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Hawaii volcano eruption, Earthquake Updates : Evacuation Points

Hawaii volcano eruption, Earthquake Updates - Evacuation Points
Hawaii volcano eruption, Earthquake Updates - Evacuation Points

Residents cry and force to leave their homes as lava blow in the air around 100 feet.We bring the latest updates on Hawaii volcano eruption.
People has left their home all of sudden when they get news of Lava errurption in Puna district,Hawaii. Many of them are unaware that if they can return to their homes back or not!.

As per the latest news, lava destroy more than two dozen homes in Leilani Estates.

People frustrations and Questions

Residents are asking lots of questions in the community meeting.How long this lava eruption will go on?. Can I go back to my home to get somethings?. Can I go back to my home to take my pet back if I wear proper gas mask?.
There is no simple answers for these questions. Authorities urge to residents to have patience as lava eruption is unstoppable. Few Leilani Estates residents able return their homes to get some medicines, necessary things,pets etc.Officials inform that quick visit to your home could take your life as there is dangerous gases due to eruption. So many of them lost everything.

Hawaii country Deputy Fire Chief Mr. Renwick Victorino leave a message for the local residents.He inform,”If someone goes down, We have to go in, risk our lives”. Please help us and stay away from the errution places.

Lava Destruction in Leilani Estates

As per the Hawaii Civil Defense, Lava destroy 35 structures including 26 homes and 12 road lines are affected. Tourist and sightseers are requested to avoid Leilani Estates area as Lava is active there. About 1700 residents of Leilani Estates are order to evacuate on urgent basis.But they have another fear in mind, which is huge earthquake after the volcano eruption.
Highway 130 get cracks up to 7 to 8 centimeters.

Volcano Kilauea erupted on Thursday and experts estimate that eruption will continue.

The Federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry inform that air now mix toxic. As high level of sulfur dioxide now mix with air. Also note by breathing large amount of sulfur dioxide, your nose, throat can burn. Also you may have lots of breathing issues. So residents are advise not to go nearby eruption places.

The Hawaii Department of Health leave a message that no mask will work in this situation. As the extremely dangerous volcanic gases are mixed in the air.The best way to protect yourself and your family is to leave the place immediately.

Hawaii volcanoes national park is partially open for visitors access to Jaggar Museum.

Schools and Museum Open

From here visitors can view live Kilauea volcano. Though Museum is having limited schedule as its open at 3 to 8 p.m. and offer some live views till 10 pm. Helicopter tours within two miles of Puu Oo vent also ban. Also more than 500 people stuck in the park after an earthquake of magnitude 5.0 and 6.9 shake the region on south part of the Hawaii Island. The main entrance of the Kilauea Visitor Center will remain open for the guests on Monday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

Hawaii State Department of Education inform that all public schools will open. But if students will not present due to evacuations will not be penalize.

As per the updates, The American Red Cross open two shelters at the Pahoa and Keaau Community Centers. People are gather here till the further updates/news to go back to their homes.

Also there was a Hawaii’s false ballistic missile alert in January.Which lead the residents to leave their homes on immediate basis.

Local residents can contact civil defense hotline at 808-430-1966 for further updates on the situation. You can also get in touch with Hawaii Volcanoes Nation Park with record message at 808-985-6000.