsunami. President Joko Widodo visited the affected places including city of Palu, Sulawesi. However president inform that there are many issues which need to solve due to this disaster. Tsunami wrecked a shopping centre, a mosque, a hotel and a road bridge.

A Facebook page was created by the people posted missing relatives pictures in hope to find them alive.

Daily usage Stock running out

Poso, which is four hour drive from Palu, daily usage items are running out. Petrol station are not open. People queuing at the roads, buying petrol in bottles, go to the affected area to search missing people. No communication link to the town of Donggala.

Though survivor inform that they require first aid material, food, drink, clean water.

Many people gathered on the beach in Palu, preparing for a festival. They trap in high waves of tsunami due to earth quake.

Patients Situations

Though doctors doing patients  treatment in the open outside city hospitals and at least one military field hospital is open. The regional head of the Indonesian Doctors Association inform that they need tents, medicines, medical personnel, tarpaulins, blankets urgently. Soldiers & Rescue team is working for the trapped people. Many people treated in the open air as hospitals are already full. Evacuation of around 17,000 people done so far.

Mr. Muhammad Syaugi, head of the national search-and-rescue agency inform that they need heavy machinery to clear the debris. But they can not take the machinery inside city because of debris everywhere. Staff have to clear the collapsed buildings by their hands only.

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