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IAS interview is the final round of selection and these half-hour can change your life. Here, we provided the best IAS interview Tips and strategies, an IAS aspirant should follow.

Though the final rank list is prepared by UPSC(Union public service commission) by taking the sum of mains marks and interview marks. Usually, we see that top candidates of interview also top the final selection list also.

Dear candidates, please start preparing for current affairs. In many cases it will be helpful in the IAS Prelims Exam & IAS interview as well. The IAS aspirants must prepare the basic general topics along with current events so they can easily answer the questions of UPSC Interview board. IAS aspirants should understand that IAS interview is also called personality test.

The UPSC aspirant have to face 3 exams and Interview round is the third round of UPSC selection process. The details of each exam are as follows.

1) Prelims: Also refer to preliminary examination. This paper has Objective type questions.
2) Mains: it is a subjective paper, the aspirants has written the answers in detail.
3) Interview: Final round in the UPSC selection.

We will cover interesting UPSC facts about the Prelims and Mains exam in our other articles. Stay tuned with Guide4info more details.


In this article, we have prepared the golden tips to get the success in IAS interview.

1) Tips to choose IAS coaching institutes/academies conduct Mock Interviews

You might have seen many banners in your city saying this. “Now IAS training institute of mukherjee nagar in your own city”

Almost all coaching institutes/academies conduct Mock Interviews and assure for 100% results. Following tips will help you to choose the best coaching institute.

  • The environment where mock interviews are conducted should be similar to the actual UPSC setup. Many IAS institutes conduct interviews in big hotels or in conference centers, etc. This will never help UPSC candidate as UPSC never conduct interviews in hotels.
  • The UPSC coaching institutes must have a good record of placements. Please stay away from the institutes, which come up overnight or seasonally with advertisements in your city.
  • The mock interview board must have experienced members in it. Only experienced members can access you and your personality and give you advise for the final interview.
How many IAS interviews are good?

You can do as many interview till you feel confident about the process. The main purpose of personality test is to overcome the Interview Anxiety. 30 minutes of the personality test can make you an IAS officer. If you are appearing for the IAS interview for the first time, then mock interviews will help you a lot.

Mock interview feedback matters?
No, Mock interview feedback doesn’t matters. The main purpose of mock interview is to overcome the interview anxiety. One interview board might find a candidate with great potential. While other board may find the same candidate as an average one. Mock interviews fill confidence in you.

How many day’s gap is good between two mock interviews?
There should be a gap of 8 to 10 day’s between two mock interviews. So that you can get time to concentrate on the feedback. Also, you must take minimum two interviews with the same panel.

Which city is best for IAS coaching?
  1. Delhi
  2. Bengaluru
  3. Mumbai
  4. Pune
  5. Kolkata
  6. Allahabad
  7. Jaipur
  8. Lucknow
  9. Patna
  10. Indore
  11. Agra
  12. Hyderabad

2) Personality Test:

Interview round of UPSC selection process is also called ‘Personality test’. UPSC explains that the interview round is not to check specialized or general knowledge of the candidate.

Though, the interview stage of UPSC is checking qualities and personality skills of the candidate. Your body language, actions you take and your reactions to the interview questions during IAS Interview help are noted by interview board.


Therefore, if you want to crack the IAS Personality Test, you must develop a pleasing and attractive personality.
However, attractive personality doesn’t mean to use only branded clothes and accessories. But it includes focus approach to critical problems, mental alertness, social absorption, honesty, leadership qualities and socioeconomic awareness.

These are few IAS officer characteristics that you should insert in your personality to ensure that you are selected by IAS interview board.

Can I lie in UPSC interview?
No, don’t lie in the UPSC interview. You will be caught by the experts. Please keep in mind that you have to justify what you say.

What happens if I fail UPSC interview?
If you failed in the UPSC interview, still you get chance to qualify for the top government job.

Which language is best for UPSC interview?
The UPSC aspirants can choose one language out of 22 Indian languages. The candidates either can choose the same language for the interview or English or Hindi can be selected.

3) Start Early

Time is very important while preparing for UPSC examination. However, you should start preparing for IAS interview early. Don’t wait for the results of UPSC Civil Services Main Exam. If you will start preparing for the interview after Main exam then you will get less time. Start polishing your personality as early as possible.

Which is the best time to start preparing for IAS?
Once you have completed your graduation. Then you are around 21st to 23rd years old. That is the Ideal time to Start Preparing for the IAS Exam.

How to choose best IAS interview institute?
Below are the points to keep in mind while choosing the best IAS coaching institute.

  • What are the students feedback about that institute. What is the track record of the coaching center?
  • How are the faculty members and what type of service records they have?
  • What is the fee Structure of the coaching institute?
    – Don’t go to the institutes which are charging the low fee or high fee. However, quality education matters and you should choose the best institute in terms of quality education.
  • Is this institute a perfect place of learning?
  • Make sure that study material and access to library will be provided or not?
  • How much time you need to reach the coaching center?
  • Does the coaching class timings suits you?
  • Institute of up to date or not?
  • Students performance is being checked or not. Proper feedback is given to students or not?


4) Read your bio data multiple times.

Most of the questions in the UPSC interview will hinged on the candidate biodata. Detailed Application Form (DAF) copies will be shared with each board member during the UPSC interview. Its very important that you revise your bio-data multiple times. And to keep answers ready related to your hobbies, work experience, education, strengths, weaknesses. If require, give a short example, it will increase your selection chances.

In short, you should not take a long pause while giving answers related to your bio data.

What is your age and at what age IAS retired?
You have to tell you age in the answer. IAS officer gets retirement at the age of 60 years.

Is Tattoo allowed in IAS?
IAS aspirant and civil service aspirants can have a tattoo on their body except on fingers, face and on other body parts, which are visible.

Is there any physical training for IAS?
Physical fitness and Medical examination are done for all the IAS aspirants who appear for the UPSC personality test.

5) Improve Listening Skills

UPSC already made it clear that interview process for civil services exam is not to check the candidate knowledge. But its a personality test.
Many aspirants in excitement or nervousness doesn’t listen to the question, and they answer it.
Therefore, its extremely important to improve your listening skills to clear the UPSC interview.

How can I talk in IAS interview?
Before appearing in the final interview, make sure that you do multiple times practices and ready for the interview. However, you should pay attention to your Detailed Application Form (DAF). Also, prepare and practice for current affairs, your hobbies, hometown, etc. UPSC Interview panel can ask you any question related to these fields.

How can I introduce myself in IAS interview?
Your introduction in the UPSC interview should have full name, education, work experience, hobbies, problem solving skills, etc. Though, you have to keep in your mind that UPSC panel is looking for an officers, not an employee.

Can I speak in Hindi language in IAS interview?
UPSC aspirants can give interview in Hindi, English or any regional language.

6) Take UPSC interview seriously

“it’s better to fail during the practice rather in the final examination.”
UPSC personality test is not so easy. In 2021, only 712 vacancies available out of which 24 vacancies are for the person with benchmark disabilities. Be serious about the UPSC interview selection process. Its advisable that you do interview practice with the help of your friends or join any upsc academy.


7) Educational background question preparation
  • All the candidates must prepare for the questions related to the college/University where he/she had taken the education. For example if your college name is “Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Engineering” then expect a question on Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri ji and his life.
  • Which degree you pursue and why you must have a valid reason to choose your field in your degree. If you have done Bachelor of Arts, then why you choose Arts, why not commerce?
    if you choose Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical field, then why you choose this field only? Why not information technology or Civil? Try to relate the answer with your interest with few examples.
  • You have devoted 3 to 5 years in your graduation/Masters degree. UPSC expect from the candidate that to have sufficient knowledge of his/her stream. Its better if you can prepare about the important topics of your field. For example, if your degree in Civil Engineering then what are the civil engineering latest news?
  • If a candidate belongs to Mechanical Engineering then she/he must be aware of 4D printing.

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